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The Sims 2 PSP Cheats and Tips

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A large collection of cheats including how to max out attributes, earn easy money and sanity points and unlock clothes. There's also a Perk cheat that will come in useful.

More The Sims 2 PSP Cheats and Tips

We have 35 cheats and tips on PSP. If you have any cheats or tips for The Sims 2 please send them in here. We also have cheats for this game on : PC : GameCube : PlayStation 2 : Xbox : Nintendo DS : Gameboy Advance

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Easy Sanity Points

This one is actually quite simple, if you enter the Woo Hoo cheat perk, to get some money, 5,000 should do the trick and then in one of the options in the buy menu there's some dream machine, (it might be the furniture part ).

Buy that and place that anywhere, then you can use that and wait for a little bit and it will start fulfilling all your wants without you having to do them, it will only fulfill your current wants and no more for the rest of that day, after midnight (beginning of a new day) you can repeat this, then wait for the next day and do again, you can repeat as much times as needed until you get all of the perks.

Max Out Attributes

During gameplay press 'Select' to go to the 'Goal' screen and then press and hold the L, R and Square button. The screen will flash several times and when you release the buttons after 30 seconds you will have ALL attributes maxed. It is advised that you use this cheat early in the game as the game will continue to upgrade your attributes based on goals completed.

WooHoo Cheat Perk

First of all, load our Sims 2 game. Now, press select and go to the 'My Sims' screen and click on 'Buy Perks'.

Now once loaded, press L+R+Square together for about 10 seconds and then release.

Once done this, all the Perks should be available, now repeat this cheat again from the screen you are in now to get the WooHoo Cheat Perk<-(Purple Smiley Heart). Now buy that Perk, which is free, no sanity points or skills required.

Now exit from the screen and go back to main gameplay and press Circle to load the Perk. A screen should have loaded with the word 'Activate' on the left side of the screen. Click on the word to get the cheats on the right. And there you have, instant cheating and it is also permanent.

Hope this Helps.

Happy Gaming.

By Raj21994

How to be rich & a peaceful life in The Sims 2!

Okay.. To have a peaceful life,Click "Select" from the PSP system. Click "L" from the PSP system.(Then you click Buy Perks.) Click L + R + Square from the PSP system. Then a Woohoo Icon would appear. Click that. So, you already have a new Perk! On the screen, Click Circle from the PSP system. Press Activate & keep pressing "Gain 1000" until it became 99,999 simoleons.(MAX is 99,999 simoleons.)

And keep pressing the "Advance Body Skill" etc. Hope this enjoys your life on The Sims 2!


I just want to add something a little more helpful about the nightbeast.

I had serious trouble with the nightbeast. I knew it was Anna but couldn't figure out how to change her or get the 'decide who you think the Nightbeast really is' goal box checked off. I then figured out how thanks to someone's hint I luckly found. I want to mention it here for anyone having trouble. (note this is my more detailed version - I did not copy and paste it here)

First go up to Anna while she is at the Saloon. Talk to her and intimidate her. Do this until you make her cry. Don't use the the tasor or the noogie option(if you have it) when doing this!!!!!

Once you make her cry, press the triangle button on your PSP until you cancel the whole talk action.

As she is walk..

Division 47 help.. =)

Hey. I need sum help 'bout entering division 47. I already got up to level 5 in d ritual. Then I went to division 47 but I still cnt get through. What do I have to do? Thank you.. ;) -arie-

I NEED HELP!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Hey I am at the end of the game and I can hack the computer and pull the thing of the cow but I can not intimidate doctor newlow!!!!!! I have been trying for sooooooo long, so plzzzzzz help me!!!!

Some wat a cheat and hint but Tremendously Useful

There are three steps to do- the 2nd 1 is obviously what others hve submitted but heres my version of it..............

1st-- go to you're espiritu estate( you're home in deadtree in case you forgot)

2nd-- (u can skip this step if you hve woo hoo cheat)

press select and press L1,, then go to buy perks and X

then hold L1+R1+SQUARE until a Woo Hoo perk( A purple heart) appears out of nowhere

then buy it (coz it's free)

then go back to game mode and press SQUARE and move directional keys till you get the puple heart and press CIRCLE

now press activate and fill you're money to how much ever you want (most probably full-999999)

3rd-- finally after fillin g you're money go to the phone only in you're house and go to..

Easy money

Fill up your creativity utill its full then buy the paiter's Easel and pait and sell your pictures for 500$.

WhooHoo Heart Cheat

Go to the Perks screen and press the following buttons: L+R+Square

Select the WhooHoo heart (purple grinning heart) from the menu and then go back to the game. Press square and select the heart. A screen will pop up with a list of cheats, click on the ones you would like and then press traingle to return to the game.


