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Follow the dark path or use the light


- Catalina's Missions

Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas Walkthrough and Guide

by Michael Monette  

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Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas - Catalina's Missions

You'll receive a call from Cesar after completing the “Badlands” mission for C.R.A.S.H. Cesar tells you to meet up with a cousin of his at a diner in Red County. This mission line begins outside of the diner, and is initially marked with a ‘?' symbol on the radar. You'll have to complete all of these missions in one go.

Mission Start

Mission 1: First Date

Cesar's cousin, Catalina, demands that you help hold up five different outlets in Red County. Find some mode of transport and make your way to the gas station in Dillimore (though you can complete these missions in any order you wish). Each robbery location is marked on the radar by a dollar sign.

Dillimore Target: Tanker Commander

Drive into the red marker outside of the Dillimore gas station to trigger a cutscene. Afterwards, get in the cab with Catalina and back it directly into the trailer to attach it to the cab. Catalina knows of a buyer in Flint County, which is quite a ways away from Dillimore. You have to be very careful when driving the tanker, because too sharp of a turn will detach the trailer which results in a mission failure. The two gas station attendants will pursue you and try to destroy the tanker; the trailer will explode if the health bar the top-right quarter of the screen reaches zero.



For an easy trip, step out of the tanker and hit the attendants' car with gunfire until it explodes, killing them both. Catalina will help you damage the car, and she wields a shotgun so it should be quick work. You may want to at least drive the tanker out of Dillimore to avoid attracting attention from nearby police officers. If you took care of the attendants, it's just a matter of getting to the buyer with the trailer still attached. There is no need to drive too fast; keep to a slow pace here, and release the Accelerate button when traveling downhill. Drive the tanker into the red marker to complete the mission and earn a nice amount of cash.



Mission 2: First Base

You can attempt another robbery with Catalina by accepting “King in Exile” from Cesar. You'll receive a call from Catalina after the cutscene. You have to help Catalina carry out another robbery to complete this mission, which means another long trip to Red County. You won't find her at the diner in Dillimore this time around though; she can be found at her place in Fern Ridge. Make your way to the ‘C' symbol on your radar and drive into the red marker. Take Catalina to one of the targets and hit the red marker there to get started.

Montgomery Target: Against All Odds

Catalina's target in Montgomery is an off-track betting shop. Step inside and throw a satchel charge on the door once you regain control over CJ. Stand away from the door, equip the detonator and press the Attack button to set off the charge. Enter the room, throw a charge onto the safe, step out of the room and use the detonator to open the safe. This deed has earned you a four-star wanted level, so the police will pursue you quite aggressively. Back outside, immediately get in your car if it hasn't disappeared, otherwise take off down the alleyway located next to the betting shop in order to avoid the police.



Drive to the Pay ‘n' Spray in Dillimore and use it to lower your wanted level. Be careful on your way there because with a four-star wanted level, the SWAT team will be pursuing you as well. Wait until your wanted level stops flashing, then drive Catalina back home to receive some cash and complete the mission.

Spray Shop

Mission 3: Gone Courting

This mission is available immediately after you've helped Catalina with a second robbery.

Blueberry Target: Local Liquor Store

Make your way to the town of Blueberry and drive into the red marker outside of the liquor store. It appears that a group of likeminded individuals got to the liquor store before you, and are in the process of making off with the money. This doesn't sit well with Catalina, however, so you'll have to chase after them and claim the cash for yourself. While you start off on a quadbike, you are free to use a different vehicle to take the robbers down. The rancher is a vehicle well-suited for this mission; acquire one before triggering the mission and you can then ditch the quadbike and hop into the nearby rancher immediately after the cutscene.

Liquor Store


The quadbike is rather difficult to control, but it is an all-terrain vehicle so you aren't limited to streets and dirt roads. Each of the robbers holds a briefcase full of money, so your job on the quadbike is to get Catalina close enough to gun them down. You can use your own SMG if you're carrying one, otherwise you're limited to driving. If the robbers get too far ahead the mission is a failure, so try your best to keep up. With the rancher, all you must do is collide with the robbers' quadbikes to send them flying off. You'll have to be especially careful on dirt roads though, because if the rancher tips over, it will be nearly impossible to catch up with the bandits.



When one of the robbers has been killed, leave the briefcase alone and continue pursuing the others. The briefcases are marked on the radar, so you'll have no problem tracking them down. Once the final robber has fallen, backtrack to collect the briefcases and then drive Catalina back to the hideout to complete the mission.

Mission 4: Made In Heaven

This mission is available immediately after you've helped Catalina with a third robbery.

Palomino Creek Target: Small Town Bank

Travel to Palomino Creek in Red County and drive into the red marker outside of the bank. After the cutscene, lock-on to one of the bank employees and cycle through the group with the shoulder buttons to keep them from making any sudden movements. If one of the employees lowers their arms, they'll pull the alarm, earning you a three-star wanted level. You won't be able to keep the employees at bay for long, so just get it over with by killing the security officer (the man on the far right), as he's the only one in the group with a weapon.


Bank Staff

Destroy the three ATM machines in the bank, collect the money from them, then follow Catalina out the back door. The back alleyway is littered with cops; gun them down and follow Catalina to the end of the alley to trigger a brief cutscene. One of the two officers is wielding a shotgun, so quickly kill them with your own to avoid taking damage. Afterwards, hop onto one of their motorcycles and trail after Catalina. The cops will surround you in Montgomery; fight them off, get into one of their vehicles and drive Catalina back to the hideout to complete the mission and earn a nice sum of money.