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The Sims 2 Cheats for Nintendo DS

Cheats and Tips for The Sims 2

The Sims 3 Getting Started Guide
The Sims 2 Guide
A complete guide to The Sims 3, covers getting started and finding your way around Sunset Valley, an in-depth look at careers, relationships and the..
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Check out these cheats which include time travel, unlocking an alien invasion and getting easy money and free stuff.

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how to get a family
first you have to find someone you love and you call him or her every day to romance them, and make sure tey rnt a room so when she wants to romance and they are in their room they will propose to you and after you have romance you will see a ring on your hand and it will say that they proposed.

how to "time travel"
well, i saw a question on how to set your clock forward,so here is how you do it. well for an example... when you are building something and you dont want to wait 8 hours, you first buy what you want to build and you then save the game. Then you turn your d.s or dsi off and go to settings. Go to time and change the time 8 hours forward. What i do to make it easier, is to go to date and put the date up about three days. Hope this help you.

Unlock Alien Invasion
During game play save your data and switch the DS off. Set the internal clock so it is earlier than the save and this will unlock a short cutscene where you have to fight off an alien invasion.

Get free stuff
Ok when a man calles up saying his bed, sink, ect... Go to the dessert and it should be there right. but here is the trick, when you pick it up, don't give it to him and it will reapear. Keep doing this and you could sell and sell and sell. Free stuff. (when you get bored, be nice and give it to him.)

How to get married to him or her
Call him/her every day then make shure she rented a room. Every time she is in a(MOOD)kepp doin it then you will see a ring on her/his hand then it will say you just got married..........

Unlock New Songs
Complete the following tasks to unlock 3 songs in the game. The first two can be used in the Music Mixer and the last one is only availible on the stereos.

Unlock 'Combat Mode':
Collect 12 License Plates

Unlock 'Credits Theme':
Beat the game

Unlock 'Razor Burn':
Collect 24 License Plates

Need this, $$$$?
There are many ways to earn money of your own. So let's start with the basics. The cash on The Sims 2 are called Simoleans. First, you start out with $2,000 Simoleans at the start of the game. But, you spend big bucks at the start of the game. You have to pay for the Casino because it is one of your goals and if you don't pay for it, you're stuck on that goal until you can afford it. Then, you pay Giuseppi Mezzoalto $200 Simoleans for his Squirt gun to send Emperor Xizzle away with his minions. Next, you have to pay Frankie Fussili $1,000 Simoleans ( I think) to buy a plane ticket for his cousin, 'Jimmy the Neck'. Finally, you have to build the Bovine Shrine for Ava Cadavra and buy her 'Rotting Eggplant' color lipstick. It's not that expensive, I believe it's about $5 Simoleans.

Top 3 Extra Things You Can Recieve On The Sims 2
Well we all know that on this game you can milk the cows. And if you tip a cow then milk it, You get a milkshake. But I have recently found three other things you can do:

1. If you have the lion lounge or the sax lounge located in the Atrium buy a chocolate candy bar and gift a cow with it. Then the cow will turn brown. So if you milk it, You'll have Chocolate Milk. If you tip and milk you'll get a Chocolate Shake.

2. If you have the secret warehouse located in the Basement, You will meet big foot. He will start a conversation that says he just wants to be fed. So if you buy food from the saloon or lion lounge -etc.- and gift that upon Big Foot, he will bring joy to unhappy or unrestrained guest in your lobby. And the kick is, instead of waiting for them to become h..

OK! More Stuff!!!!
9/5/2035: an Arcade-Sisyphus, some dulux showers(Onyx, Blue, and Red)and a delux green sink.
6/25/2000: a XAM Satellite Stereo and a sky diving machine.
1/1/2000: Arcade-Bustin Out, Computer, Giant Ancestral Bonsai, and a large Plant.
2/2/2002: Mapel Rouge Bed, white delux shower,and a satin heart bed.
3/3/2003: beds(ceder skys and mahogany night), lighted vanity mirror, honey bee shower, and an arcade-Space Armada

Liscence Plate Problems
When you find a liscence plate, it should be on the wall of your Manager Suite. It might seem like you find many, but all of the liscence plates aren't on the wall. That's because you probably found a lot of the same liscnece plates. I had this problem myself!

