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money cheat

press ctrl shift and c at the same time the cheat box will show up type in motherlode and then you will get $50,000

Added 1 Nov 2010, ID #15507, by Guest and get


Press Shift+Alt+Ctrl all2gether.A Blue box should apear (sims3) A white box Should Apear (Sims 2) Type in MOTHERLODE then enter. T a-da you hav got $50,000 :D

Added 27 Oct 2010, ID #15490, by Guest

How to get abducted

Buy the $3.500 telescope. Get a sim (example. John) to stargaze. Type the cheat: BoolProp testingcheatsenabled true (this is the proper way to spell coz it works for me) while John is stargazing, shift click the telescope. It should come up with: DEBUG-Get Abducted. DO NOT CLICK: Force Error. Cross off the stargaze thing at the top. It will come up in a black screen (like the first kiss or engagment) A few hours later, John will come back and it will play that tune so you know the female sim is pregnant. But men come back and they will have an alien baby. Females do not. NOTE: This can be done on any estates. like Pleasantveiw, Veronaville, Strangetown and any of your estates.

Added 16 Oct 2010, ID #15444, by crush63

Show Nude-ness

Make a sim (Boy and Girl) (Teen)
Now, buy the best bed. Make there relations high with pressing
"ctrl,shift,c" and type "MaxAllMotives boolprop testingcheats enabled true relation (simname)(othersimname) on
Then goto "Sim Relations, enable them Boyfriend and Girlfriend (MAKER SURE THE SIMS YOU MAKE ARE NOT FAMILY) Then make them get funky in bed, pause the game...type "ctrl shift c" "boolprop sim nudepatch all off" and press enter. Then un-pause and there, there nudeness is showing

Added 11 Sep 2010, ID #15360, by RosetaSim1800

How to get rich :) xx

If you want $50,000 for your sims2 family .. go to your family and pause the game . Then , click 'control shift c' and there will be a box and the top of your screan . Enter in 'motherlode' and then click enter .xx

Added 3 Sep 2010, ID #15335, by Guest

Fulfill Sims wants without all the hassle!

To fulfill your sims wants easily AND still get the asperation points for them just follow these steps:
1. press Ctrl Shift and the letter C all at the same time. once you've done that the cheat box will apear at the top of your screen.
2. type in the box 'boolProp testingCheatsEnabled true'
(without the ' marks!)
3. hover over your sims want that you want to fulfill and press ctrl+Shift+c while left clicking on it, you should hear the ringing noise, the want should change and the asperation meter should go up!

I hope this cheat helped you x

Added 31 Aug 2010, ID #15331, by Guest

Have Twins

forcetwins when the woman goes into labor

Added 13 Aug 2010, ID #15283, by Guest

How to make a dorm on the sims 2

go into the neighborhood and make a family. You can either keep them in the family bin move them onto an empty lot. Go onto a residential lot and build a house as normal but make sure you include 'Myne Doors', and quite a few rooms. Type the cheat in ' changelotzoning community' then exit to the neighborhood and go ino it again. Get the cooking thing for a cafe and a podium. the type in the cheat'changelotzoning dorm' make sure you have put in all the furniture and decorated the walls and floors. Now you will have a running dorm and people will come into claim the doors but don't worry if they leave because they will always come back.

Added 1 Aug 2010, ID #15221, by Guest


well press shift crtl and c then type in family funds
_______ (Last name) ________ (amount of money you want)

Added 31 Jul 2010, ID #15220, by Guest

How to make NPC looking sims!

In the neighborhood type in "boolprop testingcheatsenabled true" without the marks. Then go to create a family. When you get on the Sims press shift+n if that does not work try n+shift. VOILA! Now go back and fourth 3 times to numbers 1 and 2. Now press one. There should be new skin colors under the custom button. You can also have new hairstyles and clothes! (SUPER SECRET CHEAT ONLY A FEW PEOPLE KNOW ABOUT!!!)

Added 7 Jul 2010, ID #15131, by funkycat

Popular Cheats

motherlode- 50000 cash
boolprop testingcheatsenabled true- after entering press shift and click on items for cool choices. (AND NO THIS DOES NOT MESS UP THE GAME! IT DELETES ITSELF!)
maxmotives- Makes all sims that are on lot's needs go up.
3 Popular cheats. Cheats give no harm to your game or your computer! (What a relief!) Happy simming!

Added 7 Jul 2010, ID #15128, by funkycat

To Raise and Lower Health and Skill Bars

To raise and lower the bars on your health and skills, go to the neighborhood screen and type in "boolprop TestingCheatsEnabled true". Then go to your household and hold shift and drag the bars up and down. Useful to keep toddlers ( not newborns ) asleep and keeps your sims awake for days.

