Top 10 Trainer Medals for Pokemon X & Y

While the very extensive Ribbon Scheme in the Pokemon games is very awesome indeed, it turns out that there is nothing like a Medal to really get the pulse going and the heart burning hot! So naturally enough the wizards behind the Pokemon games made sure to include Medals as part of the awards and collections system in the games.

To be crystal clear on the matter, Medals are a type of achievement in the world of Pokemon that are not to be confused with Badges. Gym Badges are NOT Medals - they are Badges. Medals, as stated, are part of the Achievements System in the games.

The Medals AchievementScheme was introduced to the Pokemon main series in Pokemon Black 2 and White 2, with the formal Medals System there being overseen by a bloke who goes by the name Mr. Medal, and who can be found in the Pokemon Center.

When the player speaks with Mr. Medal, if they have a Pokemon that has met the different requirements for a given Medal, that Pokemon will be awarded a Medal! Note that Mr. Medal only appear when the player has an unclaimed Medal - so the fact that he is present at the Pokemon Center is pretty much the proof that your Pokemon has indeed met the requirements!

There are more than 250 different Medals in all, including the Hint Medals, which are wicked easy to obtain. Specifically the Medals are divided among the following Sections: Special Medals; Adventure Medals; Battle Medals; Entertainment Medals; and Challenge Medals.

As you can probably imagine, the return of the Medal Achievements Scheme in Pokemon X and Y - then again in Alpha Sapphire and Omega Ruby, was a very welcome event. The Medals in the current generation of the games are actually part of the Pokemon Global Link System rather than part of the in-game awards system.

Medals that are earned by the player and their Pokemon are thus awarded during a Game Sync, at which time any outstanding Medals that have been earned will then be awarded.

The Top 10 Medals for Pokemon X and Y

Medals in Pokemon X and Pokemon Y are the Nintendo 3DS version of the formal Achievements / Trophies systems that are found on the main home video game console communities today. They are a basic measure of not only how well you’ve done in terms of game play accomplishments, but they also present proof to your peers and your mates that you have achieved some significant actions in your career as a certified Pokemon Trainer.

Oddly there is no formal system right now for Trainers to put their Medals on display like they can with the Ribbons - though there are a set of very interesting rumors making the rounds that we genuinely hope are true.

The rumors are that part of the plans for the Pokemon Global Link Network will be receiving an Member Profile Section that will allow Trainers to share with the world (or at least the Global Trade Community) their Profile to include the Pokemon games that they own and played, and complete dossiers of any Pokemon they own that they select to be part of their public teams.

The idea being that in addition to revealing the level, stats, and moves of each individual Pokemon, the profile listing would also include the Poke Ball, their Ribbons, and their Medals. How cool would that be? Very cool indeed! So here is to hoping that the rumor is based at least partly on fact!

And that said, here are the Top 10 Medals that we hope the community will be able to see - in all their glory - on our Global Link Trainer Profiles:

10. Pedaling Legend (Adventure Medal)

A Medal given to earthshaking cyclists who have ridden a Bicycle 500 times. It may not sound like a major accomplishment but remembering that you have a bike, let alone remembering to ride it? Not only that but remembering you have a bike AND remembering to ride it 500 times?!

In a Region in which you started out with a pair of roller-blades that nicely get you where you are going lickety-split, doing the Bicycle Shop Quiz and obtaining the Bike is reason enough to celebrate - riding the thing 500 times? Yes, that is worth a Medal and the Number 10 Slot in our Countdown to the Top 10 Medals in Pokemon X and Y!

09. Kalos Pokedex Completionist (Adventure Medal)

Now you might be wondering how it is possible for a Medal that honor those Trainers who have been recognized by the Pokemon Professor for having completed the Kalos Pokedex to end up as Number 9 on our Top 10 List Medals for Pokemon X and Y - but we are happy to explain.

Attaining full completion of the Kalos Pokedex can be accomplished easily using just the game, with a small number of trades from the opposing game, making this perhaps the easiest Pokedex to complete in the entire history of the main Pokemon series! We're serious - which is how the Kalos Pokedex Completionist Medal rang in at Number 9.

