Top Ten Unova Pokemon That Deserve A Mega Evolution

Top Ten Unova Pokemon That Deserve A Mega Evolution

Coming in tied for the least amount of Mega Evolution thus far (Pre Pokemon Sun & Moon Era) goes to the Unova Region. If none come to mind, we can understand that. You may not believe it, but only Audino (yes, that pesky Chansay-Esque in most moving grass in Black & White) is the only one to have received a Mega Evolution from Unova. Why it was chosen is beyond even the highest Pokemon Minds, but at least it has opened the door for other Unova Pokemon to one day get one (should the concept continues to be use by GameFreak). So, in this article, we will examine, explore, and rank the top ten Unova Pokemon that we feel deserve to receive a Mega Evolution.

We will try not to show any bias in this article, keeping close to a strict set of standards when ranking these Pokemon, including how popular the Pokemon are, how likely it is for them to receive a Mega Evolution, and how much they really need a Mega. Sometimes one of these with outweigh the others, and vice versa. No Legends or Mythical Pokemon will be included in these rankings.

If at any time you would like to comment, you can do so at the bottom of any page. We'd love to hear your thoughts! Tell us if we got it right or were dead wrong! Whatever you'd like to say, say it! But please remember that this is a family site when doing so, thank you.

We usually like to rank a set a Pokemon that missed the cut in our eyes, but, honestly, we couldn't think of any to include outside of the top ten. But if you think of one, make sure to tell us in the comment section.

So, without further delay, let's get to the main event!

#10 - Darmanitan

We begin our countdown with none other than one of the best Monkeys ever released in Pokemon: Darmanitan. Now Darmanitan is already a very good Pokemon, not one really needing anymore improvements, but it has been a popular Pokemon ever since it was released. On top on the extreme amount in its Attack Stat, Darmanitan also was given the Sheer Force Ability. What does this mean? It means Darmanitan has more power than most Pokemon in all of the Pokemon World.

As a Mega Evolution, Darmanitan could be one of the most powerful that Pokemon Fans have ever seen. With that being said, we see it gaining a Mega Evolution very similar to Heracross or Garchomp. We think there is a very high possibility that Darmanitan would be right up there with the highest Attack Stats in all of the games, but we also think that it would receive substantial boosts to its defensive stats. As a result, we truly believe Darmanitan would take a speed cut, as well as keep its Sheer Force Ability.

We're sure everyone would like to see Darmanitan gain some more speed with a Mega Evolution, as so many people use a Choice Scarf with it to try to make up for it, but we just don't see that ever happening. If Darmanitan were to ever get even the slightest more speed, just with the power it has now, it would be virtually unstoppable. One-Hit KO after One-Hit KO would a norm with it, and that wouldn't fly as ALL Mega Evolutions have one weakness or another.

This Darmanitan, however, will still be a force to be reckon with, just without much speed.

Posted: 17th Jun 2016 by Warrior13
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