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Snapshot Locations

Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas Walkthrough and Guide

by Michael Monette  

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Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas - Snapshot Locations

Please use this Guide page in conjunction with our Snapshot Locations Map here.


There are 50 Snapshot locations in San Fierro. When all snapshots have been taken you will earn some cash and a respawning weapon cache will then appear outside of the garage in Doherty. The map will guide you to the general location of the Snapshot, but you can also refer to the text descriptions and screenshots for clarification. The text descriptions alone are useless, so be sure to use the map too. The snapshot icon is only visible when looking through the lens of a camera; you can find a camera in the upstairs bedroom of CJ’s Mom’s house in Los Santos, or near Snapshot #2’s or #39’s location. After spotting the snapshot icon, simply zoom in, center the shot and snap the picture.

Snapshot (1/50): From about midway down the bridge, facing north, look up in front of the pine trees visible in the distance.

Snapshot (2/50): Below the airplane on the airport billboard.

Snapshot (3/50): Between the two tanks east of the hangars at the north end of the airport.

Snapshot (4/50): On the tip of the radio tower at the northwest end of the airport.

Snapshot (5/50): Through the skylight at the north end of the terminal.

Snapshot (6/50): Above the second north-most circular tower. You’ll have to stand along the ridge west of the towers to spot it. If you are too far away, such as on the road, the snapshot icon will not appear.

Snapshot (7/50): This one is near the top of the white and orange tower. Stand in the parking lot and scan around the tower to spot the icon.

Snapshot (8/50): In the clock tower on the north side of the building.

Snapshot (9/50): Above the top-right tennis court.

Snapshot (10/50): Above the white building just east of the pole. Stand in the parking lot south of the building.

Snapshot (11/50): Among the low row of trees that lines the grounds.

Snapshot (12/50): On the west side of the “Hippy Shopper;” by the streetlight.

Snapshot (13/50): Above the movie theatre awning.

Snapshot (14/50): Above the white festival banner.

Snapshot (15/50): In front of the “Final Build Construction” sign along the white fence.

Snapshot (16/50): Between the two water towers.

Snapshot (17/50): High above the blue hangar (be sure to zoom in before taking the shot to ensure it counts).

Snapshot (18/50): Floating below the middle of the Cranberry Station roof.

Snapshot (19/50): Above the tower crane.

Snapshot (20/50): On the east side of the building; at its highest point.

Snapshot (21/50): Above the pipes on the east side of the tall, concave building. You’ll have to stand far back in order to aim up that high.

Snapshot (22/50): In the space between the north and west buildings on the lot.

Snapshot (23/50): Near the rotating ‘X’ on the gas station sign.

Snapshot (24/50): This one is a bit of a pain to get to. First get a boat; there is a warship docked at the base on the northeast end of San Fierro, and stepping foot past the barrier will result in an automatic five-star wanted level. Drive the boat to the north side of the ship and look for the snapshot icon near the ship bridge.

Snapshot (25/50): Near the start of the bridge.

Snapshot (26/50): Atop the support tower about midway down the bridge.

Snapshot (27/50): In front of the clock on the east side of the building.

Snapshot (28/50): In front of the Pier 69 sign.

Snapshot (29/50): Above the tallest rock on the rocky island next to the dock.

Snapshot (30/50): Above the docked submarine.

Snapshot (31/50): On the cargo ship; above the ship’s bridge.

Snapshot (32/50): In front of one of the girders on the south-most support structure of the bridge.

Snapshot (33/50): In front of the Burger Shot rotating burger sign.

Snapshot (34/50): Above the tunnel.

Snapshot (35/50): About midway up the north side of the building; you’ll have to angle yourself in order to aim up high enough.

Snapshot (36/50): Above the antenna atop the tall building with the valet out front. You’ll have to stand quite a ways back in order to aim up high enough. Head east down the street from the building until you reach the decline and snap the picture from there.

Snapshot (37/50): Next to the tall statue in the middle of the park.

Snapshot (38/50): At the top of the winding park walkway.

Snapshot (39/50): About midway up the abstract art piece.

Snapshot (40/50): On top of the oriental-style square archway at the end of the street.

Snapshot (41/50): Above the mall “Supa Save” sign.

Snapshot (42/50): In the center of the giant donut on top of the donut shop.

Snapshot (43/50): On the west side of the building; in front of the circular top.

Snapshot (44/50): On the east side of the building; in the center, above the middle doorway.

Snapshot (45/50): Along the west side of the building.

Snapshot (46/50): Below the middle awning in front of the hotel.

Snapshot (47/50): Above the home base of the baseball diamond.

Snapshot (48/50): Above the smokestack attached to the small, square building.

Snapshot (49/50): In front of the oriental-style tower.

Snapshot (50/50): Up in the sky just before the start of the bridge.

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Aug 21st 2015 Guest
Thank You Very Much
ID #600770
Apr 3rd 2015 Guest
20th not appearing???????????
ID #537129
Sep 6th 2014 Guest
much better than gameradar's
ID #445273
Jun 14th 2013 Guest
no. just not there for me but i watched it on youtube and got it elsewhere
ID #290259
May 26th 2012 Guest
found 26 but 19 just isn't there..anyone with same broblem?
ID #145505
May 26th 2012 Guest
19 isn't there for me and also i can't find 26..but for 19 i'm 1000% sure where it sould be but its not there...
ID #145499
May 6th 2012 Guest
Thank You Very Much! You Helped Me! :D
ID #139844
Jan 10th 2012 Guest
Just an additional note, you can photograph number 26 (the one halfway down the Garver Bridge) from the water if you get slightly South West of it, and zoom right in.. this means you can get this one before you open the desert or anything to do with planes.

Talking of planes, you can legitimately get the two tags in the airport on the mission that takes you into the cargo area.. before driving back out in the stretch limo, drive to the two locations and quickly snap the shots, it will not affect the mission you're on.

All the others are easy to get from the moment you get into SF.
ID #104718
Aug 30th 2011 Guest
Thanx Man Smile)
ID #71350
May 17th 2011 Guest
Because of u i got 100% completion on stats. I completed everything except snapshots. U helped me a lot. THANKS!
ID #43442
Apr 25th 2011 Guest
Thanks man. You helped me a lot.
ID #39626
Sep 11th 2010 Guest
you should add which part of san andreas they are on... and you should tell which district too... thank you...
ID #12293
Jul 24th 2010 Guest
i have found that there is a camera were ever there is a snapshot and its sertainly easyer doin that then lookin for a camera for ages
ID #5798