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Tag Locations Map
Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas

Tag Locations Map

Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas Walkthrough and Guide

by Michael Monette  

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Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas - Tag Locations Map

There are 100 Tags to be found in San Andreas, the map below gives you an overview of where they are found, the next two guide pages will give you a description of the locations of each one.

Tag Locations Map


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Comments for Tag Locations Map

74 comments, latest first.
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ID #593333 | Aug 3rd 2015 Guest
where can i find the audi A8 l car guys?
ID #685025 | Oct 1st 2016 Guest
Don't where tags way to road see soon
ID #649124 | Apr 25th 2016 Guest
ID #590184 | Jul 27th 2015 Guest
ID #553357 | May 8th 2015 Guest
Why the hell is there no 99 on here?
ID #567683 | Jun 8th 2015 Guest
Grand theft auto 15 vice
ID #498737 | Jan 9th 2015 Guest
before stating that this map is incorrect, incomplete, etc. JUST READ the instructions! All 100 tags are documented. Promise!
ID #484526 | Dec 14th 2014 Guest
The map is helpful but incomplete. There is a tag in the north west corner in the town with the hover craft and two in San Fearro. I am trying to remember er where in San Fearro as I lost my memery card and I am playing this through for a their time... GL and cheers!
ID #455750 | Oct 7th 2014 Guest
Thank you! Great website and very helpful. I love it
ID #452824 | Sep 28th 2014 Guest
thank you a big thank you
ID #434117 | Aug 10th 2014 Guest
Thanks this map is awesome Smile
ID #390355 | May 28th 2014 Guest
ID #370689 | Apr 2nd 2014 Guest
targets 99 and 100 are not missing 99-down 06 and 100-down 45 thanks
ID #351981 | Feb 5th 2014 Guest
ugh... i got 99 i cant find 100 >:(
ID #315169 | Oct 18th 2013 Guest
0_0 wow thanks!
ID #311521 | Sep 28th 2013 Guest
Where is 49
ID #259750 | Mar 1st 2013 Guest
Hola saben no puedo encontrar la etiqueta 11 , es que como esta enmedio de la calle no la veo me pueden decir donde esta ?
ID #258748 | Feb 25th 2013 Guest
Hey, tags 99&100 are missing from the map! WHY IS THIS SOOOO!!!!!!???????