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Using a masterball and what not to use masterball on!!!!!

The only Pokemon that should be worthy of a masterball is latios/latias. This is because they always run away and always break free and you can save before you battle.

BUT you ask if we use masterball on latios/latias, How do we catch Groudon/Kyogre/Rayquaza and if we have eon ticket the other latias/latios??? Well, dead easy be prepared by bringing the following...


These are easy save before you encounter these as you can! (You can also save before you encounter latios/latias on southern island.) Take a Pokemon 10-15 levels higher that is not weak against the Pokemon you want to catch! Example...

To battle GroundonLv45 take a Sharpedo level 55 and another strong Pokemon incase Sharpedo faints.( you don't have to take sharpedo). Also a ghost Pokemon that knows hypnosis wouldnt be a bad idea neither. Take 20 pokeballs 50 ultra balls.

The take 2/3 of health, put him to sleep, throw 10-15 ultra ball then 1 pokeball. The pokeball will catch it. If not repeat the process using 15 ultra balls then another pokeball.

Latios/Latias on southern island

These need alot more thinking, they wont run away, thats good then they can similarly be caught using the same system this time using 30 uiltra balls then 2 pokeballs!

Happy catching



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Added 20 Feb 2007, ID #10337, by dfhwizzkidd
Ask.com and get

Get Wailord

Other than evovling Wailmer, use a Tropius that knows Fly and Sweet Scent then go to Ever Grande then Have a Pokemon know Surf then go down to Route 129 and use Sweet Scent in 1 spot (Note: This may take a while), and a Wailord should appear!

Added 22 Jan 2007, ID #10190, by Pokemon Trainer Seth

Get Wailord

First have a Tropius that knows Fly and Sweet scent then go to Ever Grande and have a Pokemon that knows Surf and go south to Route 129 and use Sweet Scent in 1 spot (May take a while) and a Wailord should appear.


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Added 22 Jan 2007, ID #10189, by Pokemon Trainer Seth

How to Catch the Regis

To do this cheat you will need a relicanth, (found in the grass outside the entrance to Sootopolis) wailord, (you can catch a wailmer practically anywhere in the sea with a good rod while surfing), a Pokemon with dive and a Pokemon with dig. (You can get this tm from the Fossil Maniacs brother located just west of Fallabour town) Fly to Pacifidlog and travel west to route 132. Surf down to the bottom of the route but do not go on the currents yet. Now that you are at the bottom surf west further and catch the currents to a shallow water island with a bit of sand. On this island there should be a trainer Black Belt Kiyo. Battle him (optional) and then surf off the back of this island towards another shallow-water island. Make your way to the back of this island and surf off the back. The currents should carry you to an open clearing with two girl swimmers. (Swimmer Debra and Swimmer Linda) Take the currents onto another shallow-water island littered with rocks. Walk to the very bottom of the island and use surf on the currents. The currents should carry you to yet another shallow water island. (I know there are a lot of them).

Now that you are on this island go STRAIGHT ahead. Just walk straight ahead and surf of the back of this island. You should be carried to a clearing with a dive spot in the middle. Use dive. You should be in a lit underwater room with a cave entrance on the wall. Go through this to a dark underwater cavern.

Follow this cavern to the end. On one of the cavern walls ‘Dive Up’ will be written in Braille. (Letters for the blind represented by dots)Talk to the Braille and then use dive. You should be in a room called the ‘Sealed chamber’. In the sealed chamber there will be heaps of slabs of rock with Braille all over them.

(I haven’t had the time to translate this yet but I think this is either the Braille alphabet in order or the story of the Regi’s) Walk to the far end of the room. On the wall there will be written in Braille ‘Dig Here’. Talk to the Braille and then use dig. A hole will appear were the Braille was.

Walk through this into another chamber. Like the room before this slabs of rock inscribed with Braille are scattered throughout this room. (Yet again I haven’t had the time to decode this either) At the end of this room there is a rock jutting out from the edge of the wall.

Etched onto this rock (in Braille) is a message that reads relicanth first, wailord last or something like that. Put your relicanth in the front of your party and your wailord at the end. Talk to the Braille. The ground will rumble like an earthquake and a message will come up saying ‘It sounded like doors opening far away’. You have now opened the Regi’s chambers!



