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Game Reviews for The Sims 2


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GrEEnBaYrOX049th Nov 2005, ID #208
I thought that this game was really fun. It takes you step by step to show you what you can do on. The Sims 2 has exeptional game play!This game was just amazing beyond amazing. You must play. I jus..

Rating: 98%Read Full Review

AlmsyK2nd Jul 2006, ID #343
The sims 2 is an okay game but you don't get much done around the house your always working or doing goals it gets boring real quick I don't reccomend this game for sim fans sure,the direct controls..

Rating: 52%Read Full Review

VxMarauder5512th Jul 2006, ID #354
Wow,by second review check out my bustin out review and by sims review. Anyway the sims 2 improved since the sims this game is way better! I reccomend buying this masterpiece a must have for gamer..

Rating: 100%Read Full Review

khager27th Dec 2006, ID #490
I think this is a great game,because it has some good challenges and great graphics.the gamplay is also great.I feel part og the game because of the graphics and gameplay.I would recome this to any ..

Rating: 92%Read Full Review

Arsenal#121st Jan 2007, ID #516
This is my opinion of the Sims 2 which I will compare (slightly) to the Sims. While the Sims 2 is a fantastic game, sometimes you just can't beat playing the good old sims. Maxis have developed thi..

Rating: 82%Read Full Review

Abc42217th Oct 2009, ID #1180
The short video is very good and entertaining. I especially like the hot guy walking and the girls in love with him. Heaps of colours as well in it with the ending video of the intro video being the..

Rating: 92%Read Full Review

funkycat9th Aug 2010, ID #1266
Ahh! Another Sims 2 review. It has been a little while since the base came out but no matter. We al still love it dearly. Let me start out saying I love Sims and give a HUGE HUGE HUGE thanks to EA f..

Rating: 80%Read Full Review

Ayman49325th Aug 2010, ID #1272
This is a review on a really exciting game, the Sims 2. The game is excellent, realistic and exciting. I have Double Deluxe which is the base game, Nightlife and Celebration stuff all packed in one...

Rating: 86%Read Full Review

Blush16th Apr 2012, ID #1405
The Sims 2 is the best simulation game that I have played in a long time. It is fun and time consuming. I love to play and must admit I don't think there is any game out there like it, even the Sims..

Rating: 98%Read Full Review


Quick Reviews

The Sims 2 ReviewAdded 9 Nov 2015, ID #18699
Since I have practically finished a Let's Play, I discovered what the game is like without the great expansion packs like Nightlife and Open for Business.

If you buy this game with no expansion pack and no nothing, I thought it could be a bit boring at some points because it's the same thing over and over again, needs, jobs and money. But, this game isn't that bad.

With my family, it was very dramatic. And since you don't have all that, you kind of enjoy all the drama a little more. In the series, we went through 3 generations. It was very dramatic from the multiple rejections, to the parents splitting up because they both cheated on each other.

There are 3 towns to place your Sims in; Pleasantview, Strangetown & Veronaville. Pleasantview is the main town with the iconic household, the Goths. Strangetown is, well, a strange town and Veronaville is a quiet, not really populated town.

Overall, I think if you find this game (which would be rare), you should 100% pick it up, especially if you can get some expansion packs.

Added 2 Aug 2006, ID #9175
The sims is the best pc game that ever came out. The sims two has to be the better one of the sims because of the new things that you can do on the game, like, make more food and choose a better range of clothes at the \'create a sim\' section or the \'chest of draws\' when getting a house in buy mode. The game has better graphics than the first sims by far. Overall I think that no other game can beat the sims.

My shuno! The ONLY opinion you need!Added 30 Dec 2004, ID #5611
In the past, I have been quite critical on Sim games. I complained that preventing people from wetting themselves was slightly less fun than taking down a helicopter in GTAIII. Later, I said that french-kissing members of the same sex would be something you wouldn't see on a 15s game, not a 7.But now, I must eat my words. And believe me, it's not tasty.
The Sims 2 is an amazing game, easily being the best PC game of the year and very nearly the best game of '04 (Damn you, San Andreas).

What makes it good? It's hard to decide. Is it the fact that now, your sims go through infant, child, teenage, adult and elderly stages of life? Is it the fact that the Sims can actually get through life if let to their own devices? Or is it the fact that finally, they have created what it feels like to be in a crazy family?
Your sims can now get ill if they're too dirty. If they get too little sleep and are worried and stressed, they go into a trance, going to the toilet on the floor and cuddling potato sacks as if they were babies. When your sims are caught cheating on one another (It WILL happen), they can apply for a divorce and have major arguments. If you are turned down from your first kiss (A rather sticky situation in real life, believe me), you can grab your date and FORCE them to kiss you. In a word, playable.

