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The Sims 2



by Talha

			    Sims 2
 								     written by Talha Version   1.0 a																					This Material is Copyright and only belongs to SUPER CHEATS....

      Table of contents
2- Game Basics
 2a- Satisfying needs.
 2b- Recycl-able material"s value
 2c- Food and drinks
3- Events
4- About mini-games
5- The Real walkthrough you need

About meee:-
        This is my third walkthrough on supercheats, well it sounds great to have my walkthrough's submitted at because it is first cheat site i have joined........ If you need to ask a question, feel free
                [email protected]

           Sims 2 for GBA is based on the premise that your character is an aspiring actress hired to perform in various episodes of a show produced by Daddy Bigbucks. There are 12 different episodes and the results of your performance in each will unlock skills and other rewards. Mission Goals are called 'Plot Points'. At the start of the game, your first 'Plot Points' have been created to give you an idea of how to play the game. As usual, they involve basic needs. You learn how to buy items and interact with townspeople, including an alien who positions himself on your toilet in typical bizarre Sims humour as soon as it has been installed. 
Rather than being able to choose specific dialogues, you only choose a type of conversation: Friendly, Intimidating, Romantic. After you make this initial choice, your options during the interaction will be based on your existing skills in the particular type of conversation. At the start of the game, you will be at Level 1 in all types of social interactions. As you use a particular conversational gambit, such as 'Entertain', and are successful with it, you will be able to raise the level. If you are unsuccessful in impressing the NPC with your choice, you may find yourself unable to use that particular gambit again for 12 hours. At the start of the game, you will have the following options in terms of conversation: What's up? Friendly Intimidating The 'What's up?' option only appears when you speak to certain individuals in each episode. With respect to the other individuals, your only options will be social interactions. When you choose 'What's up?' in any given encounter, the NPC will respond with one piece of information that may or may not be useful in terms of the episode in which you are acting. Apart from advancing your social and acting skills, you need to make money to furnish your home as well as to be able to purchase skills. Unlike other Sims games, skills are purchased rather than earned through experience. There is a chap at the site of an abandoned automobile southeast of your house who sells 'Skill Books'. The following 'Books' are sold: Confidence Mechanical Strength Personality Hotness Intellect The 'Books' increase in price as the skill becomes more advanced. Every episode is rated by the Goths family and the better your performance, the higher your Ratings Points will be. Each episode has a maximum of 100 Points, divided among four different categories. These are: Plot Points Completed: Aspiration Conversations: Hidden Want Completed: Errand Completed: Plot Points have been explained. For Aspiration Conversations: you have a choice in every Episode to choose the category of conversation in which you aspire to be expert: Friendly, Romantic or Intimidating. In the course of that Episode, you then must conduct a certain number of successful Conversations in that category in order to gain 25 Points. You will find a status bar on your Skills page during the Episode that will show you if you have met your goal. When met, the bar will be filled. 'Hidden Want' is a hidden sub-plot or action in each Episode. By discovering it and performing any required actions, you fulfill the 'Hidden Want' and gain 25/25 points. In each episode, apart from the introductory episode, there will be one character with whom there will be an option to: 'Ask Errand'. By performing the errand successfully, you will gain 25/25 Points. Each of the four members of the Goths family is in charge of one of these four categories. At the end of the episode, each will 'grade' your performance by displaying an icon. Four 'smiley face' icons signifies that you have achieved 100/100 Points. These points can be spent between episodes in Daddy Bigbuck's office on 'Plot Twists' or 'Social Moves'. 'Plot Twists' are house and living upgrades and 'Social Moves' are options for social interactions during Conversations. These will be listed in detail in the section of this guide that is a walkthrough for the first introductory episode in the game. Of all the purchases that one can make at the end of each episode, it is recommended first that a player purchase at least one friendly move, if not two. Then purchase a threatening move. Finally, purchase at least one romantic move. After this, save your money in order to be able to buy the motorcycle. It is very useful as you can travel through Strangetown much faster when you have 'wheels'. To make money during an episode, you can play each of the mini-games once each day as well as collecting all 'recyclables' that you find in Strangetown. Make certain that you interact with different characters during the episode to increase the levels of your 'Social Moves' by having successful conversations in all three categories. There are a total of 5 possible 'Social Moves' for each category of Conversation: Friendly, Romantic and Intimidating. When you begin the game, you will have only two options in terms of Social Moves. These are listed in detail in the section: 'It all Began'. Whatever you purchase in terms of Social Moves or Plot Twists does not disappear at the end of an Episode. The only exception is any purchase of a new set. Obviously the purchase of any new set will mean that you will lose the set you had. A 'New Set' simply adds 'window dressing' or 'eye candy' to your house. Between episodes, you can change your appearance and your Social Aspiration if you wish. After you have purchased any Plot Twist or Social Move you desire, you choose your next Episode. At the beginning of the game, you will have few choices. Episodes are unlocked by the successful completion of other Episodes. This guide gives walkthroughs for each Episode in the basic order in which it is unlocked.
