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Follow the dark path or use the light

- Madd Dogg

Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas Walkthrough and Guide

by Michael Monette  

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Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas - Madd Dogg

A ‘D' symbol will appear on your radar following the completion of the “The Meat Business” mission in Rosenberg's mission line. Make your way to the red marker outside of the Royal Casino on the Strip and step into it to get started.

Madd Dogg

Mission 1: Madd Dogg

Madd Dogg's rapping career is down in the dumps, which is mostly your doing. Madd Dogg is threatening to leap from the roof of the Royal Casino and into the streets below to end his life. You must quickly find some way to save him. Jack the pickup truck that's parked nearby and drive into the red marker in the middle of the crowd that has gathered. Now you must catch Madd Dogg in the back of the pickup after he jumps. This is a simple enough task, just try your best to keep the back of the pickup aligned with Madd Dogg's position on the roof, adjusting accordingly as he falls in order to catch him.

Pickup Truck

Madd Dogg

With Madd Dogg in tow, start toward the hospital in Redsands East. You'll have to drive carefully to ensure Madd Dogg's survival, as each collision will knock off a piece of his health bar. You have plenty of time to make it to the hospital before he expires, so there's no need to rush. Drive into the red marker outside of the hospital to complete the mission.




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30 comments, latest first.
Jan 7th 2015 Guest
hey guys.... its too dificlt to cross...
ID #497492
Sep 8th 2013 Nethum
That mission was too easy
ID #308786
Jun 10th 2013 Guest
ID #289361
Sep 4th 2012 Guest
[spoiler][strike][b][size=12]how to reboot.?
plss help i want to fnnished thet mission[size=12][/size] [/size] [/b] [/strike] [/spoiler]
ID #183196
Aug 2nd 2012 Guest
how to do madd dogg mission
ID #171155
May 4th 2012 Guest
Why madd dogg always jump before i get the truck ? please tell me. because im so bored with this mission! i wont to the next mission !
ID #139291
Jun 11th 2015 Guest
Either you used too many cheats which causes a bug ,or you used the Peds Riot cheat.
ID #568910
Apr 11th 2012 Guest
I got so mad than i started 2 shoot him b4 he jumps
ID #132158
Feb 9th 2012 Guest
I tried it with no cheats and he still jumps before I can move!
ID #113374
Jan 2nd 2012 Guest
Madd Dogg jumps before i get the truck what do i do i am stuck from the last year 2011 and i am stuck also in 2012 some one help me please and my sanandreas is pc version
ID #101913
Dec 25th 2011 Guest
Try the truck with the boxes and do not use any cheats, you noobs
ID #98606
Dec 23rd 2011 Guest
Madd Dogg dies b4 i get the truck
ID #97802
Dec 11th 2011 Guest
i will trai again if he don't work i will prok it
ID #94432
Dec 1st 2011 Guest
how do u reboot 4 ps2 cause I don't know how write back or call 518 364 3789
ID #91871
Nov 29th 2011 Guest
chest dont do too much cheats and madd dogg willl b saved that all
ID #91400
Nov 28th 2011 Guest
can the reboot be the on bton.if so can it do any probs 2 t ps2 like system failure
ID #91058
Nov 27th 2011 Guest
how do you reboot it 4 ps2 and if u do reboot it if u did money cheat so dat ur money is 9999999999 wil u loose all of da money and if u did weapon set 2 and got a whole lot of guns and so much ammo it dosent have enough room to show u how much ammo u have on da screen do u loose all da guns and ammo please tel me as soon as u can I've been stuck on da mission 4 2 years! and I've had it dis is now really pissin me off and if u now my ansours write back or call me at 518 364 3789 thank u Soooo much!!!
ID #90724
Nov 26th 2011 Guest
wait so if u do to many cheats u can't pass da mission right but wat if u turned off da ps2 and then went 2 do da mission and you didn't turn any cheats on then would it work... if I'm write call me at 5183643789 thank u
ID #90592
Nov 21st 2011 Guest
guys it will work i had cheats on mission and still no
ID #89165
Nov 21st 2011 Guest
Its annoying cause Madd dogg falls off before I start running and halfway,why does it do that?
ID #88948
Oct 23rd 2011 Guest
madd dogg jumps very quickly so i cant reach the truck,,plz help,,for hellp call me my number is 03369961033
ID #82216
Sep 2nd 2011 Guest
Ok this game is making me MAD!!! the reboot doesnt work at all...for those of you who have... what all did you do? did you use any cheats at all?
ID #72106
Aug 26th 2011 Guest
Ok guys really I'm 14 and I just got to the mad dogg mission in like 2 days granted I had no sleep but its not worth throwing the game out its a damn fun game
ID #70412
Aug 14th 2011 Guest
ok guys, simply save the game, reboot the system and dont use 1 cheat or use andrenline mode they both work


from rockstar N

ID #67039
Jul 13th 2011 Guest
Its so easy . I get the truck. Mad dogg jumps on it and i take him to the hospital.mission passed. I never encountered problems in this mission.
ID #57397
Jul 5th 2011 Guest
yu guys are using too many cheats i did it fine and got there b4 he jumped with like 20sec to spare dont use too many cheats save the game turn it off reboot it do the mission and the cheats will be wiped then wencur dun yu can reactivate the cheats
ID #55046
Jun 19th 2011 Guest
omfqqqq this is so tiresome and tedious i've been tryinqq tew pass this mission since i had this damn qame...! shitttt,...!!!!
ID #50495
Jun 7th 2011 Guest
its because of the cheats..any way to complete it????..please tell!1!
ID #47592
Jul 23rd 2010 Guest
welche tasten mus man die ganze zeit drucken
ID #5689
Jul 19th 2010 Guest
dont push the peds riot code
ID #5201