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Easy way to get more Pokemon battles

In Route 117, there are about 5 trainers who are listed in your pokenav. They often want to face you time after time. But when they don't, here's a way to get them to. Go to Mauville City and go to your left.

Keep going until on the top left corner you'll see the sign saying "Route 117". Then go back to Mauville and then go back to Route 117. Keeping doing that over and over agian.

Then look at your pokenav while in Route 117. It should be blinking. Face the trainers who want to battle you and go back to Mauville. Then do it all over agian.

It takes about 10 runs but, it works.


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Added 31 Jul 2006, ID #8789, by KingofGreats
Ask.com and get

More Hints

1.Nintendo fan, was one of those two people me? Because if it was thanks.

2.The BIG LEECHLIFE thing does not work!!!

3.Can some one post the evolution chart because it would help ALOT!!!

4.Berries 1-10
01 Cheri Berry
Heals paralysis
02 Chesto Berry
Awakens Pokemon
03 Pecha Berry
Heals Poisoning
04 Rawst Berry
Heals Burn
05 Aspear Berry
Defrosts Pokemon
06 Leppa Berry
Restores 10pp
07 Oran Berry
Restores 10hp
08 Persim Berry
Heals confusion
09 ???
10 Sitrus Berry
Restores 30hp

5.Baby Pokemon
Azurill- Breed Marill (routes 120, 117, 114, and 102 common) with one hold Sea Incense
Igglybuff-Breed two Jigglypuff( route 115 common)
Pichu- Breed Pikachu (Safari zone rare)
Wynaut-Laviridge town(egg) and Mirage Island(don't breed two Wobuffetts(spelling!))

6.If anyone wants to talk to me get an account on cokemusic.com and look up i_like_pandas.

Added 31 Jul 2006, ID #8788, by PKMNcheater58

Rate my best pokemon

Latias lvl 63,

raquaza lvl 100,

kyoger lvl 100,

groudon lvl 100,

Jiraji lvl 100.

skeptile lvl 100,

blazican lvl 100,

regice lvl 67,

regirock lvl 80,

and registeel lvl 93

Added 27 Jul 2006, ID #8755, by rs overlordx

Battle Tower Tip

Before I begin I must say I'm impressed that only 2 people posted their team up after my threat to give it a zero. One of the two people got lucky and didn't get a zero because: 1. They had some great information, 2. The levels were low and they might of needed some help. Well that makes me happy.

Now to the actual hint. Raise multiple Pokemon to level 50(for weak battles) or to level 100(for intense battles). I myself have currently have 12 Lv:100 Pokemon and makes the Battle Tower a little easier for me and more fun with variety. Well the hard work pays off.

Added 24 Jul 2006, ID #8710, by Nintendo Fan

Seedot on Sapphire!?!?

Believe it or not,I found a Seedot on my Sapphire in the wild and they can be only be found on Ruby.Weird is'nt it?

Added 21 Jul 2006, ID #8688, by Super Luigi

Easi--er way to FIND latias(after you have seen once alreaddy)

Ok, firstly, you have to have seen latias for this to work, I myself and I know many people have tried "walking from route to route, looking for it to be in the same area as yourself, and it's very frustrating when it changes to the route next to you and just off the one you're on now etc etc, we all know, that when you change area, house our TURN OFF THE GAME, latias moves,
1.go to an area latias often appears in
2.save game and turn off
3. Reload game and check pokedex if it's in your route yet
4.redo steps 2 and 3 till latias appears in your area

Whence latias is found, put it to sleep quickly, or a way I found usefull, wynaut! It's thingy stops latias escaping, only problem, not know many good moves, so whittle latias' health down, use wynaut to trap it, and throw bugger loads of ultra balls, and hopefully, with luck, it shall be yours,,,have fun gamers, Pokemon help, just ask have fun and cyaround


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Added 19 Jul 2006, ID #8663, by moshmaster616

PokeBlock Case

Hey if you're looking for the pokeblock case, then just go to Slateport City before you leave it to go whereever. Anyway, just go into the building where they're having their Pokemon contest and go to the left then up. You'll see a little girl who'll you'll talk to and she'll say something like" I have two, so you can have one!". Then she'll give you one. There ya go. Later


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Added 19 Jul 2006, ID #8653, by Guest


If you have timerballs you know the more turns taken the stronger the ball, right?
Well what you probaly(spelling?) don't know is how many turns equal what strength. I think I got it.
1-5 turns=pokeball
6-16 turns=Greatball
And 51+turns=Masterball

So if you're facing Raquaza without a masterball use alot of turns it worked for every one I know!!!

