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Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas Walkthrough and Guide

by Michael Monette  

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Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas - Big Smoke's Missions

You can start taking missions from Big Smoke after completing the “Nines and AK's” mission in Sweet's mission line. The starting point of each of these missions is denoted by with a ‘BS' on the radar.

Big Smoke's House

Mission 1: OG Loc

A member of the gang, Jeffery, has been locked up in prison; he's on parole now, so it's time to pick him up. Follow the yellow icon on the radar to reach the prison and drive into the red marker. After the cutscene, drive to Freddy's house, marked on the radar by the yellow icon, hit the red marker, then get out of the car and ring the doorbell. Jeffery's first deed out of prison? Killing this Freddy. Jeffery's target slips out the back door, hops onto a motorcycle and takes off. What ensues is a potentially lengthy motorcycle chase through the streets of Los Santos.


Jeffery is armed with a Micro SMG, and if you have one of your own, you can also fire at Freddy while on the motorcycle. This doesn't seem to do much good, though, as it is quite hard to actually hit Freddy as he speeds by. It would be best to simply concentrate on following Freddy, because eventually he will park his motorcycle next to a group of gang members and step off, allowing Jeffery and yourself to gun him down. You could probably end this one quickly in the streets, but simply keeping up with the target is work enough, let alone getting close enough to take him out. If you're content with seeing the chase through to the end, just follow Freddy's path exactly. Otherwise you can try to cut him off as he emerges from an alleyway.


Afterwards, head towards the yellow icon on the radar and drive into the red marker in the Burger Shot parking lot to complete the mission.

Mission 2: Running Dog

You're going with Big Smoke to pick up his “cousin.” Get in the car and start towards the yellow icon on the radar; you'd better pick up a weapon from Emmet's while you're at it. When you reach the meeting place, drive into the red marker to trigger a cutscene. All you have to do here is catch up with the dealer and kill him. This is enough, as your target does not run exceptionally fast. While CJ can't sprint forever, the distance between you and your target can be closed quickly by simply tapping the Sprint button. When you're close enough to the target, gun him down to complete the mission.



Mission 3: Wrong Side of the Tracks

Follow the yellow icon on the radar to reach Unity Station. Drive into the red marker there to trigger a cutscene. The four Vagos at the station drop down onto the moving train in an attempt to escape; immediately hop onto the nearby motorbike and speed after the train. All you have to do here is keep up with the train while Smoke fires at the Vagos, all four of which must be dead before the train leaves Los Santos. This mission can be somewhat difficult because each of the four Vagos has quite a bit of health. Not only that, but several obstacles are encountered on the tracks.


Smoke will target the second Vagos (from the back to the front of the carriage) initially, then the first, then third, and finally the fourth. Even if you're riding in front of the train, Smoke still focuses on the targets in that order, so you'll want to trail a bit behind his current target to give him the best shot. Hold down the Accelerate button and move along the tracks until you are a bit ahead of Smoke's current target, then release the Accelerate button, periodically pressing down on it to maintain speed. If the train starts to get too far ahead, hold down the Accelerate button to pick up speed. Make sure you're moving along the outside of the track for best results.

As mentioned, there are a couple of obstacles along the way: an idle car on the tracks that promptly explodes upon impact with the train, and an oncoming train that forces you to take a high ground trail. These obstacles are easily avoided if you can see them coming; slow down when you spot the parked car on the tracks, and listen for Smoke's cue to take to the high ground. The mission's a failure if even one gang member is left standing when the train reaches the city exit.

Mission 4: Just Business

Make your way to the yellow icon on the radar to reach Downtown and drive into the red marker there to get started. Yet again you've managed to find trouble; after the cutscene, you're immediately thrust into the middle of a heated shootout. Remain crouched and take out the hostiles while safely behind cover. When the enemies in the plaza have been dealt with, follow Smoke outside. You'll find yourself in a similar mess once outside; a large number of hostiles are scattered along your escape route. Gun them down and follow Smoke to a nearby motorbike.



What follows is a rather lengthy on-rails sequence; while Smoke drives the motorbike, your task is to keep the pursuing enemies at bay. You're followed by a variety of vehicles, including a large transport truck. Although you have infinite ammo during this portion, don't waste any time firing at the truck, as gunfire is ineffective. Focus on the motorcycles first and foremost because each one holds two gunmen and they are quick and versatile enough to keep up with your bike. Always aim for the driver rather than the gunner, as taking him out will send the motorcycle out of control. Fire at the front of the bike and chances are you'll take out the gunner. The enemy's cars can be trouble too, but if you hit a car grille with enough gunfire, it will eventually catch fire and subsequently explode.



Reach end of the line with both the bike and yourself intact to complete the mission.


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Added 30th Aug 2015, ID #603891

Is cheat to pass mission-just business?

