Team Yell Introduced As Antagonist Group For Pokemon Sword & Shield!

Within the August Reveal for Pokemon Sword & Shield, Team Yell was introduced as the Antagonist Group of the games. Team Yell are fans of Marnie, and they will do whatever it takes to help her become the next Galar Region Champion. Even though Marnie has no association with Team Yell and will insist they don't cause trouble on her behalf, that won't stop them from doing that very thing.

At first glance, Team Yell looks as harmless as Team Skull was within the Alola Region. Because of this, it has fans believing that maybe, just maybe, Team Yell might not be the truest baddest of them all with Pokemon Sword & Shield. We will have to wait to find out!

Posted: 11th Aug 2019 by Warrior13
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