Added 18 Jul 2006, ID #8638, by PKMNcheater58

Lots of Hints!!!

1.Mirage Island does excist (sorry for the spelling). The time when it is seen is random. There is wild Wynauts and Kelpsy Berries.

2.Using Dig in Sky Pillar dosen't work.

3. To beat the Elite 4 with one Pokemon, you need Kyogre. Have him level 50-60.
Have the moves thunder, ice beam, surf, and waterfall.
#1 Sydney- Dark

#2 Pheobe-Ghost
Surf on all except Sableye use waterfall on him.

#3 Glacia-Ice/Water
Thunder on all except Glalie use surf

#4 Drake-Dragon
Ice beam on all

#5 Champion Steven
Armaldo, Cadily, Aggron, Metagross, And Claydol-surf

4.Pokeblocks and Pokemon nature
Black- Putting 2 or more of the same berry inthe blender at the same time
Blue- Increases Beauty, Dry (modest, mild, rash,& quiet Like this pokeblock)
Brown- Increases Cuteness, strongly sweet(timid, hasty, jolly, naive)
Gold- A level 50+ block with 2 tastes
Gray- Raises 3 conditions
Green- Raises Smartness, bitter( calm, gentle, carefull, sassy)
Indigo-strong dry taste, Raises beauty(modest, mild, rash,& quiet )
Lite Blue- strongly bitter, Raises smart( calm, gentle, carefull, sassy)
Olive- SOUR!! Raises Toughness(impish, lax, relaxed)
Pink-Increases cuteness, sweet(timid, hasty, jolly, naive)
Purple-Very spicy, raises coolness(Lonely,adamant, naughty, brave)
Red-spicy, coolness is raised(Lonely,adamant, naughty, brave)\
White-four conditions are raised
Yellow-sour, toughness is raised(impish, lax, relaxed)

5.Please rate my team, I think it's good but I need anothers opinion.
Swampert Lv.42
Takedown /rocktomb
Muddy water/ water gun

Crobat(im proud of this lol)Lv28
Leech life /supersonic
Astonish / bite

Self destruct / Magnitude
Rock smash/ rock throw

Dustox Lv30
Gust /string shot
Poisonsting/ confusion

Hariyama Lv 27
Strength /surf
Armthrust /dig

Plusle Lv 24
Shock wave /thunderbolt
Thunder wave /quick attack

6.In dewford if you say BIG LEECH LIFE
To those trendy people you'll get something.i don't know if this works or not my brother told me it did.

Added 18 Jul 2006, ID #8637, by PKMNcheater58

Hey just... Try not to send messages saying that your team needs to be rated

Added 16 Jul 2006, ID #8620, by pkmn_trainer

More air on your acro bike

Go to a ledge and hold down b and when you start bunny hopping move tword the ledge and you should get more air off of it.


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Added 12 Jul 2006, ID #8579, by darklord21


I know this may sound weird but the only way to get a celebi without a game cheat is to catch a yellow oddish and try and evolve itinstead of it evolving into a yellowgloom it evolves into a celebi try it I hve done it 5 times to make sure there was nothing wrong with my game

Added 8 Jul 2006, ID #8527, by pokemon_master100

Rate my team

Charizard level 70:
Blast burn
Wing attack

Blaziken level 100:
Blaze kick
Sky uppercut
Double kick

Rayquaza level 100:
Dragon claw
Hyper beam

Blastoise level 97:
Ice beam
Hydro cannon
Hydro pump

Flygon level 51:

Alakazam level 77:

Added 7 Jul 2006, ID #8520, by jimbob69

How to catch Kyogre and Rayquaza without using a master ball

It is possible to catch these two legendarys without using your master ball on them. Kyogre you will find at level 45, and the way to catch it is to weaken it down to the red level, and either paralyze it, freeze it, or put it to sleep.

(NOTE: do not poison it, for it may faint and your chance of catching this Pokemon is gone). Then, grab an ultra ball (pokeballs, greatballs, and custom made balls such as lure balls will not work) and attempt to catch.

It may not work the first time, but a couple of tries will watch you a Kyogre.

