Top Ten Greatest Competitive Kalos Pokemon

Let's be honest, the Kalos Region didn't bring many new Pokemon into existence. Sure, they brought along the concept of Mega Evolution, but there weren't many gems in regards to competitive play. However, with that being said, the ones that did burst on this scene have had amazing success in such a short time. And in this article, we will examine the best Kalos contributions to the competitive play of Pokemon.

There will be no bias shown in this article. The rankings will be based on how successful a Pokemon has been in competitive play, along with their certain given niche. We will even include movesets for each Pokemon we rank in the top ten. And if at anytime you at home would like to express your thoughts, you can do so in the comment section below. Whether we nailed it, got something wrong, or under over over rated a Pokemon, let us know! We love to hear your thoughts!

Before we begin, like usually, we would like to take a minute to express some Pokemon that just didn't make the cut. We will even be ranking them, these Pokemon that fell just outside the Top Ten:

#15) Slurpuff - Belly Drum and Unburden can be a lethal combination if it's allowed to set up. However, Slurpuff is just to frail otherwise to make that much of an impact.

#14) Hawlucha - Again, Unburden can make Hawlucha scary with Swords Dance, but it, too, is very frail.

#13) Sylveon - Sylveon is great Pokemon with incredible tanking abilities. However, it has a horrible Defense Stat and is usually just a one trick pony with Toxic and Wish.

#12) Tyrantrum - A truly terrifying Dragon Dance User, but x4 Weakness to Ice is downright horrible.

#11) Barbacle - Like most Shell Smash Users, Barbacle does it better than most. But a limited movepool and not having a cool ability like Cloyster in Skill Link, sees it coming just shy of our Top Ten.

With that being said, let's jump right in and see who the best competitive Kalos Pokemon is!!!

#10 - Goodra

You may not believe this, but Goodra is just one of five non-legendary Pokemon on our list. This could be seen on one side of the coin as five spectacular Pokemon even with mediocre stats, or it could be viewed as how thin the 6th Generation really was in terms of how good the Pokemon were.

But there is no denying that Goodra is a pretty awesome Pokemon, even if it is just ranked tenth in our eyes from the region. Unlike many of the other Pseudo Legends of Pokemon, it's usually seen in competitive play a strong, bulky defensive Pokemon. It has decent offensive stats, but its best stat lies in Special Defense. No joke, Goodra can bounce Special Attacks, outside of Dragon and Ice Type Moves, like they were nothing. On top of that, Goodra is one of the favorites of using the Assault Vest. This items, as many already know, further boosts Goodra's Special Defense by 50%. And with it, even though it means Goodra must have four attacking moves, Goodra is virtually impossible to defeat with a Special Attacker.

And since Goodra is so great with the Assault Vest, we would always recommend it when using Goodra on your Team. Choice Band and Choice Specs can also be used as items, and with virtually the same movesets, but we prefer the former above both of those choices. We would suggest running a maximum Effort Values Spread in both Hit Points and Special Attack with the Assault Vest, with Modest Nature for Goodra. As for its move, we love using a spread of Dragon Pulse, Fire Blast, Sludge Bomb, and Dragon Tail. Draco Meteor could be subbed for Dragon Pulse - as well as Thunderbolt or Muddy Water for Dragon Tail - but Dragon Pulse ensures you won't lose any of your precious Special Attack Stat.

Posted: 19th Jun 2016 by Warrior13
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