Best Legendary Pokemon Currently in Pokemon GO


When it comes to the best Legendary Pokemon in all of Pokemon GO, really the best Pokemon presently in the hit mobile game as a whole, it’s really hard to argue that Mewtwo isn’t that very Pokemon. Sure, Groudon and Kyogre can reach a Maximum Combat Level slightly higher Mewtwo, but neither of them are fast as Mewtwo. On top of that, neither of them are as great of a pure Attackers as Mewtwo happens to be. Actually, with that said, no Pokemon has a higher base Attack Stat than Mewtwo besides Deoxys. However, Deoxys doesn’t come anywhere close to Mewtwo’s Maximum Combat Power Level. It isn’t even close. Really, the only Pokemon that comes close to the attacking power Mewtwo has yet still has more potential in terms of Combat Power is Slaking. Unfortunately for Slaking, however, Mewtwo doesn’t have to wait around for its charged attack before being able to attack opposing Pokemon. In terms of damage per second, no Pokemon comes close to what Mewtwo can inflict.

On top of clearly being the best pure Gym Attacker found in Pokemon GO, Mewtwo also as the favorable matchup of being a pure Psychic Type. Presently, outside of Tyranitar and a few others, there aren’t any other Dark Type Pokemon that can honestly stand toe to toe with Mewtwo. There aren’t even any Ghost Types currently found in the game that can use their typing advantage to put Mewtwo in a tight corner. It almost isn’t fair, since it basically means that Mewtwo has no true weakness. But, then again, that’s probably why the developers at Niantic only allow players to capture Mewtwo from Exclusive Raid Battles. It makes sense, as Mewtwo is clearly so strong and overpowered that it needs to be the hardest Pokemon for players to obtain.

These Ten Are The Best!
Well, there you have it! The ten best Legendary Pokemon presently found in Pokemon GO (through the 3rd Generation). From Raikou and Entei to Groudon, Kyogre and Mewtwo, these ten Legends are the best you can find and obtain within the extremely popular mobile game. And with their power, you are sure to conquer a number of Gyms and never lose another Raid Battle!

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This article was written in May 2018. As time goes on, we expect more legendaries to be added to Pokemon GO