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If you have a question look down this and see if the answer's here...

Look everyone, I just want to clear some things up, the Super Cheats questions page is always clogged up with people repeatedly asking the same questions, most of them are pretty obvious, but to those of you who haven't figured them out yet here are the answers to most of the popular questions, I don't want to moan, I just really want to help...

1. Rate my team...
People who send in really long posts, asking for their team to be rated; that's okay, if your a bit of a newby and need some help at the start of the game or something, but for those of you who put in teams consisting of nearly every mystic or rare Pokemon there is; you clearly have been playing for a long time and don't want help, you just want to show off all your impressive pokemon: Please don't do this as it uses up space for people who really need help, how about rating some other people's teams instead of showing off your own...

2. How do I get...
For those of you who are desperately searching for special items, such as; Eon Ticket, Aincent Map ect. The ONLY and I mean ONLY (no there are no ecceptions) ways to get these are;
A) Go to a Nintendo event and get it off one of the Nintendo people there by trading with them.
B) Cheat, now I don't reccomend this; it is fun but it can REALLY muck up your game, (i'll get on to that later) but you can use a Game Shark or an Action Replay.
C) Trade, you can trade with a friend who has the item, by giving it to a Pokemon, although it has been known that if you get these items by cheat you will not be able to give it to a pokemon.

3. It doesn't work!!!
If, for whatever reason you use cheats from whatever device, and they cause your game to act strangely, or in some unusual way, that is your problem; it happens to everyone, and no one can help you: You have either entered the codes wrong, someone has given you incorrect or bogus codes, or your cartridge is rejecting the cheats (some of them just do that); REMEMBER the cheats from AR or GS are not actually supposed to work on any of the Pokemon games; they were not originally made by Nintendo and are not programmed into the game.

4. Bad Gardening
If at some point in your game, plants stop growing, or any of the daily or weekly events stop happening; don't worry, you have not done anything wrong, your game is not busted, and your "internal battery" (wich doesn't even exist) is not broken either; the internal CLOCK has stopped, yes I know the clock on the game is still keeping the time, I don't know how it still does this, it just does, but anyway this happens to every single game, and is known as "The Berry Glitch", it happens about a year after play, and it can be fixed... If you or a friend has Fire Red or Leaf Green, then turn it on and when you get to the title screen, press and hold L then Select then A in that order, untill a screen comes up called Berry Glitch, connect up the other Gameboy with Sapphire or Ruby in it, and follow the instructions on screen.
If the Berry Glitch screen does not come up, then don't worry; again, this doesn't work on all cartridges, in this case move onto the game and when you have got far enough in Fire Red or Leaf Green to link with Ruby or Sapphire, then a simple trade should sort the glitch out.
If this doesn't work then i'm sorry but not me or anyone else can help you; but if you go to a Nintendo event someone may be able to help you there, otherwise sometimes it just sorts itself out; my brother's game's clock started up again about six months after it stopped, all by itself, so don't worry i'm sure it will be fine, in the mean time, just don' waste all your berries, and quickly pick any berries that have already grown, as they will not grow any further, they will just die and not grow again.

5. Jirachi, Deoxys, and ... Spaceships.
It is a widely believed rumour that you are offered by someone in the Space Center in Mossdeep cityto go up into space on a rocket and you get to go to the moon, to be honest.. This is a load of CRAP, it is complete rubbish, it doesn't matter what number rocket they have just launched, what time of day it is, what Pokemon you have in your party, or what date it is... You cannot go up into space, despite the hints from people like the girl next to the rock about Wish Tags (relating to Jirachi) and everything, anyway you catch Deoxys on Birth Island and Jirachi on an island aswell, wich you get to by getting a certain special item like the ones I was telling you about earlier, and using them in a certain way.
And anyone who says they have been to the moon is lying (and there is no cheat for it either). Believe me I have tried it, from every number from 16 to 112 when I reset the berry glitch on my Gameboy.

Now for some of the smaller worries...

1. MissingNo., ???????, , and bad egg...
Firstly I have seen some people saying how they don't know why Missingno is called Missingno, well originally in Red, Blue and Green, Missingno was Called "Missing No." standing for Missing Number. Duh.
And as for getting these creatures (or eggs) the easiest way of getting a form of MissingNo. Is to turn on the walk through walls cheat on a cheat device, go into a Pokemon Center, go upstairs and walk through the gate at the Link-Battle door, you can walk right past the lady and into the battle arena, if you stand on one of the plinths you will enter a battle with one form of MissingNo. Or a random pokemon. If you turn on the 'capture trainer's pokemon' cheat you can catch him aswell, BUT I STRONGLY ADVISE YOU NOT TO!!! Catching MissingNo. In any form can completely destroy your game, including losing saved data completely!!!
The easiest way to get a bad egg is at the beginning of the game, turn on the walk through walls cheat, and before you go to meet your neighbour, walk past the little boy at the exit of Littleroot Town who normally stops you, and get into a battle, you will send out 'Bad Egg', in most games it will then appear in your party, this is also the only bad egg that will hatch and normally hatches into a shiny Wynaut.