TIP : Play the Sims 2 whenever time you can and find liscence plates at different times.

I had the problem of having found 37 liscence plates and I wondered why they weren't all on the wall. I soon realized that most were the same ones. If you scroll up you can see the liscence plate times to help you unlock 'Razor Burn' and 'Combat Mode'.

Thank You! 80P

Walk in mid air for a short time
To walk in mid air for a short time go to the 2nd floor lobby go through the white doors(deluxe guest room) and go to the bathroom there will be some stairs go up them go onto a lege run off and your guy will be running in mid air for a short time my sister didn't believe me when I told her about it

The Plate locations
The plates are different from the skill points. The plates appear in the same place at the same time everyday.
There is a plate every hour of the day starting from midnight. The plates will only stay in the place for an hour. After an hour the next plate will appear.
Midnight - Government Laboratory
1am - Art Gallery
2am - Atrium Garden
3am - Basement, on the small stairway leading from the Freezer
4am - Casino
5am - Cattle Shed below the Town Square
6am - Honest Jackson's office in City Hall
7am - Bovine Sanctuary
8am - Deluxe Guest Room
9am - Desert, where stolen items are found
10am - Freezer
11am - Furnace Room
12 noon - Spa and Gym
1pm - Jungle Guest Room
2pm - Lion Lounge
3pm - Modern Guest Room

Skill Point times (including Mechanical)
This was to the person who asked me to help them find Mechanical Skill Points. Smile


12.01 a.m. On Sun Deck: Creativity Skill Point

12.01 a.m. Next to Dance Floor in Saloon: Business Skill Point
08.00 a.m. In blue corrugated carton in Secret Warehouse: Body Skill Point
08.00 a.m. In bathroom of Asian Emporium: Charisma Skill Point
08.00 a.m. In central seating area of the Sax Lounge: Creativity Skill Point
04.00 p.m. In corner of Freezer: Body Skill Point
04.00 p.m. In corner of Hotel Lobby: Charisma Skill Point

12.01 a.m. In Casino, between Mongoo Monkey and Keelhaulin' Cards: Creativity Skill Point

Are you bored?
If you're bored you can:

Pretend, pretend you work at the Saloon,Gym, Sax Lounge, or the Art Gallery.

Make milk, make milk, milkshakes or chocolate milk shakes.

Phone people, you can phone anyone see where they are, cheer them up, romance, or calm them down.

Buy things,You can buy things from the Strangetown Store (located next to the Saloon) once in a while there are different items in the Store. (Check maybe every two days.)

Play the lottery, there is a lottery machine inside the Stangetown Store,If you get three pictures you win! There are three prices ($1, $5 and $10.) The cheaper the ticket the less money you win if you get three pictures. I'm not to sure how much money each are when you win. But I think you get about $25..

Chocolate Milkshakes
First you give the cow chocolate as a gift. Then you tip the cow. Then you milk it and it will give you a chocolate milkshake. If you only want chocolate milk then don't tip the cow.

Where's my Mummy?
Here are the steps in order to find Horus Menhoset IX.

1. Ava Cadavra will call you and tell you to find the pyramid at night.

2. So, at night, go to the desert and find the pyramid on one of the sand dunes. When you get closer to the pyramid, tap the "Admire" selection. A mummy, or Horus Menhoset IX should appear from the pyramid.

3. After that, he will tall you to dig up his Sarcophagus. If you don't know how or where it is located, luckily, I am here to tell you how.

4. Remember to get your Metal Dectector from the "Pockets Menu". (Make sure it's charged!)

5. If you're wondering where the Sarcophagus is located, it isn't above ground.

6. Go to the Oasis with your Metal Detector, turn it on and move towar..

Very Very Useful!!!
Sick of being killed by abducted by aliens? Sick of faintiong because your sim smells like a fish, has done a woopsy on the floor? Well fear no further as their is a useful glitch. When you get abducted or faint,equip the super drencher and you walk twice as fast! Warning: When you walk through a door the super drencher puts itself away. You have to re-equip it.

