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How to raise your skills and relationships

First press make the cheat box go up then type Boolprop Testingcheatsenabled true then go to your skills and hold shift and raise your skills to the highest. Then go to your relationships and hold shift and raise the relationship bar underneath them

Added 5 Jan 2007, ID #10559, by Coolguyyo and get

How to look at a baby's needs


1. Open the cheat box (Ctrl + Shift + C) and type in: boolprop testingcheatsenabled true

2. Hold down shift and click on the baby (you can be any person in the household)

3. Choose make SELECTABLE. The baby's picture on the left side of the screen should disapear.

4. Hold down shift and click on the baby again. Choose make SELECTABLE again

5. Now you should be able to look at the baby's needs, relationships, and personality. (they don't have any wants or fears untill they are toddlers)

Added 1 Jan 2007, ID #10518, by Tiff_sims_lover

More Boolprop Testingcheatsenabled true

First of all, that's the real spelling. But mainly, you can drag almost everything up with the cheat Boolrpop Testingcheatsenabled true. Almost everyone knows you can drag your sims skills up, but that's not all! You can drag their needs, likes, and PERSONALITY up!!!!! Just hold down shift and drag it up. THE COOLEST PART IS THAT YOU CAN DRAG THEIR RELATIONSHIPS UP!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
IMPORTANT: To be able to do this with the cheat you have to enter it in the cheat console when your in the neighborhood. Also when dragging you MUST hold down shift.

Happy cheating!!!

Added 18 Dec 2006, ID #10463, by muybonitachica

what works and what doesnt work

Id just like to say that when you are playing the game some cheats some people put on don't work like wariganosh I know this as I have tried it many times but it never works

Added 15 Dec 2006, ID #10454, by smexi_s_06

Skills Maxed Out and lot of Money

At the Neighbourhood screen press ctrl shift and c. Then type in the grey box
BoolProp Testingcheatsenabled true (with capitals and spaces) then pick your family. Go to the skills screen hold shift and drag the skill to the max!!
Money, Money, Money
When playing press ctrl shif and c (again) then put in either:
Motherlode= $50,000
Katching= $1,000
Afer entering press, well, enter. If you want to do it faster playing press ctrl shif and c (again) then press down it should come up with the cheat you just entered! It saves time and efort great for lazy people!!!!

Added 28 Jul 2006, ID #9142, by zeldafan92

Money exploit

Once you have enterd motherlode press up then enter every. Time you press up and enter you get $50,000.

Added 20 Jul 2006, ID #9080, by Mr flibbles


Press alt and c to bring up a cheat menu while playing:

Then type kaching and press enter.

You will have gained 1000

To exit the cheat menu type exit then press enter.

Added 24 May 2006, ID #8620, by DUDE GAMER

Move_objects on precautions

Hi, i'm sure we are all familiar with the move_objects on cheat by now (enables you to move and delete some things which cannot be moved otherwise). First, do NOT delete your sims, because instead of getting a moodboost (like on sims 1) they will disappear and NOT COME BACK. By the way if there are some unprepared ingredients on the floor, click on them about 20 times and eventually it will let you pick up and delete them. By the way you can't delete plates, with or without food on.

Things you CAN delete with move_objects on
Coffee cups
Baby bottles
Sims (don't do it unless you want to permanently delete the sim)
Objects that a sim is using (don't delete a shower/bath/hot tub while sims are in them because it is likely to delete the sim as well)
Unprepared ingredients
NPCs (Non-playable characters such as the paper boy/girl or the fireman)

Things you CAN'T delete with move_objects on
Dinner/dessert plates (with or without food)
Servings (you know the big bowl of food that sims can Grab A Plate or Grab a Bowl from)
TV Dinners

OK, I think that just about covers it.

Happy Simming!

Coolkitty xxx

Added 12 Apr 2006, ID #8347, by coolkitty

BoolProp revealed

Ok this is getting a bit tedious with the amount of wrongly spelt boolProp cheats. This is the official one:

BoolProp Testingcheatsenabled true

Added 7 Apr 2006, ID #8310, by jordanpirrie123

100% abduction (cheat needed)

To do this press Shift + Ctrl + C to open the cheat box and type boolprop testingcheatsenabled true. Buy a telescope and hold shift and click on it, you should see DEBUG - Be abducted, click it, your character will gaze and then be abducted they will come back in a few hours.

