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Hay Day Walkthrough

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List of Pets

Below you will find a list of the pets currently available to purchase in Hay Day:

Retriever: [Dog]
Unlocked at Level 20.
It costs 2 Blue Vouchers and 9 Green Vouchers.
The Retriever gives you 30 XP every 6 hours.
It needs a Dog House and Bacon to be fed.

Tabby Cat:
Unlocked at Level 21.
It costs 3 Purple Vouchers and 8 Green Vouchers.
The Tabby rewards you with 20 XP every 6 hours.
It lives in a Cat House and is fed with Milk.

Pinscher: [Dog]
Unlocked at Level 22.
It costs 5 Blue Vouchers, 12 Green Vouchers and 2 Golden Vouchers.
The Pinscher rewards you with 40 XP every 6 hours.
It needs a Dog House and Bacon to be fed.

Calico Cat:
Unlocked at Level 23.
It costs 4 Purple Vouchers, 15 Green Vouchers and 1 Golden Voucher.
You will be rewarded with 30 XP every 6 hours.
It requires Milk and a Cat House to be contented.

Bay Horse:
Unlocked at Level 27.
It costs 8 Purple Vouchers, 9 Green Vouchers, and 10 Blue Vouchers. 
It pays out 60 XP, and is fed on Carrots and housed in a Stable.

Hound: [Dog]
Unlocked at Level 30.
It costs 5 Golden Vouchers, 5 Purple Vouchers, 10 Blue Vouchers and 18 Green Vouchers.
The Hound rewards you with 50 XP every 6 hours.

Tuxedo Cat:
Unlocked at Level 31.
The Tuxedo Cat costs 8 Purple Vouchers, 20 Green Vouchers, 4 Golden Vouchers and 8 Blue Vouchers.
It will reward you with 40 XP every 6 hours.
Feed it with Milk and house it in a Cat House.

Palomino Horse:
Unlocked at Level 32.
It costs 10 Purple Vouchers, 10 Blue Vouchers, and 5 Green Vouchers.
Feed it with Carrots and keep it in a Stable and it will give you 80 XP.

Pinto Horse:
Unlocked at Level 34.
It costs 9 Purple Vouchers, 9 Green Vouchers, 9 Blue Vouchers, and 9 Golden Vouchers, but will reward you handsomely with 100 XP.
Give it Carrots to keep it happy and let it live in a Stable.

Andalusian Horse:
Unlocked at Level 40.
It costs 15 Purple Vouchers, 15 Blue Vouchers, 50 Green Vouchers, and 3 Golden Vouchers.
It will give you 100 XP.
Feed it Carrots and keep it in a Stable.


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