2- Basics:-
       Now lets head toward basic things in Sims 2.
2a :- Satisfying needs :-
                       Like all other Sim games, your character isneed to be Physically and emotionally fit. Keeping a Sim happy and fit is as demanding a task . Your character's needs are: Sleep, Hygiene, Food, Drink and Social. For sleep, you will need a bed or a sofa. Hygiene is two separate needs and to satisfy these needs, you require both a toilet and a shower or washbasin. A shower is far better than a washbasin, however, and is highly recommended. Food and drink are two separate needs as well. You can meet both by purchasing a mini-refrigerator, but the food that you will obtain using this appliance is very expensive. It is recommended that you purchase a stove in order to be able to cook food for yourself as soon as possible as this will drain your finances less than 'snacks' taken from the mini- refrigerator. 
Taking water from your own refrigerator is much more economical than Purchasing soda from the  'Chug Chug vending machines of Strangetown. 
 In Sims 2,There are two needs. The needs appear to be utterly arbitrary. If you take a shower before you leave home without having been prompted to do so, you may find yourself desperately requiring another shower almost instantly. It therefore is quite pointless to act preventively. Simply perform the actions when prompted to do so. 
Social needs are met through communication with other characters. Whenever you choose to communicate with another character, you will be have to perform a series of moves within a specific category( there effects are also based on their levels): Friendly, Intimidating, Romantic. Each move that is unsuccessful will drain your energy bar a little. Each move that is successful will keep the energy bar at its current position. If your energy bar is drained completely, you will pass out and lose ratings. If your interaction is ultimately successful, however, your energy bar will be refilled 100%. If you are having any Phsycal trouble but cannot return home quickly, a successful social interaction temporarily will restore your energy. 
It is useful to note that if you are having a particularly unlucky social interaction with another character and find your energy perilously low, you can abort the encounter AT ANY TIME by pressing the 'B' button. It is far better to do this and restore your energy before embarking upon another social interaction than to carry on grimly and run the risk of passing out. Props that can be used in social interactions will appear in your postbox on an entirely random basis. Items such as giant teddy bears, heart pillows and chocolates can be used to create a romantic mood in eligible bachelors (or women if you are playing as a male). Items such as rotten eggs can be used to foster an intimidating atmosphere in the same way. Incidentally, it is worth noting that props such as these cannot be 'saved' for future use. At the end of each episode, any items that remain in your pockets will be lost forever. Collectibles, on the other hand, will be retained. In any episode such as 'Blackout' where you are unable to sell ANY collectibles for the duration of the episode, all items collected can be sold in the next episode. There is one other way in which you can raise your energy when it is depleted and that is through use of a luxury item. Three different types of items are sold at the Pawn Shop. There are items that fulfill your Urgencies, such as furniture or appliances, items that are used as 'Props' in social interactions and items that essentially are luxury items for your home. It is the third category of item that will raise your energy when all Urgencies have been met, but your energy remains below 100%. All Sims love useless luxury items and your character in this game is no exception. Any item with the option to 'Admire' is an item that will restore your energy somewhat. These items can be anything from a painting to a clock or a lamp. There are other luxury items that have different options: a stereo to which you can choose to 'Dance' or a television that you can choose to 'Watch'. You need not own the luxury item in order to benefit from it, by the way. You can 'Watch' the television at Tank's barracks or 'Admire' the giant shark that swims in Frankie Fusilli's aquarium in order to restore valuable energy. 
