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How to meet a Vampire without going to Crypotonite club

First turn on cheats. Do this by pressing "shift+ ctrl+ c" at the same time don't type in the the " then type in BoolProp Testingcheatsenabled true. Once you have enabled cheats shift click on your sim's mailbox then click I think "find NPC" then find Grand Vampire and he or she will soon come to your house. But be careful not to invite them during the day or else they don't come. Well I hope this helped.
Happy Simmming ;D

Added 19 Mar 2012, ID #17001, by Guest and get

How to preserve your Sims

1. Activate boolProp testingCheatsEnabled true.
2. Go inside a lot.
3. Choose your Sim you want to preserve.
4. Drag all his/her feelings to max (Do not worry about Enviroment feeling.)
5. Make your Sim meditate.
6. Put him/her in a room without doors so no one will distract your preserved Sim.
7. Enjoy your ever-lasting-until-death-by-old-age-Sim!
Warning: If your sim gets fired or someone dies, etc, it will stop meditating!

Added 19 Feb 2012, ID #16948, by Guest

How to see if your baby needs and friends and stuff

1) hit shift+ctrl+c
2) type in the box boolprop testingcheatsenabled true
3) hold shift and click on your baby
4) select make uncontrollable or unselctable or smething like that
5) then hold shift again and click on the baby and click make selectable
6) then click and you can see your baby's needs

Added 3 Feb 2012, ID #16925, by hannah565

Ailen children

An easy way it get an alien baby
1. Bring up the cheat dox ( CTRL SHIFT. C )
2 type in boolprop testingcheatsenabled true
3. HOLD SHIFT and CLICK your ault
4. Click more then spawn and then click tombstone of L and D ( and small tombstone will apeer )
5. Click on it then click more and then click make me alien pregnant
6. Then click on the tomdstone again
7. Click more then click speed up pregnacy and in and few your alien is born.

Added 22 Jan 2012, ID #16903, by Guest

Dont go to school

First open the cheats box and enter move objects on then when the school bus arrives delete it

Added 22 Jan 2012, ID #16899, by BOOTH1

How to get a new head master to come

First open the cheat box and put on the move objects on and then invite the headmaster then when the headmaster arrives then delete the headmaster then invite the headmaster and you have a new headmaster

Added 22 Jan 2012, ID #16898, by BOOTH1

How to get your sims to swim in the ground

Put the cheat code 'move_objects on' on and make your sim swim in a pool. Go into buy or build mode and select your sim. Take them out of the pool and put them on the ground. Your sim will now swim everywhere!

Added 11 Jan 2012, ID #16865, by Guest

Haunted Hause and Saw Family

Haunted House

First, create your family and add characters. Then every neighbor that visits into your house press Ctrl + Shift + C then type moveobjects on. Put your neighbors into a small room delete all windows and doors DO NOT!put food inside. Let them die. Don't delete their thombstones and then THADAAAA! Instand Haunted House.

Saw Family

Create a family named Saw and name all the family saw too. Kill many people as many as you can.

Added 9 Jan 2012, ID #16863, by AshDavid

How to Create a Pretty Driveway Arch in Sims 2

Okay now here is something very creative. It lets you make an arch for your car driveway. You can design it the way you want. Just follow the steps.

Step1: Add a driveway.
Step2: Create a garage (it's actually a room) for your car.
Step3: Now, choose the hand tool and delete the driveway.
Step4: Replace the driveway with tiles of your choice, whether it's regular floor tile, stone, or brick.
Step5: Create a 5 x 7 rectangle of foundation in the middle of your driveway or whichever dimension is suitable to your driveway.
Step6: Use the wall room tool to create a "room" on top of the foundation. You can also use the regular wall tool and complete all four sides.
Step7: Place any of your favorite flooring on the top of this room.
Step8: Insert a roof at the very top.
Step9: Remove the walls between the foundation and roof.
Step10:Now delete the roof so all you have left is the foundation and the roof tiles.
Step11: Now delete the foundation.
Step12: Add a flowerbed border found in the fences catalogue on the top of the tile. You can add a simple border, across, up & down, or do a combination. This is going to be your overhead. It's up to you to delete the tiles.
Step13: Delete some tiles to leave a 5 x 5 floor tile. Area.
Step14: Insert the cheat boolprop constrainFloorElevation false for the floor cheat.
Step15: Raise the terrain by using specific tiles:
a)Do 2 clicks on the top left hand corner tile.
b)Drag the level terrain tool from that raised corner diagonally over to the bottom right hand corner to cover the 5X5 tiles.
c)Raise the next corner by 2 clicks.
d)Level off the middle 3 tiles off.
e)Raise the next corner by one click.
f)Level off the middle column to give your terrain a nice round shape.
Step16: Turn the cheat off by typing in boolprop constrainFloorElevation true.
Step17: Remove the floor tiles and level off your terrain to give you a flat surface. The arch you have made into a round shape wont be flat again because you have turned off the cheat.
Step18: Now make a 5X7 foundation again like you did before on the same area.
Step19: Delete the middle part off so that all you have is two long strips of foundation on the sides.
Step20: Add columns on the foundation to show support. (Use decorative columns)
Step21: Use the moveobjects on cheat and add bamboo or flowerbeds and flowers on the foundation. Or to give it a cool effect, you decorate the foundation with the 'Qube' coffee table in the tables catalogue.The 'Qube' is only available if you have the sims 2 nightlife.
Your arch is now ready !
TIP: You can use the boolprop constrainFloorElevation false cheat even to add an arch to the front door of your house, windows and much more. You can also use this cheat to add pretty roofs!
I hope I helped! Enjoy...