2. PokeRUS
PokeRUS does exist, but no one knows what it is supposed to be, but it is supposedly a Pokemon desiese. PokeRUS affects Pokemon at random, it is not contagous and the chances of getting it are over 3,000 to 1, PokeRUS is not a virus, glitch, or damaging to your game or Pokemon, it simply ups the stats of the affected Pokemon, and makes it level up faster. There is also a rumour that bringing an affected Pokemon to get healed at a Pokemon Center will kill your Pokemon, but DON'T WORRY, this is a load of rubbish and nothing exept the effects I mentioned above will happen.

3. Mirage Island
Mirage Island appears at random, the chances of it appearing are extremely small and there is no way of increasing your chances at all. It appears to the right of Pacifidlog Town, there is a man looking out of the window of the house, at the bottom right of the Town, talking to him at the right time will make the island appear. The Pokemon you have in your party do not affect it, and neither do the weather conditions, despite what the man says.

4. Feebas and Milotic
Feebas can be found by surfing and fishing around rout 119, he is very very rare, and when you catch it you evolve it by raising it's beauty to maximum by feeding it PokeBLOCKS, one of the best for this is Blue PokeBLOCKS.

And Finally...

5. Shiny Pokemon
Shiny Pokemon, appear at random at chances of over 2,000 to 1, you can get any type of Pokemon in shiny, and a shiny Pokemon does not appear in the same place twice, wich means that people can not tell you where they will appear as they are completely random.

Thanks for reading and I really hope that all of this helped,
I put this on the questions page as I would like to hear your oppinions on whether any of this helped or not.

So I hope to hear your replys to this.

Added 21 May 2006, ID #8157, by some wierd guy
Ask.com and get

I Just Want To Clear This Up...

Hi everyone, I just want to clear this up...
You know that wierd glitch Pokemon called 'missingno', or in Ruby
And Sapphire - '?????';
Everyone is always going on about how they have no idea why missingno is called missingno, well if you haven't figured that out yet then there's no chance for you...
Missingno, in Red, Blue and Green was originally called "Missing No." standing for Missing Number..... DUH!!! It's not an actuall Pokemon - thus not having an actuall number.
So there you go,
and next time; try to think about things before you complain.

Added 20 May 2006, ID #8152, by some wierd guy

(also for ruby) FIND A LVL 40 WAILMER

If your leveling up a wailmor to lvl40 for wailord I suggest you just go to the pond on the hill next to the berry planters house. I found 2 lvl40 wailmer on my first two tries.

Added 13 May 2006, ID #8108, by pkmnfreak

Dragon POKEMON are good!

I think that dragon POKEMON will come out best in a fight because most types can't do much damage to it. The only thing that can really beat it is steel and dragon and even so, you don't get another type that is weak against so little amount of types.

Some decent deagon POKEMON are:

Salamence (evolved from Shelgon),
Flygon (evolved from Vibrava),
Dragonite (evolves from dragonair and traded from leaf green or fire red),

Hope this helped. Please rate me.

Added 10 May 2006, ID #8096, by urnieman123

The best starter

Whan you read the title you may think I already know the best starter.It may be treeko,Mudkip,or Torchic.Really none is the best.Its like rock paper and sciors.rock beats scisors scicors beats paper and paper beats rock the same way Treeko beats Mudkip,Mudkip beats Torchic,and Torchic beats treeko.Grass is weak against Fire,posin,flying,and ice.Fire is weak against water(duh)rock,and ground(wonder why?)and Water is weak against grass,and electric.And it shows when you face gyms.
Roxxane uses rock Torchic will be weak
Brawly uses fighting none is weak
Wattson uses electric Mudkip will be weak
Flannery uses Fire treeko will be weak
Norman will use normal none will be weak
Winona uses flying treeko will be weak
Liza and tate use pschic if you eveolved torchic it will be weak
Wallace uses water torchic will be weak
Sidney uses dark If you evolved torchic youll kill him
Pheobe uses ghost none is weak
Glacia uses ice treeko will be weak
Drake uses dragon(some know fire move and flying)so treeko will be weak)
Stven will use steel so none will be to weak or to strong except Mudkip his cradily knows giga drain
So it's obvious Mudkip is the best since it can learn move to beat wht it is weak against example:learning ice beam to kill grasss


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Added 7 May 2006, ID #8075, by pokemastr


If you use an action replay, mystery gift won't work.