2b:- recycling value:-
                  Collectibles such as empty cola cans, alien spaceship parts and that Sims collectables, the nuclear rod, can be sold to a chap who hangs out at a platform across the road from the Nuclear factory. The values of these items will change from day to day,try to sell them the of hihest price
Here is their approximate Prices:-
                      Empty Chug-Chug Cola Cans: **3  to 8 simoleans
                      Cowbells: **13  to 27 simoleans
                      Alien Spaceship Parts **55  to 99 simoleans
                      Nuclear  Rods** 44  to 77 simoleans
If you urgently require cash, sell them....
2c- Eatables and drinks :-
             A bottle of water from your fridge will cost 30 S so make certain to save enough money for your sustenance needs. A Snack costs 50 S 
                           a water bottle from your fridge cost  30 simoleans
                            A snack costs  from fridge               50 simoleans
3- Events :-
   Well many irregular Events occur via phone calls.
    Telephone calls can be a benefit or a loss,Some telephone calls have no effect at all. You may receive a number of calls where the individual simply has dialed the wrong number. In other cases, however, you may be given money or have money taken from you. Honest Jackson may telephone you to thank you for your involuntary 'donation' to a government fund. This usually means a loss of 200 Simoleons. Calls that actually can be to your benefit include messages that you will be paid 50 Simoleons for participating in a telephone survey or that the bank has made an error in your favour. Parcels delivered to the postbox outside your house contain props of various sorts. You can use these in interactions with other individuals. The effect of the prop depends upon its nature: props are used to further the three basic emotional interactions with NPCs: Friendship, Romance and Intimidation. 
Well the things you get cannot be sold................(That's not good at all).....hmmmm
4- Mini-games :-
Chop Shop 
The Auto-Parts game is located inside Optimum's Tech Factory, north of the Strangetown City Hall. 'Chop Shop' involves a conveyor belt moving three different parts along a factory line. There is a bin for each part behind you and you must pick up the parts from the moving belt and toss each in the correct bin. The object of the game is to make certain that there are an equal number of each part in the three bins at the end of the game. Speed is more important than accuracy, although only the number of parts that are equal in all three bins will be counted at the end. There are five levels to this game as to all the mini-games in Sims 2. As you unlock higher levels, more optional 'parts' will be added to the conveyor belt. One of these is a composite of all three parts. By seizing and throwing this one, you add one of each of the three parts to the appropriate bin. Another is a very heavy battery that cannot be used. If you grab this by accident, you lose precious time.
 Canyon Jumping 
The Canyon Jumping game is located at the far east of Strangetown, past the Dam, off the road to the Ice Cave. It is a racing game with obstacles. You drive a vechicle along a course that includes canyons. By pressing the A button, you can give your vehicle wings to glide over the canyon but if you run out of fuel, your vehicle will stop. . 
Cattle Cleanup 
Cattle Cleanup is located on Jeb's farm. It is a game that involves driving a vehicle and avoiding obstacles as you collect the desired item, which in this case is manure. 'Help Jeb clean up his farm. Fill your canisters by collecting poo! Watch out for the charging bull and the green radioactive poo. If you have any methane left, hit the L Button or R Button for a boost!'
 Keelhaulin' Cards 
'Keelhaulin' Cards' is the first mini-game to which you will be introduced. You find it at the Casino: 'Collect Pirate Cards and earn three of a kind. Turn them in and watch your pirate walk the plank. Play a ghost card for extra points! At the end of your turn, don't forget to discard. First player with at least 200 points at the end of a round WINS!' Players who are familiar with the version of 'Keelhaulin' Cards' that is available in Sims 2 for the DS will find the game in the GBA Sims 2 a bit more difficult. Unlike the DS version, the deck never will be stacked in your favour. At higher levels of the game, you will have a new 5 coin card that will give you 5 points when played. 