Basically, go to the Perks purchase screen (not the My Sim page but the Buy Perks menu) and press L+R+Square. A little Whoo-Hoo heart will appear on the buy perks and you can buy it for nothing.

In the game press square and left/right to find the perk. Select it and a screen will appear saying....

"Activate" and "Fill sanity, reset urgencies, gain $1000" and a list of skills you can advance. Select what you want and press 'activate'. Press triangle to get back to the normal screen and everything will work.

I promise you this works. If it doesn't, feel free to ask me about it.

Need to look at the Deadtree graveyard?

Three times in the game you'll be sent to look at a graveyard. All three of these times the Deadtree graveyard (in the Meeting House, through one of the top doors and outside) is the place you'll need!

PLUS, every single time you have to examine or dig up something, all the needed gravestones are all in a single line! To get to that line enter through the door and head to the furtherst row on the right. In that row you'll find the treasure, the good luck charm and the gravestone Virginia visits. There's also a secret up there too.

Quick Painting Money!

After getting to 10 with your creativity points, paint and as soon as the white board appears on the easel stand PRESS TRIANGLE and the painting will appear!

Sell it for 500 simoleons... Carry on doing this to up your money count!

Remember, you've got to have 10 creativity points!

The painting will appear straight after the action is cancelled.

Cheat Perk

Go on the 'my sim' screen and go on 'buy perks'. Then hold L1 + R1 + Square. After a bit you will see the 'woo hoo' heart. It costs no sanity points. Click on it then go back to game.Click square then keep clicking left or right until you see the cheat perk. Press circle then press activate.

You will be able to fill sanity, reset urgencies gain one thousand $ or gain a skill point of any kind..... Heres a tip. Keep clicking gain $1000 and you end up with more than YOU think.

Where do you type in the password?

Help please!! In division 47, a password is given (or4ngut4ng) and you are asked to find out where to type in that password. Where???? Please tell me someone!!

Filling up Your SANITY!


To fill up your sanity you can do the 'CHEAT PERK CHEAT' or you coul fullfill a want. It is very easy. If you lose all your sanity you will turn inti a ghost and the grim reeper with call. He gives you three choices. The 'Bargin Life Package' , The 'Good life Package' or the 'Gold life Package'. Make him tell you about all the packages and the sanity price before choosing.

Gain 500 simoleons

Build up your creativity by painting (hazel dente's back garden or buy one) and

then when you are good enough paint then sell all your paintings for 500

simoleons each, make sure you sleep though!


Hey if your sanity level is getting low try to do the things in the boxes on the left of the screen it will get your sanity up, if you can't do any of them sleep and you will get all new ones.

A way to get easy secrets

Make sure your aspiration is knowlage. Use the cheat where you get the purple heart thing(not neceserry) then by the mind reader perk. You will be able to get their secrets without doing anythng. But be careful because it will give you a head ache.

Hope it helped!!!

Happy Gaming!!!

How to get easy money

Earn your skill the creativity skill and sell your paintings to 500 hundred a piece.


Try and get as many secrets as you can throughout the game. I know it takes longer to complete then but trust me, when you get to the final bit and have the answer the computer identity test, it really comes in useful. NOTE: If you have Knowledge aspirtation I strongly advise you to get the Perk that allows you to get their Deep Dark secrets without hurting your relationship with that sim.

You can change your Aspiration in The Monument

By the way you can still go to The Monument after you defeated Doctor Dominion Newlow,but you cant use the Map you will need the "Teleporter" you gain on the Laboratory when you completed the Identity Test on The computer,it's yours now (the Teleporter perk) to go in The monument then go to the middle,(where doctor dominion is when you intimidate him) then click a trophy thingy,then The Aspirations is only Knowledge,Money,Social actually when you had new Aspirations your Aspiration goal will change (on your goals) the right of the House task to know anything about defeating Doctor Domimion Newlow cause I completed defeating Doctor Newlow by the way If your asking any question just Comment.

Hints to find parts of Roberta

If you are looking for Raberta's parts you will have to go into "Dead Tree." You will have to use the tracking device to find them. If you have trubbles finding like the have to go to the meerchant ladie outside the barn. There will be a chest behind her then open it and there is the torso. One of the arms are in the dairy place or the barn(same thing). There should be a part in the tavern too. If you have any questions or nedd help ask on another walkthruogh. But if you need help finding some parts yopu can also use your traking devise. HINT: The torso is the hardest to find and I told you exactly where it is.

Ghoustly scares

First, get yourself in a bad mood.Then, use some high-tech machinery that raises your skill level.If you do it right you should get a call from the Grim Reaper,if not keep on using machines until you do.

P.S. If you want to become alive again pay the Grim Reaper sanity points.Also, you can go to anywhere you want.You can't go through walls.