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Added 3 May 2006, ID #8057, by raptor91


Hi, I'v heard some of the old and I mean OLD, like the day or 2 weeks after it came out, have battery dry ups.

Meaning the internal battery is dead.This efects berry groth meaning berries won't grow any more. But, no reason to fret, as long as you have firered/leafgreen ,or knows someone who does, you're (hand movement) good to go. Oh, and you need a link cable.

Anyway connect two gameboys(firered/leafgreen and sapphire) and go to the start screen on FR/LG and press B select then follow the instructions and your done. If you don't have FR/LG then guess there is reason to fret.


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Added 2 May 2006, ID #8055, by pkmnfreak

Elite 4 and Stevens pokemon

You may be wondering after you beat the Pokemon I want some of those Pokemon well ill tell you how to get them and might even tell you how

Sidney's pokemon:Mightyena evole a pochyena at level 20:cacturne find a caneea in the desert in route 111 and evolve it at level 32:absol:fly to fortree go to the right side of the town and go to route 120 and eventually you will find one:Sharpedo:more common in mossdeep fish with super rod in mossdeep and you will find one:Shrifty:Trade a seedot or a nuzleaf from ruby and use a leaf stone on nuzleaf

Pheobe's pokemon
:Dusclops evolve a duscull not sure what level:Banetee:only found at sky pillar:sableeye: same as before

Glacias pokemon:
Glalie:find a snourout(forgot were)and evolve it at level 42:sealo:find a spheal in the shoal cave and evolve it on level 30 or 32:Walrein: evolve a sealoat level 42

Drakes dragons
:Shellgon: find a Bagon at meteor falls and evolve it at level 36:Altaria:find a swalbu and evolve it at level 42:Flygon catch a trapinach in the desert and evolve it to a vibarva at level 32 and Flygon at 42:SALAMENCE!!!:evolve a shelgon at level 50

Stevens pokemon
:Skamory:found to the right of fallorarbor town:Aggron evole a larion at level42 I think:cradily:in the dessert inroute 111 pick the root foosill it has lilliep evolve it to cradily at level 40:Claydoll:sky pillar or evolve a baltoy at 32:armaldo:same a cradily but pick claw fossil and evolve it from a anorith to an armaldo at level 40:METAGROSS!!!:after beating the Pokemon leauge once go to stevens house in mossdeep and he will not be there a note and pokeball will read the note and it says you can have the Pokemon it has beldum evolve it to a metang at level 20 and
Evolve the metang into metagross at level 45

I hope I helped you get some good Pokemon you might have wanted!


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Added 23 Apr 2006, ID #8008, by pokemastr

Ok a lot of things

First off you can't get crobat and metacross and other Pokemon like that on a specified lvl the only way to do so is to make them happy, there is this 1 place in verdanturf where you can check if you're pkmn likes you if she says it absolutly adores you train it 1 lvl to get it lvled up.

Secondly shinies have no specified locations I myself found 1 shiny a green zubat in dewford (don't mind searching for it.) I just wanted an abra but I found this 1 there are shinies but there aren't any specified locations.

Thirdly there is no best starter/team the only way to be able to say that is to have the pkmn you think are good or nice to fight with but for those who say yeah right they can check these out maybe they can do something with these.

Catch a Bagon train it to lvl 60 and you get salamence.
Catch a trapinch train it to lvl 60 and you get flygon.
When you have beated the pkmn league go to stevens house there will be (don't know the name anymore) but I do know that on lvl 30 you will get metaclaw out of it and when it likes you it will evolve to metacross.
Catch rayquaza
Catch kyogre
Catch latias
Catch a feebas and digivolve it to milotic

That is salamence, flygon, metacross, rayquaza, kyogre, latias and milotic.

Fourthly there are no other ways then gamesharks to get those rare ones they just want to make you play like hell for nothing.

Repeater: do not by any means try to search a shiny a shiny will appear ones you have earned it.


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Added 17 Apr 2006, ID #7945, by euro-s

More wild Pokemon battles

To help get more Pokemon battles, when you are walking over grass, or if your underwater, sea weed press and hold a. It really helps.


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Added 13 Apr 2006, ID #7922, by aca123

Kind of Easy Raising Pokemon

If there is a weak Pokemon you want to raise,set that Pokemon to 1st of your party.Then,when in a trainer battle, switch to your best Pokemon and beat the trainer.This gives your best Pokemon exp. And your weaker Pokemon exp.