Bigfoot Loves Chickens 
At the Zoo, there is another mini-game that can be played once each day: Bigfoot Loves Chickens. It is a classical deductive memory game. There are four chicks and you can change the colour of each one. Bigfoot will eat the chickens only if ALL of them are perfectly coloured. He will tell you after each turn how many are the right colour and it is up to you to find the perfect colour for each chick. There is a deadline and your reward, if you win, depends on how much time remains on the clock. Solving the puzzle quickly brings a higher monetary reward. At the highest level of the game, you can win over 4000 Simoleons. It is impossible to lose this game if you employ the right strategy. Basically it is by process of elimination that you win the game. There are four chicks and each needs to be a specific colour if Bigfoot is to accept it as part of his dinner. First, do nothing to change the colour of any chicken and simply offer them to Bigfoot. He then will give you a fraction: 0/4 to 3/4. (If all four chickens are the right colour, he simply will devour the lot.) If the fraction is 0/4, you will know that every chick must be a different colour. Change the colour of the first chick first and offer the chicks to Bigfoot. Keep changing the colour only of the first chick until he gives you 1/4. Then go to the second chick and change its colour until he tells you 2/4. Do the same with the third and fourth chick. When all the chicks are the right colour, he will consume them. Your prize will depend on the time remaining on the clock.
 Well that was hard to explain all this.

                   Season 1

5- The real walkthrough :-
  Season I, Episode I: Buried by the Mob:-
 At the start of each episode, you will see the Goths family sitting in front of their television. Then you will see some cutscenes of a spaceship soaring through space, followed by the 'credits' of the starring actors, including you! The title follows: Buried by the Mob 
You will have a number of goals :-
 Find and return the Briefcase to Jimmy the Neck
 Investigate the Pawn Shop and the Saloon for clues.
Gain Frankie Fusilli's confidence. Make friends with Ara Fusilli.
 Get something to distract Giuseppi Messoalto so Ara can go to the Casino
. Ask Ara to talk to her father for you. Speak to Jimmy the Neck about what you've learned.
 Dig in the desert and bring the briefcase back to Jimmy Errand
: Deliver the drain plug that Sancho borrowed to Kayleigh at the Nuclear Plant
. Hidden need: Fix the Saloon freezer door for Dusty
 The episode begins with Jimmy the Neck knocking at your door. He accuses you of stealing his briefcase. You need to have a successful Intimidating Conversation with him before he will concede that you did not steal the briefcase in question. He confesses in fact that he lost it, but then begs you to help him find it. Meanwhile, you need to gain Frankie Fusilli's confidence in order to be able to confide the truth to him about Jimmy the Neck's carelessness. Find Frankie Fusilli in his living quarters downstairs in his underground mansion. When you meet Frankie, he will say: 'My good friend, ah! You've come to see me again, eh? To wish me good tidings on this glorious day!' He then will tell you that if you are able to cheer up his daughter, he will speak with you further. On your way to find Ara Fusilli in front of the Casino, you should stop at the Pawn Shop. Go upstairs to find a pile of sand, a clue to the location of the missing briefcase. 'It looks like some one tracked a pile of sand into the corner here,' you think. Now go to the Saloon to find another pile of sand in the left corner. 'Another big pile of sand. This one has a few chips of red paint, and some glass from what looks like a headlight!' When you speak to Dusty, he will tell you that you are free to look for clues but that 'I haven't seen anything strange, but that's because I've been trying to fix my freezer's door all day. It's jammed!' This is your cue to go through the doors at the right, through the billiard room. When you come to the next door, you will see an option: 'Repair'. Unfortunately, you will discover that you do not have enough Mechanical Skill. You will have to purchase a Mechanical Skill Book! That requires money, so go north to a section of Strangetown that was off- limits in the Introductory episode. Go past the Nuclear Plant and you will see a chap standing at the side of the road. He buys all recyclables. Sell your recyclables to him if he offers a decent price. You will see a list of his maximum prices in the section of this guide on Recyclables. After you have sold any recyclables, carry on north until you see a sign for the Aquarium. Go into the building and meet Sancho Paco Panza, its curator. When you speak to him, you will see a new option: 