Pokemon Alola Anime Series Concludes! Ash Becomes Champion & Then Goes Home To Kanto!

The next chapter of Pokemon is calling with Pokemon Sword & Shield, and that includes the face of the Anime Series, Ash Ketchum, too! The Alola Series is coming to a close, and with it, Ash will finally win his very first Pokemon League! After basically two decades, Ash can finally be called the best (at least in the Alola Region) after becoming the Alola League Champion!

After earning this title for the very first time in his extensive journey, Ash will decide to pack up his things and head back home to the Kanto Region. At some point after doing so, Ash & Pikachu will begin their next adventure. Unlike previous Pokemon Anime Chapters, Ash & Pikachu will look to explore not only the newly introduced Galar Region, but all of the regions (at least those known to fans) found in the Pokemon World! And when they do, they will be joined by the trainer called Go and his Scorbunny!