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Pokemon Sapphire
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Find Bagon easily

In order to do this, you need an acro bike and a of course, ultra balls, great balls and bla bla blah!Go to the meteor falls. Go deep inside the cave where you will fin only a few space of land, next use your acro bike and press b steadily so you can make bunny hops, you need to do bunny hops because you will not find Bagon that easy by just walking around the cave, you may do the bunny hops on just one place then suddenly a Bagon will appear. Enjoy your bagon!



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Added 25 Oct 2006, ID #9525, by bentlog and get

Some stuff.......

O.K., If you want to become the best trainer in the history of the Pokemon world...
OH, and catch lots of pokemon!
To get an extra master ball without any cheating crud, show your completed pokedex{200 out of 202} to every trainer in hoenn. Then go to lilycove city and tell the game freak designer/programmer {i can't remember which} He'll give you another master ball!


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Added 15 Oct 2006, ID #9490, by sapphire king12

Jirachi (The Gameshark Way)

When using the gameshark code to get jirachi, it's lvls can vary from 13,26, and so forth.


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Added 15 Oct 2006, ID #9489, by Sentel2

A pretty darn good team

Well this is my first cheat and I've been playing for about 6 mths but I've already beaten the game 6 times.. Anyways
If you picked torchic at the beginning of the game this is for you, all your fire lovin cheaters you Get blaziken up to lvl whatever you want regardless of how long it takes.

Ok to train him veeeeery fast do this. Go to victory road as soon as you can and get the exp share from the devon pres. And give it to blaziken. He will get 2x the exp from ebery pomemon and trainer Pokemon you face! Cool eh? Anyways.

Catch an abra in granite cave on dewford island and train him to lvl 47 [thats what lvl mine is} he wil be unstoppable against most of the elite 4.

Oh yeah 1 more thing!
You can catch kyogre with a net ball!!!!!!!! I did !!!! Bwahhahahaha {im serious!} teehee

Happy playing!!!!

-sapphire king12


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Added 15 Oct 2006, ID #9485, by sapphire king12

Get an easy high level pokekmon when you are beginning

As soon as you get to Mauville City, put any good Pokemon that you don't need to have in your party, in the daycare on route 117 ( to the left of Mauville). Then completely forget about it. Progress through the game as usaul. Then when you come to a hard part, if you have walked enough, you should have a nice,
High-leveled Pokemon back at the daycare to help you out. (This goes the same for Ruby and Emerald).


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Added 14 Oct 2006, ID #9482, by King Boo 13

Leveling by night.

This works with both Pokemon Sapphire and Pokemon Ruby.
It will NOT work for emerald due to the match call system allowing people to call you.(Unless found another way.)

It's pretty easy too.Read the steps below . . .

Step1:Take one,or two Pokemon you want to level.
Step2:Put them in daycare center.
Step3:Get the "Acro Bike" and go to top of desert and stand infront of slope.
Step4:Here is a tricky part.If you have a GameBoyAdvanced SP or a NintendoDS
It wont be so hard.Place a nickle on the up arrown and close the DS or SP (Close the flip screen,NOT the game!).Leave it over night and the next morning check.You might wanna put in charger too!


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Added 9 Oct 2006, ID #9447, by gameboy123

How to get a Milotic

First catch a Feebas somewhere (I can't remember where) and then give it enough pok├ęblocks that makes it a beauty (I don't know which one) untill it can't be more beautiful.. And here your Milotic is. :D

Xx BuzzyBee


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Added 4 Oct 2006, ID #9376, by BuzzyBee

Catch Latias Easier

First, get at least a level 50 Wobuffet, which can be found in the Safari Zone. It should have the special power to keep wild Pokemon from fleeing.

Next, buy some Timer, Ultra and Nest Balls. When you find Latias, send out your Wobuffet.

Make Wobuffet battle Latias until it has been knocked down to the red life zone.

Continue to throw Ultra balls or Nest balls until it is captured (Bring a stronger Pokemon (I used Swampert- Lv. 100 and Rayquaza- Lv. 85) So Latias won't do much damage, or use alot of potions. It worked for me, it should work for you.


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Added 1 Oct 2006, ID #9343, by Aeriix


Ok I need help. How the heck do you get your Pokemon in to the museum when it has won the master contest! My Kyogre won the beauty. Also Ive noticed alot of people have a whole team of legandaries. Dont get me wrong legandaries RULE but don't rely on them. If say, you train or cheat a Absol or Bagon up to lv 50 or 60 they are as strong as hell!