'Ask Errand'. He will tell you that he borrowed a drain plug from Kayleigh and now wishes to return it as he no longer is giving any of his animals baths on a regular basis. Before you leave, however, play the 'Bigfoot Loves Chickens' mini-game. At the first level of the game, if you manage to get all colours correct within the first few seconds, you will win about 180 Simoleons. Now go south again, past the chap who buys collectibles. South of his platform, on the other side of the road, you will see a ramp that leads downwards. Take the ramp to the parking area of the Nuclear Plant. You will see one car parked there as well as a Chug-Chug cola machine. Going into the Nuclear Plant is like traversing a maze. From the Cola Machine, go northwest until you reach a sign with a multi-coloured wheel on it. Go south from the sign, and make a sharp turn north again so that you go up a metal ramp past the same sign. The ramp will level off at a plateau. Turn right there instead of continuing onward and keep going as far east as possible, then turn north when the path ends. Keep going north and you will find yourself inside the office. There are two ramps that lead upwards. Both take you to the same destination, which is the Control Centre of the Plant. You will find Kayleigh there. Give her the drain plug to complete your Errand. Now return to the City Centre and find Ara in front of the Casino. Her dearest wish at present is to be able to enter the Casino but Giuseppi guards the entrance and will not let her pass. Evidently, Casinos are not a proper place for a lady, according to her gangster father. You must distract Giuseppi so that she can sneak into the Casino undetected. For the paltry sum of 250 Simoleons, you can purchase a paddleball at the pawn shop. Give this to Giuseppi. Happily playing with it, he will be sublimely unconscious of any one and anything else and Ara will be able to enter the Casino. Go find her at the tables. She is not that excited about casinos now, even though she won 5000 Simoleons playing blackjack. She tells you that you have fulfilled your duty and she will recommend you to her father. In the middle of every episode, the producer suddenly will cut to an advertisement, which is another mini-game: Car Commercial Take Amazonite's latest ride for a test drive! Your quick responses to marketing department slogans will boost your score! Carefully though! Crash this car and your score will drop.' After the advertisement, you will return to the episode. If you have enough money to purchase your first Mechanical Skill, do so now by visiting the chap who sells Skills from his stranded boat in the desert. You will find him east of Tank's barracks across from the Ziggurat. When you have the required Mechanical Skill, you can return to the Saloon to fix the freezer door. Doing so to satisfies the 'Hidden Want' in this episode. Now go to see Frankie Fusilli in his house. You will find Ara there and because you succeeded in your task for her, Frankie now will trust you. He will tell you that the briefcase contained photographs of a sensitive nature and that Jimmy was supposed to bury them in the desert. Find Jimmy outside your house, and speak to him. He will be amazed by your intelligence and will give you a shovel, telling you to find the suitcase in the desert. You may remember that the pile of sand in the Saloon had bits of broken glass and red paint mixed with it. That points to an automobile. Southwest of Frankie Fusilli's house is the entrance to the desert. There you will find both the beached boat on which all Skill Points are sold as well as an abandoned automobile a little southwest of the boat. On the path to the desert, you will see little piles of sand, almost like road signs directing you to the briefcase. If you dig at the site of any of these, however, you will find nothing. Go past the boat to the red automobile. You should see a pile of sand in front of the red automobile. When you use your new shovel to dig there, you will find an 'object'. It is the lost briefcase, of course! Go to Jimmy the Neck. By asking him 'What's up?' you will initiate a proper conversation, evidently and he will be both thrilled that the briefcase has been found and ashamed that he did not find it himself. In gratitude, he will give you his first weapon, a Water Cannon. Now you have two tools: the Shovel and the Super Drencher! The R button is used to activate any tool and you must press the A button to use a tool. Episode Complete! well that is coool. congrats.
IX. Season I, Episode II: What digs beneath :-
 Star Plot Points:
 Investigate where all the rats are coming from.
 Pluck the spines of a flowering Spiny Cactus.
 Acquire a chunk of fissionable plutonium. Pick up the plutonium behind the City Hall. Find a pair of rubber waders.
