Best Legendary Pokemon Currently in Pokemon GO


When the 3rd Generation and all of the Pokemon within it were first discovered in the data of Pokemon GO, Groudon appeared to have gotten the short end of the stick. Even though it was to have a Maximum Combat Power Level of over 4000, the same that would see it among the highest found in the mobile game, it was somehow going to be weaker than its Weather Trio Counterpart, Kyogre. In fact, it looked all but certain that Groudon would be much weaker than the water god, having a Maximum Combat Power Level exactly 800 points less than that of Kyogre. When you consider that Kyogre and Groudon have identical stats in regards to both offensive and defensive traits, this literally made no sense at all. However, as both were quickly set to be officially released, Kyogre’s power was nerfed and to this day matches that of Groudon’s.

With its Maximum Combat Power Level, Groudon is tied with Kyogre as the strongest Legendary Pokemon found in Pokemon GO, at least in this given statistic. Most players still believe Mewtwo is the best Pokemon found in the entire game, primarily due to its speed and the sheer power it has a Gym Attacker. But since a Pokemon’s Combat Power Level proves just how good its is, Groudon can say it is as good as any other Pokemon. It might not be all that fast, but it can crush opposing Pokemon while yet still being able to withstand blow after blow. The only knock one can have about this awesome Pokemon is how it is extremely weak to Water Type Pokemon, which remain some of the most popular Pokemon used among players. But since Groudon can effectively counter said Pokemon by having Solar Beam as its charged attack, there isn’t much one can negatively say about Groudon.