08. Mighty Fisher (Adventure Medal)

Any Trainer who has spent even a little time fishing in the world of Pokemon knows that catching 100 Pokemon - especially the ones they wanted to catch - with a rod on water is certainly an accomplishment worthy of respect and praise.

Which is why the Medal that is awarded to Legendary Fishers for catching 100 Pokemon with their rod secured its slot as Number 8 in the Top 10 Medals for Pokemon X and Y.

07. Guardian of the Tree of Dreams (Commemorative Medal)

Considering the limitations that have been placed on the Dream World - and it being available only in the Black and White generation - any Trainer who has managed to nail down the Medal that marks the accumulation of 200,000-plus Dream Points in the Dream World not only deserves our praise and respect, but the Medal also deserves its slot as Number 7 in the Top 10 Medals of Pokemon X and Y!

06. Berry Scientist (Fun Medal)

You have to respect a Trainer with the patience to build a stock of berries and then manage the process of mutation. A Medal to mark a successful Berry mutation. There are only thirteen Berries that are available through mutations and they can NOT be obtained by any other means.

The mutation process happens when two berry trees of different types are planted next to each other and, through the miracle of cross-fertilization you end up with one producing a berry that neither can produce on its own.

Of course this is only possible for specific and unique combinations - which we thought we would share with you here, so you learn about the Medal that scores the Number 6 Slot AND you have a fighting chance to maybe unlock and earn it yourself... Ready? Well two of them we don't know the secret for, but as for the others, the combinations are: Aguav + Figy = Grepa; Aspear + Leppa = Hondew; Chesto + Persim = Kelpsy; Hondew + Yache = Liechi; Iapapa + Mago = Pomeg; Kelpsy + Wacan = Apicot; Oran + Pecha = Qualot; Pomeg + Kasib = Petaya; Qualot + Tanga = Ganlon; Sitrus + Lum = Tamato.

05. 50-Time Hall of Famer (Battle Medal)

A Medal that commemorates a Trainer entering the Hall of Fame 50 times? Yes Sir! That is a natural fit for the Number 5 slot of our countdown of the Top 10 Pokemon X and Y Medals, no questions abotu that!

04. Evolution Authority (Adventure Medal)

Our grinding kit is a simple one - a package of Funyons, a sixer of Mt. Dew, and a new audio book on our iPhone to keep the brain occupied as you Battle off the Evolutionary-Grind!

This is a process - make no mistake about that... We can only imagine how much time, patience, and self-imposed discipline was required in order to earn this one! The Evolution Authority is the Medal awarded for the exceptional act of evolving Pokemon 100 times, which astounds even Pokemon Professors. And us - oh yes, we are astounded!

03. Capturing Spree (Adventure Medal)

Have you ever gone on a Pokemon Capturing Spree? Have you? Have you ever captured 25 Pokemon in a single day? How anout 35? 40? Well this Medal is awarded for the spree-capture of a massive fifit (50) Pokemon in a single day!

02. Great Trade-Up (Fun Medal)

Often it is difficult enough to complete a single Link Trade - so managing to complete 100 Link Trades? Yes, that is an accomplishment that is worthy of a Medal to commemorate its extraordinary experience and the demonstrated discipline (and maybe luck) that is required for trading Pokemon 100 times by Link Trade.

01. National Pokedex Completionist (Adventure Medal)

There being a grand total of 721 Pokemon officially listed for the Pokemon X and Y National Pokedex the process of attaining a completed 'Dex is a major accomplishment. Major. Even if technically the National Dex is considered completed minus the listings for the Legendary Pokemon but still...

This Medal to honor those who have been recognized by the Pokemon Professor as having completed their National Pokedex is a natural for the Number One Slot of our Countdown, no question about that.

How Did We Do?

If you want to see your Medals you need to load your favorite Web Browser and point it at and then log into your account at the Pokemon Global Link. Once you have done so simply click on the link for your Profile (at the top-left) and then select Medals from the Profile Menu and you will see the display of all of your medals. From there you can click on the individual medal to see its details.

More to the point, now that you have taken a look-see at your own Medals, tell us how we did in picking the Top 10 for this countdown?

Did we miss one that you think should be here? Would your Top 10 List be different from ours? Please feel invited to use the Comments System below and share your take on the Top 10 Medals for Pokemon X and Y!

Posted: 28th Apr 2015 by CMBF
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