Tips you should know (and glitches too!)
If you have Mechanical 5 and you tapped into the Penthouse and Optimum Alfred keeps throwing you out you have to wait until 6:00pm -10:00pm. (Alfred is charging his batterys during this time.)

When Optimum Alfred or Ava Cadavra (I can't remember)moves into the Penthouse you receive a call from Tristan Legend. You get the Rat cave for free! He tells you that he was once the Ratticator and has retired because doesn't have time anymore. So don't bother buying it!

Here's some info on the Yeti statue glitch.Set the time for December of next year. Buy the Yeti statue. Place him in any room except the small guest bedroom. Then about a week later he should be moving, walking, and even singing! If you get creeped out then turn off your DS!


Higher Sanity for the sims with fortune Aspiration
First you Use your water gun spray people to get them angry and then calm them down.

Liscence Plate times
Here are the Liscence plate times.There aren't times for 11 a.m and midnight. Ok look below.....

1 am Art Gallery
2 am Atrium
3 am Stairs by the Rat Cave
4 am Casino
5 am Next to the Cow Shed
6 am City hall
7 am Bovine Shrine
8 am Deluxe guest room
9 am Desert
10 am freezer
12 pm Spa/gym
1 pm Jungle guest room
2 pm Lion Lounge
3 pm Modern guest room
4 pm Sun deck
5 pm Penthouse
6 pm Red tube in the Rat Cave
7 pm Saloon
8 pm Sax Lounge
9 pm Secret Warehouse
10 pm Asian Emporium
11 pm Vault

Those were the times and places for the liscence plates. If you find 12 of them you unlock the song, 'Combat Mode' and if you find all 24 of them you un..

Know your Sims
Ara Fusilli

Ara is the smart,sassy, terminally bored daughter of Frankie Fusilli.

Secret: Always knows which way is North.

Auda Sherif

This big-budget action film star puts the "Oo" in boom.

Secret: Has degrees in Astrophysics and Gravimetrics.

Ava Cadavra

Ex- drummer of the band The Germinators. Mostly spends most of her time brooding.

Secret:Ava used to be a ballerina.


For decades people assumed Bigfoot was a mere creature of rumor and imagination.

Secret: Preferes the name Stu but no one cares.

Frankie Fusilli

Frankie Fusilli runs this town understand? Cross him or you'll be rubbed out.

Secret: Likes Thai more than Ita..

Bigfoot's Cousin! And how to time travel without getting an alie
In December, go to the store. (If it's not December you can time travel). In the special item of the month roped off area, there should be a yeti statue for sale. Buy it (but it is 4500 simoleans so make sure your saved up) put it anywhere you like; a good place is in the jungle room. Sometimes if you run into the room, you can see it move! One time the yeti I bought was actually walking around! It scared me so badly at first but now it's kind of funny
Also! *random thing* you can decorate your jungle room to look like a zoo! Put items like plants, the mummy sacro thing, that little caged animal thing, yeti statue, and more
Ok, now here's the good part. I'm going to tell you how to time travel without getting an annoying alien invasion!
1) take the sims game out of your ..

Aim at the Aliens Easy
To kill them easy just simply use the aimer to get locked onto a alien, note: you must bevery close to lock onto your target.

How To Get A Milkshake
To get a milkshake, go out of your hotel, and go down to the place where all of the cows are. Once there, go up to one and "tip" it. After "tipping" the cow, milk it. You should get a milkshake afterwards. Keep it for a quick sanity meter fill-up, or sell it for about two simoleons.

Getting Cool Stuff
If you go to 12/31/2099 you can get a holiday yetie stachu I probly spelled stachu wrong but oh well and other cool stuff. I'm working on finding the hott tub so I'll post when I find it.

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