Best Legendary Pokemon Currently in Pokemon GO


Believe it or not, before Kyogre was technically released, it would’ve been the strongest Pokemon found in all of Pokemon GO. For some weird reason, Kyogre was going to have the Maximum Combat Level of 4874. Even though it has identical stats (just in opposite areas) with Groudon within the Mainstream Pokemon Games, Kyogre appeared like it would be far stronger when the two made the transition to the hit mobile game. However, directly before it was released, Kyogre was nerfed by almost 10%, dropping its Maximum Combat Level to match that of Groudon at 4074. Sadly, this put it below Slaking’s Maximum Combat Level of over 4500, making it the second strongest (tied with Groudon) in terms of this power found in all of Pokemon GO. However, with that said, this obviously means Kyogre (and Groudon) is the strongest Legend in these terms.

Because of the power it still holds, it’s easy to argue that Kyogre could possibly be best Legend presently found in all of Pokemon GO. Groudon might match it in terms of Maximum Combat Power Level, but since Groudon is a pure Ground Type and is weak to Kyogre’s Water Type Attacks, this easily makes Kyogre better than its Weather Trio counterpart of Groudon. Unfortunately, most fans would probably still agree that Mewtwo is superior to Kyogre. Kyogre might have the better Maximum Combat Power Level of the two, but Mewtwo is far better as a Gym Attacker (the only thing Legends can do at Pokemon Gyms in Pokemon GO) and is much faster than the Water God. On top of this, there aren’t that many strong Pokemon Mewtwo is weak against outside of Tyranitar. On the hand, Kyogre is weak to Electric Type Pokemon, and there are plenty of strong ones - like Raikou, Zapdos and Jolteon - found within the game. It might not be the best in most eyes, but Kyogre is still one of the best legends you can have.