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Avakin Life Cheats

Cheats and Tips for Avakin Life

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Avakin Life is a free to play 3D virtual simulation game aimed for users 17 and up to meet people, chat, and dress up, below you'll find some Avakin Life cheats and tips to helkp you out in the game. Once you have created an avatar you can dress it up, take it out, and decorate an apartment to hang out with friends. Aside from this there is no real purpose in the game. Achievements earn Avacoins and gems that can be used to buy more clothes or possessions such as apartments and furniture. Users can also use real money to access more gems and special features.

Avakin Life Cheats and Tips

Participate in the Fashion Contest for Coins
If you participate in the Fashion Contest and level up there you will get decent rewards. You can earn 1000-2000 coins for hitting level 10 and smaller rewards for reaching the levels inbetween.

Do the Daily Wheel Spin
Simply by doing the Daily Wheel Spin will enable you to get 50 Avacoins for free any day.

Get Avacoins and Gems from Mystery Boxes
You can get some great items as well as Avacoins and gems from Mystery Boxes. Keep opening the free boxes so you win most of the actual items. Once you have the items you will just get Avacoins and gems when you open the free boxes. You can make around 3-4000 Avacoins a day doing this.

Grind at the Oceanview Diner for Avacoins
If you go to the Oceanview diner and grab a second device, create a new account friend yourself, join your main account and grind it out you will be able get 2000 Avacoins a day. If you do this daily you will be able to accumulate 60,000 Avacoins a month.

Avakin Life

Egypt Adventure Avacoins
After you have completed the daily prizes in the Egypt Adventure you can keep returning and get 200 Avacoins a day opening boxes. Although it is not a lot it still adds up to about 6000 Avacoins a month. Also, whenever you level up in the Egypt Adventure you will earn Avacoins.

Open the Grand Chest
There are always 5 scarabs at the same location in blue boxes. After you have found them you must go and open 5 red boxes and in one of them is a master key that you can use to open the grand chest. You will find red boxes at random places. After opening a grand chest the game will reset after 14 hours have elapsed. First 7 days you will get some item rewards and after that just Avacoins.

Avakin Life Promo Codes

There are currently no Promo Codes available for Avakin Life. If the publishers decide to add any Avakin Life Codes, you will probably find them on the game's official FaceBook page

Avakin Life Events

There are lots of events in Avakin Life and with events there are chance to get free stuff and rewards. Stay up to date with events in Avakin Life by following their official FaceBook page
Avakin Life - Check the Events for Free Rewards

How to Level Up Fast in Avakin Life

There are several ways in Avakin Life in which you can earn the EXPs needed to level up fast, these are listed below:

- Chatting
You get 10 EXPs once a comment and can repeat up to about 20 times.

- Collect diamonds from your own apartment
Collect 10 diamonds per apartment and you will get 20 EXP each if you collect them all.

- Buy food or drinks at work.
The amount of EXP earned depends on the menu purchased.

- Become a Waiter at Work.
You will get 10 EXP for each menu sold.

- Take care of Petkin
You will get 50 EXP every time you treat and the total you can get in one day is 100 EXP.

- Give Another People's Apartment Ratings.

- Diving into a swimming pool or lake.
You will get 15 EXP a day.

- Take Photos
You will get 15 EXP a day.

- Invite Friends to your Apartment.
You will get 20 EXP for each friend who visits.

- Buy Clothes, Animations, Furniture, Petkin and Apartments in stores
You can buy something at the store to get EXP.

Rate your Home to get Avacoins
In Avakin Life, you build and live in a house which you are then able to rank. You can rate four rooms (game�s default limit) to earn Avacoins.

Select the High Paid Jobs
There are a variety of jobs on offer which will earn you additonal Avacoins. Select the jobs that pay well in order to live a luxurious life in the play.

Create an Amazing Look
If your attire gives you a great look you will become popular. You can access various clothes from the store if you have the required Avacoins to purchase them. Numerous clothes and accessories roll out through each of the updates of the game so it is important that you stay updated to see them.

Get Married at Herington Hall
If you are planning on having a grand wedding complete with an extravagant ceremony, flashy rings, and fashionable wedding suit or gown then Herrington Hall is a great place to hold it as it offers unlimited options for your dream ceremony. This great venue also has lush gardens and a Hedge Maze.

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How to get 9000 avacoins

Just enter this cheat code KG_J9cliefcQE do not use any parentheses. Just type it in the chat and then reset the app by closing out of it and the tab

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