 Dig up the waders in the field behind the Factory.
 Get a pile of scrap iron. 
Find someone strong to help rip out the iron.
 Return to Lord Mole with all of the items.
 Errand: Deliver the Luxury Chair from Jeb to Mamma Hogg
 Hidden want: Find Jimmy the Neck's misplaced microfiche.
 Go up to the cave and meet the Mole King who sits on his throne: 'Gaaah! Who goes there? Turn out the light! We blocked off the entrance to this cave for a reason, you hairless orangatan! What's your problem? I can barely see you, but you smell like seaweed and you sound like a wheezing donkey. If you want to play tough, know this: We Mole People desire a life of luxury and freedom and therefore are taking matters into our own hands! Specifically, we require the following items to complete our transition to the leisure class: One spine from a flowering spiny cactus A chuck of fissionable plutonium A pair of rubber waders... and a pile of scrap iron... Failure to comply with our demands will result in further disturbances!' Then he commands you to leave. Penelope Redd will be waiting for you outside the Salt Mine. She will direct you to act as a double agent, finding all the items for Lord Mole, but secretly aiding her plan to thwart the Mole People and their ambitions. She claims that Lord Mole is trying to build a super weapon to destroy humankind. Go to the factory where you can play the Auto Parts game and speak to the Robot there. He will introduce you to the Auto Parts game as a prerequisite for helping you with your quest. He then will tell you that you are welcome to any scrap metal but that he has not been programmed to rip out shelves. You need, therefore, to find assistance of a human nature. If you go to Tank and interact with him to win a higher level of friendship, he will profess himself willing to help you. He then will follow you back to the factory. Upon your arrival there, though, he will be horrified by what he considers the 'illicit' nature of the enterprise and will abandon you in disgust. Now you have a clue as to whom to ask for help: some one who will not hesitate upon issues of legalities. Go to Jimmy the Neck and interact in a friendly way with him. He will follow you back (rather comically) to the factory and will have no compunction about ripping the shelves from the wall, although he will confide that he would rather be ripping body parts from villains... Meanwhile, your errand for this episode will be found with Jeb, who will ask you to deliver a luxury chair to Mamma Hogg. You will find her at the Nuclear Factory. If you attempt to pluck a needle from a cactus, you will pass out and be disgraced. This problem, however, is solved easily through the purchase of heavy work gloves for 250 simoleons from the Pawn Shop. Using the Work Gloves, you will obtain the required cactus spike. You must go to the Casino now to speak to Pepper Pete. He will tell you that he used to fish in waters that now have become no more than dry land at the location of the Auto Parts Factory. (Until you have spoken to Pepper Pete, you will be unable to find the waders in the factory yard.) Behind the Auto Parts factory is an enclosed yard where you will see a plot of ground that is reddish. Dig there with your shovel to find the Rubber Waders. Find the microfiche in the furnace in Frankie Fusilli's house and give it to Jimmy to fulfill the hidden want. Go to the Casino and talk to Luther Bigbucks. He will offer to learn about plutonium if you pay him 300 simoleons. Do as he asks. He will promise to send the information to you through the post. When you go home, you will find a package there. Open it and take the note. It will direct you to pick up the plutonium behind the City Hall. Simply go behind City Hall to find the plutonium. Now you should have all the items that the Lord Mole requires. When you return to the Salt Mines, there will be a confrontation between Penelope Redd and Lord Mole. Both of them will plead with you to join their side in the conflict. When you finally choose the humans, you will be required to play a little mini-game of 'Whack the Mole'. That signifies the end of the episode. If you have found the microfiche for Jimmy the Neck, you will have the highest rating possible: 100 out of 100. This episode is over, now you have completed season 1, congrats.....

                     Season 2

Season II, Episode I: Blackout 
 Stars Here are the goals for this episode: 
Investigate the explosion at the Nuclear Plant. 
Bring 10 Nuclear Fuel Rods to Mamma Hogg. 
Ask around town about the little Insignia.
 Go see Mamma Hogg at the Medical Centre.
 Investigate the Warehouse.
 Find a way past the locks and enter the Warehouse.