Added 12th Aug 2015, ID #597373


Added 21st Jul 2015, ID #587325

I dont know how to search missions 😯

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you can complete the mission wrong side.......... JUST FOLLOW THIS STEPS

Added 31st Mar 2015, ID #535950

After completing just business mission... I can't get to the next mission. It is not showing in my map also..I tried a lot but nothing... Pleas tell me a solution how to get to the next missions....

Added 1st Nov 2014, ID #465765

first take out the bikes as fast as you can and the rest is pretty easy because the cars are easier to hit than the bikes. put in the cheat code, if you use cheats, to a more powerful weapon instead of the uzi they make you use.
- Mike

Added 4th Jul 2015, ID #579729

wana know much abwt that mission of just bussiness. Iz killing me seriosly.

Added 10th Oct 2014, ID #456752

it is too difficult in our computer

Added 15th Aug 2014, ID #437078

My Game always stucks when CJ and Big Smoke enter a bike please help me with this!\

Added 4th Apr 2014, ID #371435

my game stucks in mission just business when smoke and cj enters the bike
On my iPad

Added 22nd Dec 2013, ID #332498

i cannot pass wrong side of the tracks please help me

Added 27th Oct 2013, ID #316501

it beautifuf and i have completd the mission correctly by seeing this thank you
wrong side of the tracks should be competedby "you go on the side tack faster than train for afew distance get off fromthe bike and shoot the enemies the enter the bike and go few distance befoer the train and shoot this wil finish the mission

Added 30th Sep 2013, ID #311973

how do i complete just buissness missions by cheating

Added 17th Sep 2013, ID #310009

Thanks to tell me

Added 7th Sep 2013, ID #308570

my game stucks in mission just business when smoke and cj enters the bike

Added 18th May 2013, ID #283438

dirty guide

Added 15th May 2013, ID #282802

thanks for the information

Added 27th Nov 2012, ID #212953

no its not an good idea to pass the smoke's missions okay

Added 18th Nov 2012, ID #209747

I hope these cheats can be useful to u

Added 15th Nov 2012, ID #208869

why when ever i folow fredy i get stuck on glen park on the bridge and i have to restart any help?

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how to pass los desperdos by cheating

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cant get past lowest ride compotision or og,s first mision please help

Added 16th Jul 2012, ID #164705

my game stucks in mission just business when smoke and cj enters the bike

Added 26th Jun 2012, ID #157050

i'm gonna tell u a very good method to complete the mission: the wrong side of the tracks::
when u reach the point where u have to get on to the bike with big smoke and follow the train......don't get on the bike and type the cheat code ROCKETMAN and fly after the train and get on the train and then press ENTER
to get off the jetpack move towards the mexicans and shoot them with your gun. be quick while doing all this....try to get as close to the mexicans as possible...this way your job is easier...when you have killed all the four mexicans....get back to big smoke and drive him to his house and the mission is completed

Added 25th Jun 2012, ID #156587

im stuck on stupid zero' missions

Added 23rd Jun 2012, ID #155845

to deactivate any cheat code....retype it

Added 18th Jun 2012, ID #154009

pls how to deactivate the code

Added 12th Jun 2012, ID #151971

Hey all, i've a trick to complet "wrong side of the tracks" and to do that just slow down the game play with this cheat 'SLOWITDOWN' and then try it.. It gets real easy .. For more such tricks mail me at gothamphoenix@gmail

Added 2nd Jun 2012, ID #148127

Please somebody help me because I cant complete the mission "cesar vialpardo"

Added 27th May 2012, ID #146018

no se como cesar ivpirien

Added 30th Apr 2012, ID #138358

Jesus, is anyone who has left comments over 18????

Added 25th Apr 2012, ID #136914

Help on Just Business please big smoke keeps dying or the bike blows up help me please

Added 24th Jan 2012, ID #109031

All you have to do is drive past the train porbably a few metres away the get of it and take the ak-47 then start shooting the mexicans as soon as your reach the second train all of them will be dead

Added 31st Dec 2011, ID #100981

I like Big Smoke mission and style

Added 10th Dec 2011, ID #93872

wrong track is very hard i cannot pass it

Added 3rd Nov 2011, ID #84783

for the wrong side of the tracks you stay to the right of the road. you do not go onto the bridge go to the right.

Added 1st Oct 2011, ID #77701

worng side of the tracks is not hard just stay right next to the train at all time until the other trains come[color=red][color=red][color=red][/color] [/color] [/color]

Added 11th Jul 2011, ID #56850

guys i saw this on a site for wrong side of the tracks just spawn a jetpack killt the gu7s chase em down ignore smoke then wen u done get on the bike and there yu wont have to chase em

Added 5th Jul 2011, ID #55036

i need help with the one where you have to stop someone from shottng/hurting my homiews or somethink please tell me how too pass it ive been on it for like 3 months trying my hardest to get pasted it but its not working! :(

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khuwari wala missions

Added 4th May 2011, ID #41428

I finally finished the "Wrong side of the tracks" mission after 20 attempts !! this mission killed me :( Now im at the first Wu Zi Mu Mission in san fierro!

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