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Other Modes

Latest update by Glaceon on Dec 26th 2012
There are several other game modes other than Classic and Adventure, so I'll name and explain what other modes there are in the game.

Boss Battles - You battle through all the bosses you fight in Subspace Emissary in order with Tabuu being last (don't worry his one hit KO move is slightly reduced). You have to kill them all with limited items like All Star Mode. If you die you lose.

MultiMan Melee - This mode makes a return from Melee and you have to fight different colored Polygons which have different moves compared to Wire Frames. Every 25 you kill spawns a random character you have to KO.

Home Run Contest - Improved over Melee, there's an energy shield that will prevent the sandbag from going over until it takes enough damage or the time runs down.

Training - Similar to Melee, you train against a CPU and choose what you want them to do.

All Star - Battle all the characters with limited recovery items. You can continue if you die at the cost of coins. Heart Containers won't come back however.
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