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How to have Twins cheat for The Sims 2

How to have Twins

To do this enable the 'boolProp testingCheatsEnabled true code' and get the desired Sim pregnant. Then hold the 'Shift' key and click on the pregnant Sim so that some options appear on screen. Click 'More' and then select the 'Debug: Force Twins' option and when your Sim gives birth you will be welcoming twins into your family.

Added by: Sanzano
Dec 31st 2010, ID#15704


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Feb 13th 2016 Guest
Im going to try it
ID #634920
Nov 24th 2015 Guest
Shift+ctrl+c then boolprop testingcheatsenabled true then hold SHIFT and click on the pregnant sim then more Then debug:forcetwins When your sim gives birth you will have twins . 😘😘😘
ID #627988
Nov 9th 2014 danielroxheaps
If you select it twice will you get 4 babies at birth?
ID #469713
Nov 9th 2013 Guest
Where do you get cheese cake?
ID #318641
Aug 17th 2013 Guest
Jesus! We're not lying about codes. Go into your game, get your sim pregnant, hold ctrl+shift+c and type in "forcetwins" EXACTLY LIKE THAT WITHOUT THE "s IT'S NOT HARD!! forcetwins NO SPACES NO CAPITALS JUST HOW IT IS! For it to work you need to have boolProp enabled and to do that you have to hold ctrl+shift+c and type "boolProp testingCheatsEnabled true" EXACTLY LIKE THAT WITHOUT THE "s WHEREVER THERE'S A CAPITAL LETTER DON'T FORGET IT! Put a space wherever Isis but no where else that I haven't just follow this I have PERSONALLY been a test subject for this and it works perfectly on my Sims and my 2 brothers. My brothers have nearly all expansion packs I ony have nightlife but this works on my sisters laptop too and she has NO packs.
ID #305364
Apr 29th 2013 Guest
@0geurcla... in order for the "boolprop cheat" to work you have to be in the neighborhood screen.
ID #278807
Feb 7th 2013 0geurcla
On my sims the boolprop cheats don't work what should i do??
ID #251487
Jan 27th 2013 Guest
it doesnt work ive tried them loads of times
ID #246874
Sep 17th 2012 Guest
how do I make identical twins?????
ID #187022
Aug 7th 2012 Guest
IT WORKED !! Shift ctrl C , and type forcetwins , it really works
ID #173429
Jul 20th 2012 Guest
cool boy and a girl!! i typed forcetwins when the the first pregnant fatness came up
ID #166558
Jul 1st 2012 Guest
does this only work on the sims open for buisness because im not sure?
ID #159111
Jun 19th 2012 Guest
didnt think this would work. just tried it and got a boy and girl. this is awesome
ID #154530
May 19th 2012 Guest
I tried all the things every commented on and it worked perfectly!
ID #143438
Apr 29th 2012 Guest
guys i cant get twins i tried forsetwins it wont work i have no ep so how do i get TWINS WITHOUT ONE plzzzz help me guys
ID #137995
Apr 25th 2012 Guest
forcetwins does work you have to type it in right after her belly gets big the first time
ID #136726
Apr 24th 2012 Guest
just eat cheescake and u'll have twins
ID #136618
Mar 17th 2012 Guest
it dosnt flipin worked it never has for me :( :'(
ID #123676
Mar 7th 2012 Guest
[color=red]What you have to do is:
Create a family with both parents with Family aspiration Then [requires freetime]Go in to aspiration rewards and you should see a picture with an adult and a child click on it and then make sure you have at least 4-5 points then at the top of family aspiration it it has a picture of two babys keep clicking on the next one up and do this for both parents then Try for a baby [hottub reccommened]
Then your sim after doing this for a while you shall her a lullaby and then hope for the best you have a better chance of getting twins if both parents have Family aspiration.Hope this works Keya xx
ID #121130
Mar 6th 2012 Guest
you all are liers,, these cheats do not work guys!!
ID #120906
Mar 3rd 2012 ploppyhead69
ID #119919
Feb 6th 2012 Guest
Hey everyone I'm not entirely sure if any of your suggestions work. personally any time ive typed anything that has to do with boolprop it doesnt work, and ive tried it in multiple things in different ways and it still wont work for me. however, i think that if u always rub and talk to the womans belly and have lots of intercourse with her, i think shell give a natural birth to twins. It happened for me. Smile hope it works for whoever is feeling hopeless and reading my suggestion!lolz