Note: This is a good way of abduction for the knowledge aspiration
Note: Once you have done this once a want will come up saying you need to visit aliens 5 times, once done you get 25,000 points. COOOOOOL!!!!!!

Added 18 Feb 2006, ID #7960, by Hurst502

How to get instant money

Hold down ctrl,shift and c at the same time and a white box should appear at the top left corner of your screen.

Type in Kaching to get 1,000 simoleans (sorry if spelt wrong)
Type in Motherlode to get 50,000 simoleans.

Hope I helped!

Added 8 Jan 2006, ID #7725, by xfootiebabex

An easier way to get full mood

Enter the cheat BoolProp testingcheatsenabled true (i'm sure every one knows that one)

Go to the mail box and hold down shift and left click on it and click on "make all happy" and all the sims in the household will have full mood.

Added 15 Dec 2005, ID #7623, by WindWhistler


Ok, cheataholics. This is the moderator for the Sims 2 forums so go over there if you are struggling with something. Anyway, here is a list of good cheats that have been verifyed. You need to hold control, shift and c to bring up the cheat menu

1. Motherlode :gives you 50,000 simelons

2. Move_objects on :gives you the power to move objects around and place them out of the plot.

3. Aging off :your sim will not grow old

4. Expand :expands the cheat box

5. BoolProp Testingcheatsenabled true :Lets you do loads of cool stuff by holding shift and clicking stuff

If you want more help out in help. It will give you some more cheats. Keep on cheating!!!

Added 25 Jul 2005, ID #6972, by jordanpirrie123

Full Skill Points!!!

1. Open your cheat box by pressing CTRL + Shift + C at the same time.

2. Type in "BoolProp Testingcheatsenabled true" and press enter.

3.Open up the window where you can se you Sim's skill point's.

4. Hold down Shift, and drag the level all the way to the top!

This is just one of many things you can do with the "BoolProp Testingcheatsenabled true" cheat.

Anyway, have fun!!

Added 4 Jul 2005, ID #6857, by ratchet-king

cheat menu and money

Press and hold
then you see a white bar to enter cheats
for 50,000 Simoleons type in the box motherlode.

Added 6 Apr 2005, ID #6325, by yo-shamanking

To get the cheat menu.

Ctrl+Shift and C
50,000 simoleons

Added 12 Mar 2005, ID #5981, by abcdefg

Nude Sims!

Open the console and type:
intprop censorgridsize 0
This will remove all the blurring, oooohhhhh!.
To get it back blurring type intprop censorgridsize 8 for default blurring.

Added 9 Nov 2004, ID #5472, by WelshBoi201192

Invite more guests and Move objects outside of the grid.

boolProp snapObjectsToGrid (true/false) :

This cheat can be used to place objects outside of the grid. What does that mean? In build/buy mode, you need to place objects on a grid. Making it very limited for decorating houses. With the cheat, you don't have this limitation anymore.

Please note that you should turn this off when not using because some objects are required to stay in the gird to work properly for instance doors and windows will not work correctly when using this cheat on them.

intProp maxNumOfVisitingSims (Number of Visitors):

This cheat must be entered in the neighbourhood screen.

With this cheat you can invite more guests to your parties. Without this cheat, the amount of people you can invite is measured to your computer speed.

Keep in mind that there is a reason for the limit; Lots of sims on screen can slow the game down a lot. Even if you have a very powerfull pc, having more then 15 out of 20 sims on a lot, almost makes the game unplayable.

Also the 2 cheats above do not use the parenthesis so when you use the cheat make sure you don't include the parenthesis.

Added 4 Oct 2004, ID #5329, by eyeinthesky43

Turn aging on or off

You can turn aging on or off using a simple code.

To turn aging off:

-Press and hold down the Ctrl + Shift + C keys on your keyboard, then relese the keys. This will bring up a line (cheat code line) at the top of the screen where you can enter the following text: aging -off.
--Hit the Enter key.

Your Sims will no loger age. They still have an aging bar that tells you how many SimDays must pass before they age.

To turn aging on:

- Do the same steps that I refer before but replace the word "off" by the word "on".

Your Sims will now age normally.

Added 7 Sep 2004, ID #5228, by GTNS
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