Rayquaza you will find at level 70, and you will need a strong Pokemon to help weaken it. (Good Pokemon include Blaziken, Kyogre, Gardevoir, Claydoll, or a strong Pokemon you can trust with powerfull attacks.)

Like catching Kyogre (Or Groudon if playing Ruby), you must weaken Rayquaza down to the red level if you wish not to use your master ball. Putting it to sleep, paralyzing it, or freezing it makes Rayquaza easier to catch. (NOTE: WHATEVER YOU DO, DO NOT POISON IT!!)

Try using ultra balls. After about 4 or 5 tries, Rayquaza should be caught and safe in your ultra ball. If this does not work, or you run out of ultra balls, it is recomended that you buy at least 20 ultra balls for the next try.

(NOTE: you must save the game before catching Kyogre or Rayquaza; you might run out of ultra balls and want to start again) And so if you do "stuff up" your fight with Rayquaza or Kyogre/Groudon, you can turn your gameboy off and start again.

Please leave a comment if you think this cheat/hint is helpfull to you. Thanks.

Added 5 Jul 2006, ID #8497, by Tynasha

Pichu, the CUTE

Many people have though of getting pichu... But it's practically impossible to catch so this is a way to get it while breeding....

You will need:
1x Female Pikachu
1x Male Pikachu
1x Magnet....(From The Trick Masters House)

Ok the steps:
Step 1:Get both male and female PIKACHU
Step 2:Give the Magnet to One of them...RANDOMLY CHOOSE
Step 3:Put them in the day care
Step 4:Go out and ask the man how they are doing. If he says They are getting along there is a slight chance of and egg
Step 5:Run around and battle people for 10-15 minutes.
Step 6: Start heading back to the Pokemon Day Care but check if the man has stood out of the gates. He will ask you if you want the egg. Say Yes.
Step 7:Run Around again but this time ride your MACH or ACRO bike for the time to pass.You character will say "Huh?" The egg should start to hatch.
VIOLA You Have your very own Pichu..

Thats all for now

Added 27 Jun 2006, ID #8431, by Bagon_Hunter

How To Get BAGON!!!

Ok, Bagon is found in the smallest room in Meteor Falls. Were you fing TM(02)...
You will need:

A Pokemon that has learned Waterfall and Surf.
A Pokemon that is lvl 35 or higher
10-15 Ultra Balls and 10 Timer Balls (Just In Case)

Step 1: Find the room....
Step 2:Search for Bagon....
Step 3: Bagon will attack you at Lvl 35 or higher so be ready.
Step 4: Obviosly attack with a move that will make lower it's HP to the red Zone
Step 5: Start throwing Ultra Balls

Note: If you run out of Ultra Balls Start Throwing Timer Balls because these will work over all the turns that have been taken..

Bagon LVL: 35+
Its Moves:
Normal, Headbutt 15pp
Normal, Focus Energy 30pp
Fire, Ember 25pp
Dragon, DragonBreath 20pp

Thats all 4 now........

Added 27 Jun 2006, ID #8430, by Bagon_Hunter

Accurate Sheer Cold

When Kyogre learns the move Sheer Cold al lv65 or something like that, to make it more accurate, once you have selected it in battle, don't let go of A. It works 9 times out of 10 (even though it's accuracy is 30 as it is a 1-hit KO move).

Added 24 Jun 2006, ID #8407, by james06

Tired of it!!!

I'm getting so tired of people posting fake cheats!!! For example some guy said in the sky pillar you can use dig and walla your right in front or Raquaza.But really you pop up right outside of the sky pillar!!!!! It even made me get rid of my groudons inon tail!!!

Ps.Sorry I acted like a jerk

Pss.I tried in on ruby

Added 22 Jun 2006, ID #8392, by salamandra


If you obtain Deoxys any other way besides trade or birth island he won't listen to you.
It doesn't matter how many badges you have.

Added 17 Jun 2006, ID #8342, by Fair_Play_(Deoxys)

Well in sapphire I have all Pokemon from the beggining to the end of the Pokemon games well if you're having troubel in you're game just tell me and ill help you as much as I can here are the Pokemon I'm training

Blastoise lvl 89
Golem lvl 97
Swampert lvl 95
Garados lvl 89
Dragonite lvl 77
pegiot lvl 99
the rest are either 100 or 97 those are my pokemon

Added 3 Jun 2006, ID #8228, by oblivion505
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