Best Legendary Pokemon Currently in Pokemon GO


If you know anything about Pokemon GO and the Legends found within the game, it’s clear that most of the Cover Legends from the Mainstream Pokemon Games will be among the best Pokemon you can have. The same is true for Lugia, just not as much as the other ones presently found in the game. You see, Lugia can’t even reach the Maximum Combat Power Level of 3600. It’s counterpart, Ho-Oh, can go far beyond that, reaching upwards of almost 3900 Maximum Combat Power. And what about Kyogre and Groudon, the cover legends of Pokemon Ruby and Pokemon Sapphire? They are even better than Ho-Oh, each having a Maximum Combat Power Level of 4074! As you can see, Lugia doesn’t come anywhere close! Shoot, Lugia doesn’t even the Combat Power Levels of Rayquaza (another Cover Legend) or Latios (another Legendary Pokemon)!

And it doesn’t stop there! Believe it or not, a handful of regular Pokemon are actually better than Lugia! Tyranitar, the Johto Pseudo Legend, can reach far beyond a Combat Power Level of 3600! So the same for Metagross too, one of the two Pseudo Legends from the Hoenn Region! In all actuality, Lugia is only as good as Dragonite and Salamence, two more regular Pokemon with the titles of Pseudo Legends. If it weren’t for there only being three generations presently found in Pokemon GO, there’s a chance that Lugia might not have made our list entirely! Seriously, after the Fourth Generation comes to the game, Lugia will also have to compete with the likes of Dialga, Palkia, Giratina, and, who could forget, Arceus! However, as of now, Lugia can claim it is one of the top ten Legends found in Pokemon GO (even though its time of being so is slowly counting down).