Getting into Dr. Dominions' Secret Office!

One of your objectives is getting into Dr. Dominion's secret office. Finding it is easy. It's the bookcase that sticks out far and if you want up to it and rotate your cam, you will be able to see some of the office.

Sell him five secrets he wants, and you will get promoted. Once this happens, walk over to the bookcase and press the option 'examine' and the bookcase will open.

*NOTE* The bookcase will not have the option of 'examine' on it until you sell Dr. Dominion 5 secrets.

-Hints Master-

Getting perks w/out much work

1st you go to my sim

2nd you go to buy perks

3rd you hlod down L,R,Square until a woo hoo heart appears (you can keep doing this)

4th buy the heart which is zero friendship points

5th go online (wi-fi is needed)

6th trade it to people that want it

And good luck trading to strangers

How to defeat dr. Newlow and get the thing off the big cow

To take off the thing in the giant cow you need body-10 and to intimidate newlow need logic 8 or 9 youl see in if you see the goals pressl2 and that when you nkow and to get to division47 must finish all the goals in dead tree and body parts for roberta the main body is at the out shop at dead tree and you may nkow the rest and the nightbeast isat the saloon the waitress and make all the crafts and you will unlock a special craft but you need mecchanics-10 you will able to make your own robot you need toxic waste-5 parts-35 plasma-10 vampire cure-5 cow pourri-6 truth serum-10 if the robot shuts down it means it is out of fuel the fuel is love potion and plasma if plasma short days if love potion long long days and you need to complete all mechanics logic cooking all

10 000 extra simoleons when creating new family!

You probally already knew this but oh well...

If you havent deleted the Newbie family, this will work. (If you have you can't just select "start new game" from the start screen!)

First of all, move the Newbie family out of Pupville. Next select the real estate office and select the Newbie family. Choose edit family, and just delete both the sims plus their pet dog. Now you just create the family like you would of, but you end up with the money the Newbie's had! It's just like making a new family except you end up with 9 955 extra simoleons!

More Simoelions!

When you get to your house, the sheriff dude should give you $800. After the maid talks to you, go to the phone and select 'buy-mode'. Go to the horse-chess piece icon and select 'EASLE' and put it anywhere (EXCEPT IN THE ROOMS WITH GHOSTS IN IT, BECAUSE YOU CAN'T GET TO IT!!!!!!!!!)

Then keep painting while boosting your creativity points. The higher creativity points you have the more $ you'll get.

(all of my points,body,logic,etc,are at the top and I got $500 for my paintings!)

Getting in the 'Kine Society'


I have answered many questions concerning the test to get into the 'Kine Society'.

I figured that I might as well post the hint here, so this question no longer has to be answered.

Pass the test: If you think you have the brain power to pass the test, do it. However, why not get the answers from a book? To get the Bovinicon Book(I think I spelled it right.), you need to redirect yourself outside. There will be a man inbetween the bar and the 'Kine Society' wearing a 'Kine' robe. He is always out there shouting useless remarks, so locating him won't be a problem. Go up to him and go to the option "talk to..". You will ask him about the book and he will sell it to you for 50 simoleons. Look at the answers, go back to the 'Kine Society', and presto, you are..

Perk Cheat

At the buy perks screen hold L + R + square.

One of the ghost in ur house

Get logic skill2 and go 2 the house next to you go 2 the back yard n go to the box next 2 the then after you get it take 2 the garden n bury then go back to you're house ghost should be gone.

Woo hoo cheat amophone

Go on buy perks and hold in l are and sqaure and then it's will have a woo hoo and buy it (its free) and cheats ahoy

Hope I did you well monkeys

Hint about How to defeat Doctor Dominion Newlow in The Monument.

You will need to go at The Monument,then you will need to save it cause when you lose intimidating Doctor Newlow you will do it again Then after you save Doctor Newlow talkted to you with his Red suit then After he talk to you,you will saw a timer above you And in 2 minutes your going to need to Save strangehood,First go to the Big cow (on the right)then pull the Hyper thingy press Circle as you fast as you can after you pull the hyper thingy you will have the cow on your Inventory next is go to the computer thingy then Hack it with roberta's head above it press square and circle as fast as you can and After you hack you will had a Diamond thingy above you you will need to Intimidate Doctor Newlow! You will going to need to Win if you lose you will repeat the pulling again and hacking Go..

Feng Shui

When adding objects to the house, don't place too many small/decorative items. I found that when I added alot of items the message appeared saying:

'Sorry, but adding that there would totally ruin your Feng Shui' or something similar. However, attempting to place it somewhere else will give you the same message, so I think it's something to do with the amount of objects in your house. So try to buy all the important items (like beds, skill equipment etc) first and then get the smaller items.

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