Added 28 Jun 2010, ID #15097, by VictoriaBlueSage

Make all there life go up

Ok are you tiered of all sims complaning about how they are tiered or hungry or any of that, well its all stopping now!!! You push ... ctrl shift c then a box comes up then type in max motives (no spaces) then push enter and there whole life goes up except for enviorment cause thats depends on how good you house looks.

Added 25 Jun 2010, ID #15085, by Guest

My Fav Cheats!

1. (In create-a-sim) Boolprop TestingCheatsEnabled true then shift+N.
2. Boolprop testingcheatsenabled true, then get a job. Hold [Shift] while you click on the newspaper, then click "Career Rewards" to get whatever you want, or click on "Set job level to..." Note: "10" is the top job. TOP OF THEIR CAREER
3.StretchSkeleton (# 1.0 larger) MAKES SIMS BIGGER OR SMALLER
4.motherlode 50000 simoleons
5.Set to true to light up objects continuously instead of only when used:
Boolprop allObjectLightsOn [true or false]
Shift+Click on mailbox:
6. Make friends for me. HELPS SIMS MAKE FRIENDS
7. Trigger Birthday: AGE TRANSITION
8.Make me alien pregnant: self-explanatory. Note: Will work on females
Shift Click Sim:
9. Change fit
10. Change suit.

~These are my top 10. Happy Simming!~

Added 16 Feb 2010, ID #14667, by simson12345

Becoming a Mermaid

Get your your Sim to become a scientist. Get them to make a potion, put their own DNA in it, some fish DNA, and drink it. Voila! You've got a mermaid!

Added 29 Jan 2010, ID #14636, by crazycute13

Boolprop cheat


Best cheat:
(type as seen)

Boolprop testingcheatsenabled true

Once you've done that, shift click on your sim and many things will pop up)
A few of the best ones are:

1) 'spawn L and R tombstone' (A life and death tombstoe will appear if you click on it and you can get pregnentwith a alien baby

2) shift click on the mailbox and you can spawn NPCs

3) When on create-a-sim mode type shift+n an a infomation box will appear on
The corner say you are able to create aliens and wear job outfits.

After use type
Boolprop testingcheatsenables false

Added 20 Nov 2009, ID #14436, by Yuxi_xx

Enable Special Event Camera

I have seen it time and time again, people asking how to enable the special events camera in Sims 2, any expansion pack. Usually the problem is the option is greyed out and cannot be turned on. This does mean, most of the time that a person's PC cannot handle the graphics of the game, but here is what you can do to override this fault:

--I found this override code while re-writing the GraphicsRules.sgr files so I could play at a higher resolution.--

1. Boot up the Sims 2 as normal.
2. Select your neighborhood.
3. While still on the neighborhood screen, bring up the cheat box with ctrl + shift + c.
4. Enter the following into the cheat window exactly as shown:
Boolprop chooseCameraSpecialEventEnabled true
5. Open your options through the "..." button.
6. Click on the camera settings button (looks like a camera).
7. Look at the Special Event Camera option now (first row, second column).
It should be blue and selectable.
8. Turn your camera on and enjoy those special moments with a Sim cinematic!

I hope this helps out anybody still struggling with this old issue, but since I am a bargain shopper I recently picked up The Sims 2. I hope this will help other bargain shopping gamers out there like myself.

Added 19 Sep 2009, ID #14322, by MissMousey

How To Make A Male Have A Baby!

Type in boolProp TestingcheatsEnabled true (not caps sensitive). Once you have typed that in the cheat box (crtl+shift+c) then hit enter. Shift+click on a male sim and Spawn....Tombstone Of L and D. Now click on the tombstone which appears (remember you have to be using a male sim for this cheat to work) and press more until you see "Get Pregant" or Set "Pregnancy Relations" when you press one of these...then click (your sim name). You will now here a chime or a sound. That means the sim is now pregnant. Now press on the tombstone again and press....."Speed Up My Pregnancy". It will now only take three HOURS not three DAYS to have the baby. VIOLA! Your male sim will now have a baby! Congratulations! And happy cheating!
~Sims~Queen :D

Added 22 Apr 2009, ID #13889, by Sims~Queen

Loads Of Money Without Having To Type Motherlode Over Again

Hit ctrl+shift+c to open the cheat box. Now type in FamilyFunds (Family Name) (amount) and then hit enter. The highest money amount is 999,999 (I think). Happy cheating! NOTE: The (family name) is where you actually have to type in the family name...same with the amount of money. :D Enjoy!

Added 22 Apr 2009, ID #13888, by Sims~Queen


To open the cheat menu hit shift, tab and c. When it is open type in the word motherlode or kerching.
Motherlode will give 50,000 simolions
Kerching will only give you 1000 simolieons

Added 20 Mar 2009, ID #13755, by seza_lovin_duane
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