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- Sweet's Missions

Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas Walkthrough and Guide

by Michael Monette  

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Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas - Sweet's Missions (Return to Los Santos)

A red marker will appear outside of Sweet's house once “Home Coming” has been completed. Step into the red marker to accept a mission from Sweet.

Mission 1: Beat Down on B Dup

Get yourself a ride and start toward the notorious B Dup's house just a couple of blocks away. Drive into the red marker to trigger a brief cutscene. B Dup isn't in, but a resident tells you that he's at Glen Park. Recruit a couple of gang members, pile into a four-seater and make your way to Glen Park for a gang war. When you arrive, gun down Ballas until a gang war is provoked. Survive three waves of Ballas to take Glen Park. B Dup can be found in the house across the street, though it is initially guarded by a group of Ballas. Kill all of the marked Ballas outside of B Dup's place and then step into the red marker that appears to trigger a cutscene and complete the mission.


B Dup's Place

Mission 2: Grove 4 Life

This is another gang war mission. This time the target territory are some Idlewood neighborhoods. The gang wars have definitely picked up in difficulty this far in the game so be sure to purchase a powerful weapon and some starting Body Armor before you Get started. If you invest in an M4, you will be able to procure a large amount of ammo for it by picking up the AK47s of fallen Ballas; it would be a good idea to purchase this gun now and build up a stock of ammo for use in later missions. When you're all suited up, recruit a couple of gang members in Ganton and make your way over to an Idlewood sector. Find a pack of Ballas and gun them down to provoke a gun war. Survive three waves of Ballas to take control of the neighborhood and then move on to an adjacent sector. Provoke another gang war and take control of a second neighborhood, then drive Sweet back to Ganton to complete the mission.

Gang War


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Apr 25th 2013 Guest
Gang wars is one of the most blood spreding mission,but as they say no pain no game completion!
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