ID #112593
Feb 5th 2012 Guest
You do know that you can just have a sim eat cheesecake while they are pregnant, right? It pretty much guarantees them to have twins. I use it all the time.
ID #112280
Jan 3rd 2012 Guest
first of all you press shift+ctrl+C and type in "boolprop testingcheatsenabled true" no caps this lets you pull your sims stats up and make their skills go up also then to have twins you press shift and click on ur pregnate sim and click more and click debug-force twins to have twins. the cheese cake doesnt work at all ive been playing this game for 3 years and that one has never worked for me. hope this helps you out and also u can shift and click on a newspaper to get the career awards Smile
ID #102444
Jan 2nd 2012 Guest
thanks that relly helped lol
ID #101947
Dec 27th 2011 Guest
You Hit Ctrl Shift and c and type what ever you neeed to get alot of money you type ctrl shift c and them type motherlode
ID #99327
Dec 27th 2011 Guest
STEP 1: press ctrl+shift+c
STEP 2: type in "force twins" (without the "")
STEP 3: press enter and voilà! your sims is pregnant with twins..
ID #99056
Dec 16th 2011 Guest
There is a diffrent way when your sims bumb has grown twice make your sim do woowho] or press c shift and ctrl all at the same time then a box will come up at the top just write in it force twins
ID #95442
Dec 16th 2011 Guest
There is a diffrent way when your sims bumb has grown twice make your sim do woowho]
ID #95440
Dec 11th 2011 Guest
I actually cannot get this stupid cheat to work.
ID #94200
Dec 7th 2011 Guest
ID #93350
Nov 22nd 2011 Guest
I tried all what you guys and what the Internet says and it still didn't work!!PS I only have sims 2
ID #89278
Sep 3rd 2011 Guest
It didnt work...
ID #72331
Aug 25th 2011 Guest
Hey its easy jist put shift
ID #70023
Aug 16th 2011 Guest
Just got sims 2 double deluxe today ...........SO HAPPY!!!!
ID #67812
Aug 15th 2011 Guest
This cheat didn't work 4 me :(
ID #67396
Aug 10th 2011 Guest
wow people chill out its not that serious
ID #66013
Aug 4th 2011 Guest
first of all some of u r doing it wrong.all u have to do ta make your life easier is to hold shift DONT LET GO and click on pregnant sim when options comes up click more then click 'Debug:force twins' then wait a while until she gives birth then youll magically have twins
ID #63897
Jul 27th 2011 Guest
[i][/i] does the 'forcetwins ON' only affect people with the Open For Buisness expansion pack? cuz all i have is the sims 2 at the moment. And i've tried the cheat where you look for the 'Debug:force twins' on the tombstone, but it doesnt show up. Anyone for any ideas? I've been looking for a cheat that works for ages and haven't found anything. :/
ID #61594
Jul 12th 2011 Guest
oh my, you guys...

The cheat is 'forcetwins ON', not just forcetwins. it needs on or off to work.
ID #57286
Jul 3rd 2011 Guest
cheesecake, i think it is the answer.. let your pregnant sim eat only cheesecake and santa cookies. i've tried it at least 4times and my sims have twins.
ID #54557
Jul 3rd 2011 Guest
do u need open for buisness to get cheescake?
ID #54449
Jun 25th 2011 Guest
you have to have open for business expansion to have the force twins option.
ID #52051
Jun 21st 2011 Guest
I heard if you eat cheese cake it makes you pregnant with twins but I don't know the details of it :/ ...
ID #51003
Jun 17th 2011 beanie7799
ID #49779
May 19th 2011 Guest
this cheat never works for me
ID #43778
May 17th 2011 Guest
Forcetwins doesnt work people im sorry. I know this because i have tried Forceteins many, many times and none of those times i got twins. If any of you find a cheat to have twins that DOES work please tell me
ID #43553
May 1st 2011 Guest
You can just use ctrl shift c and then type in Forcetwins - so much easier :L
ID #40895
Apr 24th 2011 Guest
Why go through all that when you can just type in "forcetwins" XD
ID #39531
Apr 22nd 2011 Guest
thank u it did work yepiiiiiii
ID #38897
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