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PS2 Controls

Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas Walkthrough and Guide

by Michael Monette  

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Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas - PS2 Controls

On Foot Controls

L1 Button - Center Camera/View Stats/Fire Weapon
L2 Button - Cycle/Weapon Left
R1 Button - Target
R2 Button - Cycle/Weapon Right

Left Analog Stick - Move Character
Right Analog Stick - Move Camera
L3 Button - Crouch
R3 Button - Look Behind

Triangle Button - Enter Vehicle/Activate Mini Game/Secondary Attack/Pick Up Object
Circle Button - Attack/Fire Weapon
X Button - Run (Hold)/Sprint (Tap)
Square Button - Jump/Climb/Block

D-pad UP - Gang Active Mode
D-pad RIGHT - Talk Positive Response
D-pad DOWN - Gang Passive Mode
D-pad LEFT - Talk Negative Response

Select Button - Switch Camera Mode
Start Button - Pause Menu

In Vehicle Controls

L1 Button - Car Weapon/Activate Nitro (Modded Vehicle)
L2 Button - Look Left
R1 Button - Hand Brake
R2 Button - Look Right
L2 Button R2 Button - Look Behind

Left Analog Stick - Car Steering/Camera
Right Analog Stick - Manual Camera/Change Cinematic Camera/Turret Control
L3 Button - Hover
R3 Button - Trigger Sub-Mission

Triangle Button - Exit Vehicle
Circle Button - Car Weapon/Activate Nitro (Modded Vehicle)
X Button - Accelerate
Square Button - Brake/Reverse

D-pad UP - Cycle Radio Stations
D-pad RIGHT - Trip Skip (When Prompted)
D-pad DOWN - Cycle Radio Stations

Select Button - Switch Camera Mode
Start Button - Pause Menu


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26 comments, latest first.
Feb 27th 2015 Guest
If u r in a lowrider how do u lock the hidrolics in place so the car can stay in the poison that u want it in if u r crusing
ID #521865
Oct 4th 2014 Guest
the controls of pc 2 is more big how do i remeber them : ([video][/video] do you know how to change clothe press l1,r2,square,circle
ID #454861
Jun 22nd 2014 Guest
can u customize those control ?
ID #404229
Nov 19th 2013 Guest
show diamond
ID #320438
Aug 10th 2013 Guest
how to change cars with with a cheat i think?
ID #303938
Aug 6th 2013 Guest
my vehicle moments like when moving it shows reversed. how to solve
ID #302961
Jun 8th 2013 Guest
how to put cheats
ID #288736
May 13th 2013 Guest
how do you rape
ID #282408
May 2nd 2013 Guest
how to be a hero
ID #279394
Mar 3rd 2013 Guest
do u have to connect a portable keyboard to the PS2 or TV? or can u also use a 2-sided USB to connect the PS2 or TV to a laptop???
ID #260503
Mar 3rd 2013 Guest
How do u use AR codes and how do u type them in? Im REALLY confused about these.Im asking here becuz there not on the guide and on the AR codes page it doesnt tell u how to use them.
ID #260495
Feb 13th 2013 Guest
How do I pass the z mission where you drive the mini plane I always run out of gas

ID #253924
Feb 9th 2013 Guest
the cops cheat is R1-R1-o-R2-up-down-up-down-up-down
ID #252031
Jan 22nd 2013 Guest
to every one go to a pd and go downed stirs and theres the uniform for police
ID #245435
Sep 23rd 2012 Guest
can you throw up gang sigin on san andreas
ID #188526
Jun 30th 2012 Guest
How do u roll???
ID #158531
Jun 9th 2012 Guest
when i'm doin the mission 'mike toreno' y won't it work with the cheat 'never wanted' for the person who want cheats its CIRCLE-R-CIRCLE-R-L-SQUARE-TRIANGLE-U
ID #150573
Feb 26th 2012 Guest
yo what button means yes if ya tryna get a prostitute n hav a good time I forgot wat button is yes an which is no (ps2)
ID #118710
Aug 8th 2011 Guest
how do you beat badlands?
ID #65191
Jun 9th 2011 Guest
ID #48043
May 10th 2011 Guest
to the person who asked how do you play two player i think you have to look for a thing and it has 2 people holding hands and it's red and you have to walk though it and press any botten or somethink
ID #42304
Apr 26th 2011 Guest
l2 squre to attract prostitudes
ID #39833
Feb 10th 2011 Guest
Um what is gang active mode and how do I get gangmembers
ID #28713
Sep 18th 2010 Guest
Hi. I can change controls ? :-s
ID #12879
Aug 22nd 2010 Guest
if you want to say something positive too someone, you simply click the right arrow on the d - pad.
if you want to say something negative, thenn it will be the left arrow on the d - pad.
simple's hope i helped:D x
ID #9919
Jun 26th 2010 Guest
How do you talk to people? is it the d-pad r/l....just to people on the streets.
ID #2004