Lugia-rules (aka legandary lover and collector- ironic isnt it!)


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Added 1 Sep 2006, ID #9128, by lugia-rules

Rate my team.

Mewtwo level:100, Dragonite level:100, Gyarados level:100, Rayquaza level 100, Machamp level:100 and Raikou level:100. Please rate this team.

Added 19 Aug 2006, ID #9030, by Vincent Mauro

Rate my team.

Mewtwo level:100, Dragonite level:100, Gyarados level:100, Rayquaza level 100, Machamp level:100 and Raikou level:100. Please rate this team.

Added 19 Aug 2006, ID #9029, by Vincent Mauro


Ok here it is i've only got like three or four gym badges(not a hint)

Plusle female-Lvl 25-moves:spark,quick attack,encore,helping hand

Minun Male-Lvl 26-moves:spark,shock wave,quick attack,encore

Swellow Male-Lvl 31-moves:peck,wing attack,steel wing,quick attack

Blaziken female-Lvl 36-moves:over heat,Blaze kick,double kick,ember

Lombre female-Lvl ???(it's in the day care)moves:bullet seed,absorb,fake out,nature power

Spoink Lvl???(in the daycare)moves:psywave,psybeam,oder slueth,psych up

Please rate it

Added 13 Aug 2006, ID #8964, by Dr.POKEMON

For gba sp or ds only

This only works for gameboy advance sp or nintendo ds...

A realy good way to trane your Pokemon is right befor you go to sleep or when your not playing the game is to put the Pokemon that you want to trane is to put them in the day care then get the acro bike and then go to one of those slippery slopes that you can only go up on with the mach bike(at this point make sure you game is plugged in the charger). Now put some thing heavy on the up button for the night, but make sure the game charging the entire time or it might die.
You might be able to do this with other platforms, but you may need fresh batteries,i wouldn't know, I us a DS.

Added 10 Aug 2006, ID #8944, by jbaker

Pikachu info

I know people say that you can only find pikachu in certain parts of the safari zone, but you can actually find it any were, it's just rarer in different areas.
Thats all for know

Added 10 Aug 2006, ID #8931, by jbaker

Cach Pokemon easily!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Press and hold at the same time l,right,a,b sometimes it works but only with ultra great and pokeballs I cought a keyogre with him having full health

Added 8 Aug 2006, ID #8899, by magedragonx

How to catch a ralts without a gameshark

Go to the grassy area just east of Petalburg City with a low-level pokemon; level 3-5 works best. Search it for about 10-20 minutes and you should run into a ralts. The ralts should only know the move "Growl." Beat it down to orange health and throw a pokeball. It should be caught the first try.

Added 6 Aug 2006, ID #8877, by jirachi99


If you want to evolve some Pokemon and/or level up somebody get the exp. Share
(i can't remember where it is) and give it to a weakling and put him in the party. Then, get a strong Pokemon that knows a water or fire type and go to the floor below rayquaza in sky pillar and walk around, you should encounter
(and occaionally)altarias,
All between lv 63-67.
The best bet is to find bannetes, because they give you 700 odd exp.
Easy levels!


Added 6 Aug 2006, ID #8875, by digiliamo

The Best Starter

Mudkip is the best starter because there are no grass gyms and electric attacks don't affect him. Torchic is the second best starter only if you only train him and no other pokemon. Treeko blows it.

P.S Train your starter Pokemon ONLY. I did that and my swampert was lvl 72 when I got to the Pokemon league. I beat every Pokemon in one hit exept for stevens, I beat most of them in one hit exept cradily and skarmory. TRY It Sometime.

Added 2 Aug 2006, ID #8820, by Swampert Lover

Eon Ticket

You Can Get both eon Pokemon without the eon ticket you get latios but to get the eon ticket you must mix records with some one who has an eon pokemon.

Then I think it says blahblahblah gave you the eon ticket.

P.Sim not sure it works but I hope it does.

Added 1 Aug 2006, ID #8817, by rare pokemon cheater

Evolutoins of beginners

Hi it's my first hint hope it helps

Torchic LVL 16=CombuskenLVL 36=Blaziken
Treeko & Mudkip evolve at same LVLs


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Added 1 Aug 2006, ID #8816, by rare pokemon cheater
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