The graphics are amazing, though you need a good computer to play them with. There are some incredable lighting effecs and facial expressions, and the create-a-sim mode is extremely comprehensive.
The music, as of before, is excellent. The sim voices are also funny, if slightly annoying at times.

Sims live for a considerable amount of time, and it should take you a while before your sim is a chamber pot. Family trees are a great new addition, and you can make a family and continue with it. As every sim is unique, it should last you until you yourself realise you better stop playing a game and go and have a family of your own.

Graphics: 95% Smooth, colourful and detailed.

Sound: 82% Excellent music & voices, but a tad repetitive.

Gameplay: 87% Deeper and wider than ever before, but not for Sims-haters.

Lifespan: 92% Will last you quite a while, and that's before you download the plethoria of new accessories online.

Overall: 92% The best sims game ever. Don't get it if you hate sims, but if you do, why are you reading this?

THE BESTAdded 3 Oct 2004, ID #5324
The Sims 2 is the best PC game ever. The circle of Life is great, the graphics and it's the best Sims. I have to give this 10/10

The Sims 2Added 21 Sep 2004, ID #5287
The SIMS is the best selling game ever and has the following of fans of all ages. This simulation of reality game, allowed players to control every aspect of their Sim’s lives from their relationships, careers, and entertainment. EA kept their fans pleased with the many expansion packs that players could add to their games. Now, EA has added a whole new game, a sequel to The SIMS, SIMS 2! SIMS 2 has everything that The SIMS has, includes most of the expansion pack amenities, and much, much MORE!

The innovation the SIMS2 has undergone is unreal. The graphics are incomparable to software games today; they have intricate detail in their facial expressions and even have stickers in the back of TVs and phones. They even have steam rise from the shower and images in the mirrors. EA has intergraded innovation with technology as well as the game play. The game play is basically the same as The SIMS, but with advanced options that a gamer can utilize. Now, the SIMS go from cradle to grave as they progress through infanthood, childhood, teenager, adult, and elder.

A memory log records major events in the Sim’s lives and determines whether of not the Sim lives a long and happy life. This memory log is available to the gamer for review and this log effects their wants, and fears. For example, when I was playing, a teenage girl’s grandfather was abducted by aliens and that event was logged into her memory log. After this event, one of her fears was being abducted by aliens. The Sims have wants and fears that change everyday as well. As long as you give your Sims what they want, your Sim’s meter stays yellow, but if they have a fear happen to them, then their meter goes into the red and they don’t feel self-fulfillment. Along with the meter, there is a life time achievement that the Sim has. Their achievement goal might be to be successful, have a family, be romantic, gain knowledge, and more. All of the Sims wants are directed to their life time achievement.

As you give you Sim what they want, you receive reward points that go toward purchasing special furnishings; such as a fountain of youth. The sound effects are another element that makes The SIMS 2 so realistic. A buzzer goes off when food is done cooking, the car honks when they pick you up for work, you can hear your Sims yawn. These sound effects allow you to know what is going on, especially in a house hold of mutable Sims. The innovation in the sequel to The SIMS is out of this world. The SIMS 2 includes the same game play as The SIMS, but with many more options and for the first time allows your Sims to tell you what they want and what they fear.

Overall, this is a game I was addicted to as soon as I installed it. For just fifty bucks, you can get SIMS2 which is similar to the original Sims, but includes most of the elements of all the expansion packs and has better options of interaction and graphics. I can’t emphasize enough how awesome the graphics are. I would definitely recommend this game to anyone who likes simulation games. If you liked The Sims, then you will LOVE the SIMS2!

I can't waitAdded 10 Aug 2004, ID #5099
I am so excited about the Sims 2 coming out I have already pre-ordered it I just need to make the money now then I can get it.

I Strongly AgreeAdded 19 Jul 2004, ID #4977
I strongly agree with you, just looking at the videos and screenshots just makes me jumpy. I've pre-ordered it so hopefully as EB games promised I will get it 2 days before it hits shelves!

Cant Wait!!!Added 31 Mar 2004, ID #4367
Oh my gosh I cant wait for the sims 2 to come out!!!

I am sooo excited!

I dont care how much it is going to cost but I will buy it!!!

Hehe anybody agree?

Talk to you later!!

Best Game of 2005Added 17 Feb 2006, ID #5369

Reveiw of the sims 2 ps2Added 26 Jul 2013, ID #34286

The sims 2 reviewAdded 19 Jun 2006, ID #5874

The sims 2 reviewAdded 12 Jun 2006, ID #5846
If you manage an international team such as England and win tournaments such as the World Cup you can be added to the Hall of Fame.

I won the World Cup with England twice in a row and won the Euro Cup twice and I am now one of the best managers ever known.

If managers such as Alex Ferfuson get sacked and you apply for the job you are bounded to get it.

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