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Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas Walkthrough and Guide

by Michael Monette  

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Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas - Toreno's Missions

Once you have completed “Monster,” step into the red marker outside of the ranch in Tierra Robada to get started. After the first mission, the starting point for this mission line will be marked by a “T” on the radar.

Mission 1: Highjack

The voice-masked man who contacted you reveals himself to be Toreno, evidently still alive and well. He wants you to hijack a truck for him, and since it is a two-man job Cesar will be accompanying you. Hop on the motorcycle parked outside and get onto Garver Bridge. Once on the bridge to San Fierro, move towards the red icon on the radar to catch up with the truck as it barrels down the freeway. You have to get close enough to the truck's left door so Cesar can jump over to it and pull out the driver. Once you are in the correct position, keep the motorcycle level until Cesar makes the jump. To keep the bike level, first get a bit ahead of the truck and then release the accelerate button. As the motorcycle decelerates, Cesar should then be able to jump over to the door and pull the driver out.



Once Cesar has managed to dethrone the driver, get off the motorcycle and get into the driver's seat of the truck. Now all you must do is drive the truck—with fuel tank attached—to the garage in Doherty. If the tank is detached, just back the cab into it to reattach it. Drive into the red marker outside of the garage to complete the mission.

Mission 2: Interdiction

You'll receive a call from Toreno following the completion of “Highjack.” This time, Toreno wants you to collect a shipment for him. Get into the buggy outside and drive towards the yellow icon on the radar. When you reach the location, drive into the red marker. Afterwards, pick up the Rocket Launcher and choose one of the three (or four, if you want to include the buggy) vehicles available to you. The best-suited vehicle for the task at hand is probably the Sanchez, as it is fast and handles well on rough terrain, though any of the others will serve you just fine.

Red Marker

When you reach the top of the hill, step into the red marker to set off the flare. The helicopter making the drop meets some trouble as a swarm of helicopters starts closing in on it. Use the Rocket Launcher you acquired to down the enemy helicopters before they manage to destroy the contraband helicopter. The Rocket Launcher is initially packed with a good number of rockets, and only one is needed to destroy a helicopter, but if you do run out you can just grab some extra ammo from one of the wooden shacks in the area. Once all of the helicopters have been destroyed, get back to your vehicle (marked with a blue icon on the radar) and start toward the contraband. Downing those helicopters likely earned you some attention from the authorities, but they should be easy enough to avoid given the terrain and your current vehicle.



Pick up the contraband and return with it to the hideout in El Castillo Del Diablo to complete the mission and earn a modest cash reward.

Mission 3: Verdant Meadows

Toreno wants you to buy some property for him; the abandoned airstrip in Verdant Meadows. Although Toreno assures you it shouldn't cost too much, the thing comes with a steep price tag of $80,000. If you don't have the cash then you'll just have return to the airstrip once you have acquired that amount. A good way to earn some money is to win the street races in San Fierro that Jethro should have called to inform you of by now.



Mission 4: Learning to Fly

To begin this mission, step into the red marker on the second floor of the AC tower at the eastern end of the airstrip. This is much like the driving school in San Fierro in that you will have to pass a series of lessons with a score of at least 70%. The time in which you complete a lesson, as well as the amount of damage sustained by the plane or helicopter, will affect the score you receive at the end of the lesson. There are ten lessons in all. You'll learn how to takeoff, land, and some other maneuvers. The difficulty of these lessons ranges from simple to difficult, but luckily you can retry as many times as you'd like and can even end mid-lesson if it isn't going well—just press the Exit button (Triangle on the PS2). Instructions appear at the bottom of the screen during a lesson, so not much more needs to be stated here.



One thing that might not be clear is which weapon to use to dispose of the targets during the “Destroy Targets” lesson. Use the helicopter's rockets to destroy the three trucks at the end of the runway, and use the helicopter's guns to destroy the two moving cars that appear afterwards. Just be sure that the helicopter is pointed toward one of the cars while firing and the guns will lock-on to that vehicle. Clear all ten of the lessons with a score of at least 70% to complete the mission. You will also earn your pilot's license through flight school; you are then free to access all of the airports San Andreas.

Mission 5: N.O.E.

Step into the red marker on the Verdant Meadows airstrip—denoted on the radar by an airplane icon—to get started. Toreno wants you to deliver some equipment to his men who are out all the way in Angel Pine. After the cutscene, hop into the plane, takeoff, and start towards the yellow marker on the radar. When you first take off, steer clear of Area 69, which is just south of the airfield. Area 69 is restricted airspace, so if you fly over it anti-air missiles will be sent your way, severely damaging your plane if they hit. It is easy to unknowingly fly over this airspace if you fly directly south from the hangar, so instead of taking off straight from the hanger, first move the plane out of the hangar and then turn it to the right. Fly off through the canyons in the distance and bank left to get back on course to Angel Pine.

You must to make it to the drop spot in Angel Pine within the time limit and without being detected. You must fly low to avoid showing up on anyone's radar. The Visibility meter below the timer shows how visible you are; an aircraft will be sent to take you down. When the Visibility meter starts to climb it's an indication that you are flying too high, so at that point start to descend until the meter falls.



Because you have to fly low, you'll want to avoid mountains or hills which will force you to ascend to make it over. When you spot an incline in the distance, veer off course to fly around it. Stick to water or open fields if you can, as flying through a forest can be potentially hazardous if one of the plane's wings clips a tree. When you reach Angel Pine, you then have to fly through the large corona there to make the drop. Once the drop has been made, you'll have to return to the Verdant Meadows airstrip and land the plane there. Land anywhere on the airstrip to complete the mission. Don't forget to deploy the wheels before landing!

Mission 5: Stowaway

The cargo plane is starting down the runway, and you need to be on it before it takes off. As soon as you regain control over CJ, speed off past the agents and towards the ramp on the back of the plane. To catch up with the plane you'll have to drive straight through the group of agents and be following directly behind the plane. Steel barrels will fly out from the back of the plane but don't let up, try your best to avoid the barrels and continue speeding towards the ramp. Hitting one of the barrels will likely send your bike off course, but luckily, if the plane does manage to take off without you (resulting in a mission failure), you can simply restart the mission as you will still be in Verdant Meadows.



Don't use guns once onboard, as the plane is packed with explosives and a stray bullet could mean the end for you. It's not that you can't use guns, but be close enough to your target to ensure that you will not miss. As you move to the other end of the plane, avoid the steel barrels rolling down the aisle by ducking into the gaps along the way. Be careful though, as there is usually an agent tucked away in these spaces, so be ready with your fists or a melee weapon.



An agent at the other end of the plane is wearing a parachute, so pick it up for yourself once you've dealt with him. Afterwards, move to the front of the plane and throw the satchel charge there. With that done, head back to the ramp and, with the parachute equipped, jump out to complete the mission.




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Everyone, that high jack mission is easy, get close to the door of the truck, and match the speed!!

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Use the cheat R1, R2, L1, R2, Left, Down, Right, Up, Left, Down, Down, Down, And you will get a Rocket Launcher. I won't give you infinite ammo, because I'm too lazy. So take out whatever problems you have with the rocket Launcher, and live a happy life, k?

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