Added 7 Jan 2012, ID #16843, by sims2fan21

How to have an alien family.

It's very easy to have your alien family. You first need to start up with a new family. You can use an existing on but then if they already have kids, it's going to take you time to kill them or something because you don't want human sims of course.
Step1: Click on the create a new family button and make a new family that includes only two people, a man and a woman.
Step2: Move them into a house or create anew house if you wish.
Step3: Now you need to type this cheat as it's written:
First open the cheat box by pressing Ctrl+Shift+C together and type in 'boolprop testingcheatsenabled true' exactly as it is but without the quotations.
Step4: After you have typed in the cheat, it turns on. Now while you have pressed shift, click on your active female sim. It's okay if the female sim in not active. Search for 'Tombstone of L and D' or something like that. If it's not there, then press on more, it has to be there. Click on Tombstone of L and D.
Step5: Now a tombstone will appear next to the sim. Lick on the tombstone (leave shift now) a few times.
Step6: Now while you press shift again, click on the tombstone and press on 'make me alien pregnant'. If this option is not there, click on the tombstone for a few more times.
Step7: The music will be heard when your sim is going to have a baby. Your sim in now pregnant with a green alien baby.
Step8: Now sometimes, there is an option on the tombstone saying 'speed up pregnancy'. If it is there, click on it. But if not, you will have to wait till the baby is born.
Step9: Now again repeat all the steps from 1 to 8 except for the part that you have to put the new family in the same house where the other one is. Or for simplicity, you can create two families in the starting (make sure they have no relations at all) and put them all in one house.
Step10: Now, if you are lucky and the first alien baby is a boy, then good. But for privacy you could use the twins cheat: forcetwins. Now if the second baby is a human, it's okay, but try to have it as an alien. The second baby must be a girl. If not, just adopt one.
Step11: Now use the aging cheat. Type 'agesimscheat on' or 'agesimscheaton' (any one must work). Now click shift and hold it and click on the baby or toddler and choose 'set age'. Choose 'adult' 'teenager'. Do this with both the alien children.
Step12: Now move out all the other human sims and human kids. I hope you know how to do this but if you don't then you can do it using the computer. While on the comp, choose 'find own place' and select who all must go with the human sim. That will do it.
Step13: Now that you have only two alien sims in the house, your ready for the game.
Step14: Don't forget to turn off all the cheats or they will spoil your game if left on for too long.
Step15: Go to the family slot in the neighbourhood and delete the other people of the family or you can shift them in a new house and play with them too. You can turn these people into vampires or warewolves, or zombies and play. You can do this with the whole nieghbourhood! It sure will take time, but it's worth it!
Happy alien vampire zombie warewolf playin!

Added 6 Jan 2012, ID #16842, by sims2fan21

How to get a teenager pregnant!

First you do Ctrl,shift and C
Then type in the cheat box 'boolprop testingcheatsenabled true'
Then shift click an adult sim and go into spawn click on more... Sim modder
The click on the sim modder and click on teen
After that do ctrl,shift and c and type in 'moveobjects on' and go on to buy mode and delete that sim then go to the bin outside, shift click it then click reset age duration and the do the same to the boy then get into bed and try for a baby!!!! Thnx and bye

Added 14 Dec 2011, ID #16792, by Guest

How to get money on the sims 2...

