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Becoming a Mermaid cheat for The Sims 2

Becoming a Mermaid

Get your your Sim to become a scientist. Get them to make a potion, put their own DNA in it, some fish DNA, and drink it. Voila! You've got a mermaid!

Added by: crazycute13
Jan 29th 2010, ID#14636


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Apr 26th 2015 Guest
ID #548325
Aug 12th 2014 Guest
There are mermaids in sims 2 although you have to download the actual tail... i would use ModTheSims,
as there is bunches of mermaid gear... and also there are already pre-made potions. For vampires werewolfs
And more..
ID #435307
Aug 3rd 2014 Guest
it's only available for mermaids in sims 3. You can get outfits that make them look like mermaids but they will never swim like mermaids because they aren't naturally memaids. It was not made for sims 2 it's available in the sims 3 island paradise. For simmers earn 25,000 lifetime rewards then choose Mermaidic Kelp on a sim and get the sim to eat it, they should instantly turn into a mermaid only if they are human sim first. Only works for sims who are HUMAN. It does not work on supernatural sims.
ID #430373
Jun 19th 2014 Guest can just have your sims be around a water a lot (beach,pool,go swimming and stuff) and after a few days it will transform into a mermaid,but you have to have the sims 2 double deluxe to do for meh..hope i helped Smile
ID #402257
Feb 25th 2014 Guest
how to you make a pothions
ID #358851
Sep 13th 2013 Guest
Guys, there are no mermaids in the sims 2. Get sims 3 island paradise.
ID #309383
Jul 20th 2013 Guest
hi, to the person who wrote the second commment, what is the mermaid link? i'm after mermaid tails, for teens, adults, childs and more
ID #298975
Jun 18th 2013 Guest
Woah ... I don't think you can have a mermaid yet ... maybe you can, but none of the things I've seen work. :P sadly you can't make the potion they were talking about and none of the cheats I've seen work. I guess right now you can only have that mermaid outfit thing. Hope they make a expansion pack with mermaids included soon!
ID #291215
May 13th 2013 Guest
I have mermaid link.
ID #282452
May 11th 2013 Guest
Hi I love my mermaids I wish I was one... Smile
ID #281947
Apr 20th 2013 Guest
how do u make a mermaid REALLY?!
I tried the make potion and i have every expansion pac but it dodn't work
ID #275893
Jan 6th 2013 Guest
i know how i did it and made a movie but im not telling wht i named it to u guys cause u wont stop asking!
ID #238488
Dec 30th 2012 Guest
You people need to open your eyes you have to get sims 3 supernatural because what can a witch make? POTIONS! but I agree with the other peeps do DNA thing.
ID #231985
Dec 22nd 2012 Guest
When u have bonvoyage u can make your person a scientist then get DNA? How????!!!!!!!
ID #226449
Dec 8th 2012 Guest
please help
ID #216801
Sep 10th 2012 Guest
i need help because i have sims 2 double deluxe pc and i am trying to make a mermaid i tried to sit for 3 days then go close to a pool(FAIL)i tried to get sims and fish DNA to make a potion(MEGA FAIL) ]

