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Latest update by Matt77 on May 26th 2013
The king of the koopas is back and better than ever. Compared to Melee, he's been buffed quite a bit. Overall he's faster and more maneuverable, but is still one of the slowest and easiest to hit characters ingame. He has the largest body, but many of his moves are super powerful. They require precision timing. Bowser however has many weak spots, but he's still very powerful in the right hands. Bowser is available from the start of the game and he doesn't need to be unlocked.

Pros: High stamina and mass. Can take a beating. Powerful moves and grabs.

Cons: Large size makes dodging attacks difficult. Can be chain-grabbed. Poor recovery.

Smash: Giga Bowser - Transforms into the mighty Giga Bowser from Melee. Powerful moves with special effects. Immune to hitstun but can still take damage. Is best to use on small stages.
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