Sooo.... Your family is super poor and you need money...? Try this out! So first of all open up the cheatbox ( shift+ctrl+c all at the same time!) then write ''Motehlode'' in the little bow that will apear on the top of your screen. This will give you 50.000 simlins or whatever they are called :P ;) soo I hope this helped! Byee <3 ;)

Added 21 Nov 2011, ID #16730, by Guest

Set Age cheat

First, before entering the lot (meaning, you are in the neighbourhood), type

boolprop testingcheatsEnabled true
. This is necessary, and you won't be able to do the cheat without doing this first.

Then, when you enter the lot, press shift plus another Sim. It doesn't matter which Sim. Look for
Tombstone of L and D
and click it. It will appear near the Sim you clicked on, so make sure the Sim should be in a desirable place.

Click the tombstone and enable the set age cheat. Now, when you click a Sim (DON'T use shift this time), there will be a choice called 'Set Age'. From there, you can change the age to anything, an elder, baby, kid, even death!

Added 11 Oct 2011, ID #16641, by Guest

50,000 simoleons!!!

Press cnrl, shift, and c at the same time. It will bring the cheat bar up on screen. Type in... Motherlode ... Just like that. No spaces, or periods. AND!!! BOOM!!! 50,000 SIMOLEONS!!!

Added 27 Sep 2011, ID #16618, by Guest

Really cool cheat!!

Once your on the sims, press
Then a little whote box will appear at the top, type
Boolprop testingcheatsenabled true
Then type in it: exit

Then when making a sim, if you press: Shift+n
You will debug the sims!!! You can have any skin colour, from white to green, dress in the grim reapers outfit, and many more!!!

When you are at your sims house, press Shift+n on them, and a whole list of things you can do will pop up!! Do the same on the letter box,(shift+n) and you can do even more stuff, like force a baby, seed up theyre life, kill them, by anyway you want! There are so many options. :D
If you have any questions, feel free to ask
Hope this helps xx Kit

Added 27 Sep 2011, ID #16617, by kitty0236

Links to FREE items in Sims Social

1. Dunkin’ Donuts Lawn Chair
2. Pompeii Fireplace
3. The Sims Family Poster
4. Free Rub-A-Dub-Tub - White
5. Free PerpetuLux-Sable
6. Free Llamark Chillblast Fall
7. Free Neukum Classic Guitar
8. Free 500 Simoleons
9. Free Basic Bookshelves
10. Free Still Life Easel
11. Free 1000 Simoleons!
12. Free Small Water
13. CharKoohl Black BBQ!
14. Liebefunkenmann SS-10
15. Pogo Arcade Machine


~Ms. A

Added 17 Sep 2011, ID #16600, by Guest

Max motives

Ok firs your go into sims 2 and press control+shift+C and a whit bar will aper clik on it and type= Maxmotives = this will put al your sims bar to the max and thes cheat will lock them motivdecay off type that in and it will lock your sims motive

Added 9 Sep 2011, ID #16576, by Guest

Control Your Pets

Okay, so to control pets you will need to get the expansion pack called sims 2 pets. Any way, when you install it and start playing. Type in

Boolprop controlpets on

Added 1 Sep 2011, ID #16542, by Guest

How to make Easy Relationships

What you need to do is to make your self like the Sim and make the Sim like you.
1.Greet the sim normally.
2.Open Relationship Tab. The Sim should be on it as you have greeted them.
3.Open cheat bar(Press Ctrl,Shft,C at the same time)
4.Type in the cheat bar 'boolProp testingCheatsEnabled true'(with out quotation marks)
5.Click on and hold the thin green/yellow/orange/red bar under the sims name and drag across to 100 or -100 if you want an enermy.If the cheat was entered right, you should be able to move it left and right, if not you can't. Try again.
6. Do the same for the thick bar.
7. Hold down shift and click on the sim you want to be friends/lovers/enermies with.
8.The menu should appear with tons of stuff on it, click on 'MAKE SELECTABLE'.
9.The sim you have chosen icon should appear on the left of the screen with all of your sims icons. Click on the sims icon.
10.Repeat steps 2,5,6
11.Both of the bars in the relation ships panels of both the sims should read 100 (friend,lover) or -100 (enermy)
12.Use your sim and choose an action under one of the following...
13.Both the sims should now be friends/lovers/enermies.
14.(Optional) Repeat steps 7,8.But only click on 'MAKE UNSELECTABLE'



Added 24 Aug 2011, ID #16504, by Guest

50,000 simeolons super quick!

After you move a family into a house, press (Ctrl + Shift + C) (without the +) and type expand. Then type in motherlode and press enter. Press the up arrow and motherlode should appear in the cheat box again, press enter. Repaet until you have as much money as you want. You can only have $999,999,999 at one time, you cannot get a billion..... Ever
Hope this helps! Xxx

Added 18 Aug 2011, ID #16487, by Guest
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