plz help
ID #184947
Aug 20th 2012 Guest
I hate it when you really wanna know a cheat or something and people on chats like this lie!!!!! to become a mermaid you download the mermaid costume from a site like: mod the sims there are loads of different sites that my friends go on! but ill have to ask them about the other sites! thanx simsfreak
ID #178145
Aug 9th 2012 Guest
i have bon voyage i still cant make the potion
ID #174048
Jul 16th 2012 Guest
Uuuhhh, I've tried the whole thing with the potion and I can't choose any type of DNA, only to make the medicine or virus and sell it. AND I even tried the whole "sit by the water and read a book for three days and then get up and you fall in and transform into a mermaid" thing. Nothing. I'd sure like to know how to transform into a mermaid right now!!! HELP:'(
ID #164922
Jun 27th 2012 Guest
You can make the potion. Open up the cheat box type in unlockCareerRewards then click on the treasure box picture next to your wants and fears then click on the bottom picture and select the reward with the chemical picture, place it in your house, and you can make a medicine or a virus but the thing is you can't make the mermaid potion becase you can't fish and you don't have bon voyage
ID #157473
Jun 26th 2012 Guest
I want to de a Mermaid
ID #157005
Jun 24th 2012 Guest
it doesnt work my account how EXPLAIN PLEASE
ID #156220
Jun 13th 2012 Guest
How do u become a mermaid on sims 2 double deluxe
please do not lie ;[
ID #152360
Jun 5th 2012 Guest
Download it and get working easy
ID #149044
May 29th 2012 Guest
How do u make a mermaid i know there's tons of people asking just say plz
ID #146702
May 11th 2012 Guest
well, u need fish dna and sim dna.... jk. That dosen't work, And, if u don't believe me, well, u better. I tried n it dosen't work, tho im open to try the pool thing....
ID #141287
May 8th 2012 Guest
all you need to do is get the sims 2 double delxue and then get your sim to read a book or watch t.v for 3 days and then walk beside a swimming pool and he/she will fall in and become a mermaid.
Hope this helps!
ID #140502
Apr 28th 2012 Guest
Tried all of them
ID #137805
Apr 3rd 2012 Guest
on sims 2 make a pool, then put a pool chair, make your sims need all up and never go down. Now sit in your chair with your swimsuit on and read a book for a looong time. In about 3 sims days, get off chair, walk beside pool and you will slip. You will fall in and become a mermaid when wet. Not when washing hands or taking shower/bath. YOUR WELCOME
ID #129095
Apr 1st 2012 Guest
ID #128144
Mar 19th 2012 Guest
For those who are still trying to find a way to become a mermaid there is a video on Youtube that can show you exactly how to do it it's called Transform your sim into (vampire,werewolf,mermaid,plantsim,robot,zombie)
ID #124370
Mar 18th 2012 Guest
im not sure if it works but it might?!
ID #124245
Feb 24th 2012 Guest
ID #117849
Feb 23rd 2012 Guest
That's a mistake !
ID #117547
Feb 22nd 2012 Guest
is this saying we need multiple expansion packs that combine together? cause all of the expansion packs act alone. ea never makes you need two expansion packs to do something, if im not mistaken.
ID #117287
Feb 19th 2012 Guest
tell us how
ID #116626
Feb 15th 2012 Guest
I really want to become a mermaid on the sims2 i just dont know how because the sims2 store is out i need cheats know plz plz plz Help me :(
ID #115279
Feb 13th 2012 Guest
how do i make a mermaid on Sims 3?
ID #114750
Feb 11th 2012 Guest
kk hello i just want to no how to be a mermaid
ID #114139
Jan 2nd 2012 Guest
I have sims 3 how do you become a mermaid thair?
ID #101828
Dec 1st 2011 Guest
Right people lisnen you go on then click on exchange then sims go on the search bar at the side and type in mermaid click on the one you want the best one to get is a one with custom hair (and also make sure you sign in or john up) then download it and save it and install and then press ok and then load up the sims 2 and go on crate a family then im not sure what to do ive got lots of cheats to be thingd but not a mermaid cuz when i sign up on the it says error i REALLY LOVE MERMAIDS SO MUCH! so if any one could help me sign up pplz tell hope you all get your fishhy fin like me
ID #91846
Nov 12th 2011 Guest
how do you get a mermaid tail on sims 2!!!!!
ID #86874
Oct 20th 2011 Guest
Type Boolprop Testingcheatsenabled true at neighborhood menu then enter it, and click create a family, then click shift N (actually do the ) and a lil message should pop-up saying you are using debug mode, you can use this for LOADS, even outfits you can't make a normal sim ware! BTW, good luck for the rest of you complaining!
ID #81692
Oct 12th 2011 Guest
ID #79900
Sep 18th 2011 Guest
You can make it by buy a fish
ID #75125
Sep 3rd 2011 Guest
i think its on the sims 2 pc on the normal one then you buy a pool and u get ur swimming up and then it gives u the option or u have to get a specific one for it .
this reall sucks becuse i need one for the playstation
ID #72282
Sep 1st 2011 Guest
ID #71723
Aug 30th 2011 Guest
you need sims 3 I think I saw it on this website it said the same cheat but for sims 3
ID #71289
Aug 20th 2011 Guest
how to turn into a mermaid, be a level 10 scientist, and a level 10 fisherman then make a potion combining and ta dah your amermaid
ID #68701
Aug 1st 2011 Guest
i can help with werewolf but how do u get fish dna
ID #63229
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