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Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas Walkthrough and Guide

by Michael Monette  

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Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas - OG Loc's Missions

You can start taking missions from OG Loc after completing the “OG Loc” mission in Big Smoke's mission line. The starting point of each of these missions is in the Burger Shot parking lot where you dropped him off, denoted by an ‘OG' on the radar.

Mission 1: Life's a Beach

This mission can only be attempted between 22:00 and 6:00. Make your way to the yellow icon on the radar. Step into the red marker and reply to the DJ in a positive manner. This is another rhythm mini-game, but significantly more difficult than the last. You need to score at least 4000 points to gain access to the sound van so it can be brought back to Jeffery.

Beach Party


Wait until one of the buttons scrolling across the bottom of the screen reaches the ring, then press the corresponding button when the button is in or near the center of the ring. You don't have to perform overly well here; if you can manage to at least hit all of the correct buttons somewhat near the center of the ring, you should have a score of at least 4000 by the end of it. Just try your best to maintain a “good” rating, because the mission is a failure if your final score is less than 4000.


Sound Van

Once you have the required score, reply to the DJ positively and get in the van with her. Drive off with the van and bring it safely to the garage to complete the mission. Be careful on your way there, though, as there may be a car tailing you.

Mission 2: Madd Dogg's Rhymes

OG Loc wants you to steal the rhyme book of a prominent rapper in San Andreas. You'll have to travel to Madd Dogg's mansion, break in, steal the rhyme book and bring it back to OG Loc at the Burger Shot. When you reach the mansion, locate the backdoor and head inside. The rhyme book is in Madd Dogg's recording studio, and unfortunately his home is being patrolled by a number of security guards.

Madd Dogg's Mansion


Don't use guns at all while inside, as making too much noise will alert the guards to your presence. Slowly approach the guard standing by the doorway up ahead, target him and press the Attack button when CJ raises his arm to perform a stealth kill. Be sure to target the guard before pressing the Attack button, otherwise CJ will just slash normally. A second guard patrols the swimming pool area beyond the first doorway; creep through the doorway, step into the shadows nearby and lie in wait. Do not move until the guard walks past you to avoid being detected. When the guard walks past, slowly move up behind him and perform a stealth kill.

Stealth Kill


Move through the doorway and into the next room. When you receive the message that a guard is coming, immediately duck into the room on the left. Wait for the incoming guard to pass by, then creep up behind him and perform a stealth kill while he's looking through the doorway. Afterwards, move through the proceeding corridor until you reach the bar. Crouch down and hug the counter to move across the room without alerting the bartender.

Sneak down the hall, stealth kill the guard in front of the recording studio, then enter the studio and touch the book to pick it up. Now it's just a matter of getting out, which is no simple task because the number of guards patrolling the perimeter has increased. You can get your hands on a silenced weapon by killing the idle guard nearby; slip through the doorway across from the recording studio entrance, turn left to spot him near a second doorway and stealth kill him while his back is turned. With a silenced weapon, you can gun down a guard without alerting the others.

Rhyme Book


Once you're out of the mansion, return to OG Loc and hand over the rhyme book to complete the mission.

Mission 3: Management Issues

This mission can only be attempted between 12:00 and 5:00. Loc's next task for you is to kill one of Madd Dogg's managers. You first need to take the place of that manager's driver to get close enough to him. Start towards the red icon on the radar; OG Loc eventually phones, informing you that the driver has left the Burger Shot. Continue to follow the red icon on the radar to locate the target and damage the car with your own to force the driver out. Step out of your own car, kill the driver and get into his car. Seek out an Auto-repair shop and repair the car there to avoid rousing suspicion.


Car Repair

If your car is damaged at all on the way to the meeting place, you'll have to return to the spray shop to repair it. You'll have to drive carefully then, because you must make it to the meeting place before the other drivers leave at 22:00, so there's little time to spare. Be especially careful when backing out of the spray shop, as even a little ding is cause enough for another repair. When you reach the spot, your next task is to park between the two cars already there. This can be tricky as the cars in the street leave you with little space to maneuver. If it helps, have the front of the car in the correct position, then step out of the car, sprint against the backend of the car to push it into place and then get back in the car.


When you've managed to park the car correctly, a short cutscene is triggered. Afterwards, carefully travel between the two cars until the destination is reached. When the manager gets in, immediately start following the yellow marker on the radar. The other cars will try to run you off the road as you make your way there, so be careful. When you reach the pier, speed down the length of it and bail out just before it ends to send the car—passengers and all—into the watery depths below. Mission complete!

Mission 4: House Party

Activate the mission at the Burger Shot and wait until sometime after 20:00 and before 5:00 before stepping into the red marker outside of Loc's home in Ganton. If you wish, you can pass the time by saving your game in CJ's house. At the house party, things take a turn for the worst when a large number of uninvited Ballas show up.

Loc's House

You'll be facing three waves of Ballas here. The first can be taken out while crouching safely behind the makeshift barricade; gun down the Ballas out in the open, then move along the cars to get a bead on those who were sensible enough to seek cover. The second wave consists of four Ballas on the overpass above. It can be tough to lock-on to these guys; you'll have to move behind one of the cars further down the street and from there pick them off one by one.


The final wave is the largest, and the Ballas come from multiple directions. They'll emerge from the alleyways running along the houses, so get behind cover and wait for them to come into view and then gun them down. The mission is complete when the final gang member has fallen.


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