Best Legendary Pokemon Currently in Pokemon GO

It’s hard to deny that Legendary Pokemon have literally taken over Pokemon GO. On that same note, it’s extremely difficult to not say they are among the most exciting aspects apart of the hit mobile game. These Pokemon are among the hardest to find and obtain, as well as the strongest a player can come across, so its no wonder why they bring so much excitement with them. And now, with the 3rd Generation having arrived in Pokemon GO and the Mythical Legendary Pokemon now starting to be released with Special Research Tasks, there are so many of these different, powerful creatures for all players to catch!

Since the number of available Legendary Pokemon continues to grow within Pokemon GO, we thought it would be cool to pick and explain the ten best Legendary Pokemon players can have within the game. The Maximum Combat Power Level these Legendary Pokemon can reach will play a crucial role in telling why they are considered the best Legends you can have, but a number of other factors will also come into play. Things like Typing, Weaknesses, Speed and Rarity will also be considered, of course when coupled with their Combat Power. No bias will be shown to any of these Pokemon, these same that aren’t ranked in any real order.

If at any given time you would like share your thoughts about this article, you can do so as you would please in the comments section provide below each and every page found within this piece of writing. Whether you think we nailed one of our selections or totally dropped the ball on one, you can tell us about it in this same area. You can even tell us who you think are the ten best Legends in Pokemon GO here too!

But now, without another moment to lose, here are the ten best Legendary Pokemon presently found in all of Pokemon GO! We truly hope you enjoy!


When it comes to the Top 10 Legends presently in Pokemon GO, Raikou definitely has to be mentioned. To start, Raikou is not only the best Electric Type Legend, but it’s also the best Electric Type presently in all of Pokemon GO. Jolteon and Zapdos are the only Electric Types that come to the greatness of Raikou, but it still can have a higher Maximum Combat Power Level than both of them (plus it doesn’t have additional weaknesses like Zapdos). And since Pokemon GO currently lacks that many great Electric Type Pokemon, this makes Raikou all the more useful and all the more better. If you need a Pokemon to help you take out the Vaporeon, Gyarados and Milotic of the Pokemon GO Universe, Raikou is definitely the best route you could go with.

On top of having the advantage of being the best Electric Type found in the hit mobile game, Raikou is also one of the strongest Pokemon overall currently found in the game. There aren’t that many Pokemon, whether a Legend or not, that can say they can reach a Combat Power Level over 3000, even less than that for a Combat Power Level of almost 3350. But Raikou can! This also sees Raikou being in the Top 20 in regards to having the highest of Attack Stats among all Pokemon in the game, making Raikou truly one of the best Gym Attackers and Raiders that you can have! When you break it all down and put everything Raikou has going for it, there is little doubt that it isn’t one of the best Legends in all of Pokemon GO. Unfortunately, it can’t say that it is the best of the Legendary Johto Beasts Trio...