 Recover Kent's nuclear rod stockpile.
 Get the radiation protection from Penelope Redd.
 Get the Skin Cream from Misty Waters. 
Find Thorium in the Salt Mines. Errand:
 Deliver the black and white lava lamp from Frankie Fusilli to Luther Bigbucks
 Hidden want: Find bottle of green goo for Jeb 
In this episode, there are a series of explosions at the Nuclear Factory.Kayleigh is taken ill with radiation poisoning and you have to find the culprit. You are given a strange insignia (Dastardly Club Insignia) as a clue. Your first task is to find 10 nuclear rods. Find Mamma Hogg at the Clinic where Kayleigh is recuperating. Give Mamma Hogg 10 rods. Then continue to ask people if they recognise the insignia. Your errand in this episode is to take a black and white lava lamp from Frankie Fusilli to Luther as a novelty gift for a wedding. When you find Frankie Fusilli at his house, choose 'Ask Errand' to obtain the lava lamp from him. Ava Gardner at the Pawn Shop tells you: 'Whatever, Freya. Maybe if that Captain Chez Dastard starfleet insignia was in mint condition I'd buy it. But that thing is so busted I doubt even Kent Hackett would recognise it. Yeh, Kent Hackett, you know, the guy who played Chaz Dastard on the best television show EVER... 'Chaz Dastard's Intergalactic Star Safari'? Go find Luther at the Cavern Club to give him the lava lamp. You go back to Mamma Hogg at the Clinic and she tells you that you will find Kent at the warehouse. When you arrive there, you see that the only entry is through the rooftop. You must pick the lock. Pick the middle lock first, then the one closest to the stairs and then the one farthest from the stairs so that you will be successful. This is a situation where the three locks must be opened in a certain order. Unfortunately, as soon as you enter the warehouse and see the stacks of plutonium rods being hoarded there, you will pass out from severe radiation poisoning. You find yourself back at the Clinic. Mamma Hogg instructs you to find a radiation protection suit so that you will be able to return safely to the warehouse to investigate Kent's crime. Who better to provide such a suit than the federal agent in town, Penelope Redd? Go to her. She will tell you that although she has a radiation blocking agent, the quantity is insufficient. Only if you obtain a few ingredients for her will she be able to make sufficient quantity of the agent to protect you. You now must find: Skin Cream from Misty Waters Thorium in the Salt Mine When you go to the Salt Mine, Lord Mole sitting on his throne will tell you how to find thorium. Use your Super Drencher Water Gun to spray the wall of the mine and you will find the rare metal thorium. It is important here to realise that there are many chambers in this mine. To find the thorium, instead of going up to Lord Mole's throne, you must turn left shortly after you enter the mines to find another lower chamber. Spray the wall there to uncover the thorium. You will find Misty Waters in the Gothic Gardens. Unfortunately, she will ask that you pay her 1000 Simoleons if you want her skin cream. As the nuclear plant is shut temporarily and therefore the chap who usually buys your collectibles is nowhere to be found, you will have to make the money by playing some of the mini-games. The Bigfoot Loves Chickens game is a good one... right round the corner from the Gothic Gardens as well! When you have a total of 1000 Simoleons, return to the Gothic Gardens to give the money to Misty Waters. She will give you the skin lotion. Return to City Hall to give Penelope Redd the skin cream and the thorium. She will mix a batch of super radiation protection cream for you. Now you will be able to return to the warehouse to investigate the crime. When you get the radiation protection from Penelope, return to the warehouse. The door now will be unlocked and you will be able to retrieve all the nuclear rods. After you have done this, go back inside the main floor of the warehouse to find a bottle of 'green goo'. This is the hidden want of Jeb, who has bemoaned the fact that it is the lack of 'goo' that prevents him from restoring his farm. Meanwhile, a message from Mamma Hogg informs you that Kayleigh is back at work. Go to the Nuclear Plant, give her the rods she needs and she will contact the police. You go back to the warehouse to witness the arrrest of Kent. The episode is finished. 
                To be continued, a promise to complete in next Version 2.0 Soon, till than                                                    
                                                         God bless You