Best Legendary Pokemon Currently in Pokemon GO


Like its counterpart, Raikou, Entei is clearly one of the best Legendary Pokemon currently in Pokemon GO. Actually, its the best of the Legendary Johto Beasts Trio, being just slightly better than Raikou and way better than that of Suicune. On top of this, some people even believe that Entei is the best Fire Type in the entire game. Really, the only other Fire Type that comes close is Ho-Oh, another Legend that is one our list. Ho-Oh is easily better when compared to Entei in regards to the Maximum Combat Power Level it can have, but since it’s x4 weak to Rock Type Attacks due to its Dual Flying Typing, some think that Entei is a better Pokemon overall. No matter which Pokemon is the best overall Fire Type, there is little doubt that Entei is one of the best Legends and better overall Pokemon found in Pokemon GO.

Like Raikou, Entei is one of the few Pokemon that can say they have a Maximum Combat Power over 3000. Also like its Legendary Beasts Trio brother, Entei can even say that its Maximum Combat Power can even soar over 3350! With staggering figures likes these, it’s clear that Entei is one of the best Pokemon you can have in Pokemon GO. But what makes Entei even more better is that it can be used a serious Gym Attacking threat! With speed to kill and enough power to serious hurt opposing Pokemon, you should always pick Entei when facing a Gym or Raid with Pokemon weak to Fire Types. Shoot, Entei could even be a great Gym Defender too, that is, if Legendary Pokemon had the ability to left at Gyms. Even if they don’t, that doesn’t take away from the fact that Entei is a true gem among the Legends found in Pokemon GO.