Hope This Helps A Little!

Added 12 Apr 2006, ID #7917, by Master_Me_Of_Rs

There is NO best starter.

Like I said in the title there is NO best starter. The reason for this? Because the three starters are like rock, paper, scissors here’s why: Treeko beats Mudkip, Mupkip beets Torchic, and Torchic beats Treeko.

Each starter has there "Good Point" in the game. Here is why: Treeko, good for beginning, Mudkip, good for the middle of the game, and Torchic, good for the elite four.

So see? That’s why no starter is better than the other ones.
It is up to you who you chose don't listen to idiots that say "Choose Torchic he’s the BEST" Them people are Morons because they don't know the value of a starter pokémon.

I personally pick Mudkip but it's up to you who you pick.


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Natures and what stats they boost

These are Pokemon Natures, and which stats they raise.

Hardy-- Has no effect on stats.
Lonely-- Raises attack, lowers defense.
Adamant-- Raises attack, lowers special attack
Naughty-- Raises attack, lowers special defense
Brave-- Raises attack, lowers speed.
Bold-- Raises defense, lowers attack
Docile-- Has no effect on stats.
Impish-- Raises defense, lowers special attack.
Lax-- Raises defense, lowers special defense.
Relaxed-- Raises defense, lowers speed.
Modest-- Raises special attack, lowers attack.
Mild-- Raises special attack, lowers defense.
Bashful-- Has no effect on stats.
Rash-- Raises special attack, lowers special defense.
Quiet-- Raises special attack, lowers speed.
Calm-- Raises special defense, lowers attack.
Gentle-- Raises special defense, lowers defense.
Careful-- Raises special defense, lowers special attack.
Quirky-- Has no effect on stats.
Sassy-- Raises special defense, lowers speed.
Timid-- Raises speed, lowers attack.
Hasty-- Raises speed, lowers defense.
Jolly-- Raises speed, lowers special attack.
Naive-- Raises speed, lowers special defense.
Serious-- Has no effect on stats.

I hope I've helped!!!


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Added 24 Mar 2006, ID #7768, by Bronco11

Extra Stones and Something that Annoys Me

This hint is for both Ruby and Sapphire Versions. While I'm thinking Pokemon, stop putting your team up for rating, I will just give it a zero no matter how good it is if I see one in front of this hint since the ones after this hint weren't warned. Also some of you can't spell, so please fix that too, I don't mind misspelled words, but I will laugh at some, if I misspell go ahead and laugh which won't be often.

Now to the actual hint. People are saying the Shards get extra stones, well you can in theory get an get as many Shards you like even after you find the all of them. Wild Pokemon will hold them which I will tell each and every one.

Red Shard: Corsola
Green Shard: Relicanth
Blue Shard: Clamperl
Yellow Shard: Chinchou
Moon Stone: Lunatone (Sapphire)
Sun Stone: Solrock (Ruby)

Added 17 Mar 2006, ID #7736, by Nintendo Fan

Choose your Berry

If you want a certain berry for reasons such as contests or evolving Feebas, save the game in front of the Berry Master's wife and give her a saying, if you don't get the berry you would like, turn off the Gameboy and give her a saying again (same or not- doesn't matter) and repeat this until you get the berry you like.


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Added 15 Mar 2006, ID #7719, by Habs_Rock1000

Extra pokemon

You know you can only catch a certain amount of Pokemon heres a way to get two extra.keep 2 in the daycare have 6 in your party and the others in the boxes but keep one space free in the boxes.

thats all 4 now. hope I help.

Added 14 Mar 2006, ID #7715, by saphirehotshot

Raquaza with out master ball

Hint As you know raquaza is extreamly hard to catch with out a master ball. I caught my raquaza with a timer ball. The hint is get lots of timer balls. Then get him down to about 10% health and put him to sleep then use timer balls.


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Added 13 Mar 2006, ID #7708, by legendfreak


Catch a Trapinch (route 111 the desert). It evolves into a Vibrava then into a Flygon.

Added 13 Mar 2006, ID #7706, by Delcatty#062

Lileep/ Cradily

Take a fossil to the Devon Corporation and talk to every man on the second floor. He will tell you to come back later, go to the next floor and come back. He will give you a Lileep, raise it to around level 40 it will then evolve to a Cradily.

Added 13 Mar 2006, ID #7705, by Delcatty#062

Lileep/ Cradily

Take a fossil to the Devon Corporation and talk to every man on the second floor. He will tell you to come back later, go to the next floor and come back. He will give you a Lileep, raise it to around level 40 it will then evolve to a Cradily.


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Added 13 Mar 2006, ID #7704, by Delcatty#062
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