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Earning Coins

Buy in Bulk:

One of the best way to earn Coins in Hay Day is to use the newspaper to buy in bulk. Look through your own newspaper, as well as those of other people, to find construction equipment and other goods, like saws and dynamite. You want items selling in bulk, such as 5 items for 400 Coins. You can then sell each one individually, making a greater number of Coins once all have been sold. Place an advert for the last item that you list - this will mean people will see all the items when they visit the store.

Sell, Sell Sell!:

You should always try to sell any excess items that you have in your Barn or Silo. Not only does this clear room in your storage for future produce, but it nets you a heck of a lot of Coins. Before you go out or go to bed, try to fill every slot in your Roadside Shop. Putting items you have produced from the production buildings in there is best, as they are rarer, rather than items like Eggs and Wheat which everyone's farms are churning out by the dozen.

Multiple Accounts:

Some players have one main account, which they focus all their efforts into, and other, helper accounts, which they use to support that main account. Things like buying and selling items at favorable prices, helping with Trees and Bushes, and so on. If you think you have the willpower to manage multiple accounts at once, it's a good way to get ahead at Hay Day.




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BTW....... while wheating you should also plant corn because than, rather then selling wheat in roadside shop, which can have crates get full, you can also plant corn so u can make chicken food. These are made from wheat and corn and are important. You can collect the eggs and use them to make products, and chicken food can be sold easily since a lot of people are in need of feeds. You can sell them for max price, they will all get sold.

Added 9th Jul 2015, ID #582243

Game Center- epicmac8

Added 5th Jun 2015, ID #565788

I started buying cheap and selling for about a year,and what I did is planting trees and sell everthing for about 6 months at night planting tomato and selling it in the morning I am at level 72 and I have 3.500.000 and some more ,also selling hay at 1 coin and selling extra tools

Added 4th Jun 2015, ID #565459

I have less coins but when I used this cheats I am happy now thank you!!!!

Added 14th May 2015, ID #555930

good advice

Added 7th May 2015, ID #553005

I have noticed that filling other peoples crates in boat order also yields coins fast.

Added 13th Apr 2015, ID #542217

i know right

Added 17th May 2015, ID #557450

I wish there was a wanted newspaper where you could list items you are in need of. I would imagine they should be at a little higher price and maybe even a commission fee but then those with excess items could do more than just list them in the newspaper

Added 29th Mar 2015, ID #534522

The errand boy kind of does that but costs loads of gems to use...

Added 1st Nov 2015, ID #621614


Added 2nd Mar 2015, ID #523163

Or an even better method, which has made me all of my money is to not do truck/boat/little people orders at all. Produce high $ per hour items such as the following and sell them only in your RSS at max price:

Brown Sugar
Regular Popcorn
Carrot Pie
Cream Cake
Carrot Juice
Cotton Fabric
Cotton Shirt

If you are lower level just pick which ones you can create from the list. Also, stock up on axes/saws and produce a lot of trees and sell the berries in your RSS. You can also wheat during down time and sell the expansion materials if you are ok on room, or sell any overages that you have while collecting the others. At level 31 I have over 200,000 gold from doing this.

Added 27th Jan 2015, ID #508041

The first suggestion of buying in bulk and selling individually is incorrect for numerous reasons. If you were to buy 10 saws you will pay 540, if you break those saws down you will be able to sell them for 54 a piece. This yields the exact same amount as if you were to sell them in bulk.

If you do this with lower priced items, like wheat for example, you will earn less. If you were to buy wheat at 36 (max price) and then break them down individually, you can only sell them for 3 gold max per 1 wheat, and you would lose 6 gold by maxing out 30 gold total for 10 wheat priced one a piece. This is due to the way Supercell rounds lower costed items.

What you might want to suggest is to find items selling below max price and to try and sell them above max price, though this will only apply to flooded items such as wheat and is not a good way to make money.

Added 27th Jan 2015, ID #508038

I don't understand this thing how do u get some coins cuz i really need voins i really do n I don't understand this thing

Added 15th Jan 2015, ID #502131

I already knew most of this but it would be helpful to beginners

Added 26th Nov 2014, ID #476636

thanks for the advice this will realy help me also if u want to get rare items harvest a full field of weat
thnx alisha

Added 19th Nov 2014, ID #473654

For the chat and neighbour u should lower the LVL for it.around 20-25 is good Lvl 29 too much.i played for a long time but I can't reached the lvl.plz change it soon.

Added 26th Oct 2014, ID #463640

hi I would like to the person who made hay day it is an addicting game its so cool and I am in level 59 right now because I milk the cow and get some eggs form the hens and so much fun i really thank the person again and again

BON APPETITE (thank you)

Added 8th Oct 2014, ID #456041

Another really good way is wheat farming you just keep planting wheat and harvesting it and you will get lots of nails,screws,bolts excretra and then you just sell them for 270 coins after that you just sell 10 wheat for 1 coin put in newspaper

Added 7th Oct 2014, ID #455746

I knew most of this but it is a great explanation to others that are new to the game👍

Added 3rd Aug 2014, ID #429882

Hey ppl

Added 22nd Jul 2014, ID #423443

I know these ideas they r not soon interesting

Added 28th Jun 2014, ID #408085

Everyone knows such ways!!
Not at all he

Added 18th Jun 2014, ID #401911

This was very helpful, however I have just turned level 17 and want to repair my dock. In addition to 16,000 repairing the docks I do not have enough money and think this is to expensive :(

Added 18th Jun 2014, ID #401901

I think there should be a bank thing where you can leave coins to save for later and +50% every week. I've gotten to the level where I can upgrade my dock, but I've past several levels before I could even afford it! I STILL can't afford it for the simple fact that I waste money, but having a bank thing for the level 20+ people could be EXTREMLY helpful.

Added 14th Jun 2014, ID #399572

just complete a bunch of visitor offers, truck loads and boat orders for you and other people. Also always make things even if you don't need it because you can sell it.

Added 11th Jun 2014, ID #397830

The best way to earn coins in hay day is to buy valuable items for cheap prices and then sell them for higher prices😀

Added 24th May 2014, ID #387648

I want free coins all time I play hay day

Added 28th Mar 2014, ID #369037

I totally love hayday!!..Its very addicting!..I wish there was offers to earn free coins and diamonds though.I have other games that have those offers through tapjoy and it helps alot..Also it would be great if the prices for repairing places wasnt so expensive...39000 is rather high to repair the fishing boat!..Hayday is my fav game though!!!

Added 21st Mar 2014, ID #366547

Great advice! I myself just got hay day and am loving every second of it! You have GOT to try this app! I say it was very hard not to use money to buy diamonds and coins but just remember, It will feel so much better if you accomplish your hay day achievements on your own, without buying anything which is basically cheating and you also need to remember to be honest! One thing that is even worse than buying diamonds is hacking into hay day and getting free ones. I think that you will feel a lot more accomplished if you do this.

Added 31st Dec 2013, ID #337162

I have visited a lot of farms with brown dead trees and bushes, these can be revived by simply touching on them and dragging the ! Sign to the plant. This will work only 3 times...

Added 30th Aug 2013, ID #307440

Thank you very much this really helped me as I am knew to hay day and did not know anything about hayday. Would you please tell me how to sell if your not on level 7.

My friend also really liked how u explained this so Plz can you do more things on YouTube so people can watch it and especially people like me because we were knew to the game.

Will we not get charges or anything like it came in the news that someone got a charge of 6,00 on just the game hayday

Added 29th Aug 2013, ID #307246

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