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PC Controls

Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas Walkthrough and Guide

by Michael Monette  

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Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas - PC Controls


On Foot Controls

Fire Weapon - Number Pad 0/Left Control/Left Mouse Button
Next Weapon/Target - E/Enter/Mouse Wheel Down
Previous Weapon/Target - Q/Number Pad ./ Mouse Wheel Up
Aim Weapon - Del/Caps Lock/Right Mouse Button

Zoom In - X/Page Up/Mouse Wheel Up
Zoom Out - Z/ Page Down/Mouse Wheel Down

Move Forward - W/Up
Move Backward - S/Down
Move Left - A/Left
Move Right - D/Right

Enter Vehicle - F/Return
Walk - Left Alt
Sprint - Space
Crouch - C
Jump/Climb/Block - Left Shift/Right Control

Gang Active Mode - G
Talk Positive Response - Y
Gang Passive Mode - H
Talk Negative Response - N

Switch Camera Mode - V/Home
Look Behind - Number Pad 1/Middle Mouse Button

In Vehicle Controls

Fire - Right Control/Left Alt/Left Mouse Button
Secondary Fire - Left Control/Number Pad 0
Exit Vehicle - F/Return

Accelerate - W
Brake/Reverse - S
Move Left - A/Left
Move Right - D/Right

Steer Forward / Down - Up
Steer Back / Up - Down
Handbrake - Space/Right Control

Next Radio Station - Insert/4/Mouse Wheel Up
Previous Radio Station - Del/R/Mouse Wheel Down
User Track Skip - FS
Trip Skip (When Prompted) - Y
Sub-Mission - 2/Number Pad
Horn - Caps Lock/H

Switch Camera Mode - V/Home
Look Left - Q
Look Right - E
Look Behind - Q E/Middle Mouse Button
Mouse Look - Right Mouse Button


Comments for PC Controls

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62 comments, latest first.
Nov 29th 2015 Guest
what numpad do use when i activating a mod?? plss help me
ID #629525
Jul 21st 2016 Guest
numpad 15&25
ID #668546
Nov 29th 2015 Guest
ID #629500
Nov 15th 2015 Guest
it is fun cant wait to download it
ID #625478
Nov 8th 2015 Guest
comment on met Pause pendant le jeux ? j'arrive pas !
ID #623471
Nov 7th 2015 Guest
What is number pad 0?
ID #623081
Oct 29th 2015 Guest
how car
ID #620795
Oct 28th 2015 Guest
you are very stupid i need only cheats ; okey
ID #620410
Oct 9th 2016 Guest
Vrockpokey for car and rocketman for flying and aezakmi for police not come
ID #686313
Aug 12th 2015 Guest
why doesn't it say how to use nitro
ID #597234
Aug 11th 2015 Guest
well done
ID #596630
Aug 1st 2015 Guest
I think you can use a xbox controller on pc
ID #592607
Jul 17th 2015 Guest
how to play missions in this g
ID #585431
Jun 28th 2015 Guest
Hahaha Smile
ID #577058
Jun 27th 2015 Guest
ID #576455
Apr 21st 2015 Guest
yo boss its alredy in game
ID #545918
Apr 13th 2015 Guest
how do I put my wheels up on a plane
ID #542445
Jun 27th 2016 Guest
Use the crane
ID #662558
Oct 10th 2015 Guest
Use 2
ID #615539
Apr 7th 2015 Guest
to use nitro in ps O....and how can i set classic controls and stop using mouse during walking in gta san andreas for pc
ID #538934
Apr 5th 2015 Guest
thy is a mssion tt i cnt fnsh the 1 tt i hv to myk a car bamp plz hlp me
ID #538244
Mar 29th 2015 Guest
how can i finish the mission i cant do it it so hard to do can you tell me how can i do the mission please ??
ID #534959
Jan 17th 2015 Guest
How to use Nitro?
ID #502682
May 12th 2015 Guest
Click left shift
ID #555550
Jan 16th 2015 Guest
how to controll people in gta sa
ID #502262
Jan 9th 2015 Guest
how to wear spiderman dress
ID #498912
Jun 4th 2015 Guest
friend! i just want to know from which key we can see cheats
ID #565487
Nov 3rd 2014 Guest
What button to use for sweets car dance

ID #466915
Jul 8th 2014 Guest
Press both
ID #414586
Jun 10th 2014 Guest
How to use spray paint?
ID #397262
Oct 6th 2013 Guest
How to exit out of menu or select somet in menu when press esc
ID #312933
Aug 7th 2013 Guest
to make fly hydra pres num 8
ID #303400
May 11th 2015 Guest
How to skeep an mission
ID #555130
Aug 4th 2013 Guest
how to get in de police maverick
ID #302470
Jul 12th 2013 Guest
In the fb edition, the controls r not working! pls help..
ID #296906
Jul 2nd 2013 Guest
How to get wapons in gta san andreas?
ID #294387
Jun 22nd 2013 Sherkan Alexander
How do u mark the red dot on the map? I tried with the right click of the mouse, tried ctrl + t but nothing. I also tried configurating the controls but nothing happens
ID #292066
Jun 2nd 2013 Guest
which one u use to activate a bomb in car. it says to press left mouse button but when i do nothing happens.
ID #287144
Mar 22nd 2013 Guest
Do you press RETURN to get out of vehicle or F ? I play gta sa on the mac and i dont know which button to click. Plaease help me :(
ID #266093
Mar 6th 2013 Guest
how do u fly a hydra

ID #261136
Feb 24th 2013 Josechris13
For menu press esc
ID #258346
Feb 16th 2013 Guest
how to run fast while we are in bicycle
ID #254639
May 20th 2016 Guest
You try to speed by cycle press w
W button ko dabao uthao press w chodo [video][spoiler][/spoiler] [/video]
ID #653566
Jul 16th 2015 Guest
rapidly press w many times and carl run fast while riding bicycle
ID #585397
Dec 16th 2012 Guest
someone know what is the button to pause the game and menu button
ID #222952
Nov 28th 2012 Guest
if use joystik? thanks a lot
ID #213461
Sep 17th 2012 Guest
how do u get prostitutes
ID #186985
Aug 2nd 2016 Guest
I don't think there is any solution to that but you have girlfriends across the cities
ID #671861
Jul 2nd 2012 Guest
ID #159532
Jun 13th 2012 Guest
How do i beat peir 69??? every time i get up to the last part where i have to kill ryder i cant peform the drive by alt and ctrl on both sides WONT WORK!!!
ID #152146
May 2nd 2012 Guest
how to dance easy and beat the mission LIFE BEACH PARTY
ID #138780
Apr 21st 2012 CJDENISE
what the cheat of superman

ID #135776
Feb 22nd 2012 Guest
how do I look around is it with the mouse ??
ID #117394
Feb 8th 2012 Guest
how to get underwater experience for amphibious assault???????is there any cheat for it other than infinite oxygen
ID #113111
Jan 31st 2012 Guest
i love this gaem
ID #111014
Nov 3rd 2011 Guest
when i go in water the screen shows from the front
ID #84762
Sep 17th 2011 Guest
ID #74849
Feb 23rd 2011 Guest
[color=green][/color] hello
ID #30119
Sep 8th 2010 Stormlondon
Anyone know how to make the Landing gear retract into the body of the plane?
ID #11899
Aug 25th 2016 Guest
which key is used to become superman in gta sa superman mod
ID #677474
Sep 13th 2016 Guest
Use the keyboard on gta san Andreas mod cheats
ID #681667