Best Legendary Pokemon Currently in Pokemon GO


When Ho-Oh was first datamined in Pokemon GO, it was revealed that it had a Maximum Combat Power Level of 4650. Before Mewtwo was nerfed, this would’ve made Ho-Oh the second strongest Pokemon in the entire game. Unfortunately, both Mewtwo and Ho-Oh were nerfed, and now Ho-Oh is far less as great as before. Now, a Ho-Oh with perfect Individual Values will only have a Maximum Combat Power of 3889, a 14% decrease than it was originally supposed to be. This obviously means the Ho-Oh is far from the best Pokemon and even Legendary Pokemon found in the game; however, it is still one of the best, for each of those categories, Pokemon you can have.

If it wasn’t bad enough that Ho-Oh received such a huge decrease in its Maximum Combat Power, this one-half of the Johto Tower Duo also has some of the worst Typings for a Pokemon. For one, it is weak to Water Type Pokemon, some of the most common and strongest Pokemon you can have in the game. On top of this, due to it being a Fire Type Pokemon and a Flying Type Pokemon, Ho-Oh is also extremely weak (x1.96) against all Rock Type Attacks. And with Pokemon like Aggron, Golem and Regirock found in Pokemon GO, a Ho-Oh Raid Boss can be brought down with ease. Thankfully, however, Ho-Oh was given the Special Attack of Solar Beam, giving it an effective counter to both Water Types and Rock Types. It makes things a little less worse as far as Ho-Oh’s Typing is concerned, making Ho-Oh that much better of a Pokemon. It is far from the best Legendary Pokemon presently found in the game, but Ho-Oh is still yet one heck of Pokemon you can have on your team.