To catch this one-of-a-kind rock Pokemon, fly to Lavaridge. Walk east off the ledge of this town into route 112 keep on going past route 111 till you get to the desert. Go south while in the desert. You should pass Ruin Maniac Dusty. Keep on going till you find a clump of rocks with a cave entrance.

Enter the cave. You should be in an empty room with some Braille printed on the opposite side of the wall. Walk to the Braille and read it. Then walk 2 steps south and 2 steps east (or two steps south 3 steps east, I can’t remember).

Use strength and the Braille will crack open to reveal a camber with Regirock inside. Walk up to him, SAVE! And then talk to him. He will be on level 40 and will know the moves:

Rock Throw
Super Power
Ancient Power

The best way to catch Regirock is to weaken him with a water or ice Pokemon around lv30. Then put him to sleep with a move like yawn or grasswhistle. Keep on throwing Ultra Balls and hope for the best.

Pokedex entry for sapphire:
REGIROCK’s body is composed entirely of rocks. Recently, a study made the startling discovery that the rocks were all unearthed from different locations.



To get this legendary steel Pokemon, fly to Fortree. From there travel east to route 120 you should pass Lady Clarissa. Keep on going till you reach the end of the route. Now make your way downwards to the bottom of route 120. You should pass Trainers:
Bird Keeper Robert, Bird Keeper Colin, Parasol Lady Angelica, Ninja Boy Tsunao, Cool Trainer Jennifer, Pokemon Ranger Jenna, Pokemon Ranger Carlos and Bug Maniac Brendon.

Now travel west and you should come to a flight of stairs leading to a platform with a pond. Keep on walking north after you have climbed the stairs. You should pass through a patch of long grass. Ninja Boy Keigo will confront you. Keep on going through the grass and you should come to another flight of stairs leading to a platform with Ruin Maniac Chip and a large clump of rocks with a cave entrance.

Enter through the cave entrance and you should be in a cave much like that of Regirock’s. There will be Braille on the opposite end of the room. Talk to the Braille then walk to the centre of the room and use fly. The Braille will crack to make a cave entrance. Enter the cave to find an idle Registeel. Walk up to him and SAVE. Talk to him and give it your all at battling him. He is on level 40 and has these moves:

Metal Claw
Super Power
Ancient Power

The easiest way to catch Registeel is to whittle down his health to a red sliver with either a fire or ground type Pokemon around lv30. Then use stun spore or another related move to paralyze him. Registeel was a lot harder to catch than regirock so just keep your fingers crossed and those Ultra Balls coming.

Pokedex entry for sapphire:
REGISTEEL was imprisoned by people in ancient times.
The metal composing it's body is thought to be of a curious substance that is not of this earth.


To obtain this super-strong ice legendary, fly to Petalburg. From there, travel west to route 104. Use surf into the water that makes up route 104. Swim south to route 105. Keep on swimming south past Swimmer Dawn and Swimmer Beverly.

Keep to the right side of this route and eventually an island made of sand with a lot of trees on it will come into view. If you have passed swimmer Luis, you have gone too far. Land on this tree filled sand island. On the other side of this island is Ruin Maniac Foster.

Battle him (optional again) and then surf off the other side of the island. Once you are surfing, make your way north past Swimmer Austin. Keep on going until you come to another clump of rocks with a cave entrance. Walk into the cave entrance. You will encounter yet another room like in Registeel and Regirock’s chambers. Talk to the Braille at the end of the room.

Press A so that the Braille dots are not covering the screen. Now don’t pres any button. You have to wait for 3-5 minuets and the door just opens by itself. Just be patient and wait. When the door opens, walk through the door into Regice’s chamber. Walk up to him and SAVE! Regice like the other Regis is on level 40 and he knows the moves:

Icy Wind
Super Power
Ancient Power

Again I suggest a lv30 Pokemon with a type advantage such as a fighting or fire type. After that paralyze or put him to sleep with a move like thunder wave or sing. Regice is the hardest of all the Regis. Be wary of the fact that if Regice runs out of pp, he will start using struggle which damages himself. This is very annoying because you weaken it to a red sliver and then he kills himself with struggle. It took me 4 tries to catch him so be prepared for a long fight. Just keep them Ultra Balls coming.

Pokedex entry for sapphire:
REGICE cloaks itself with frigid air of negative 328 degrees F.
Things will freeze solid just by going near this POKEMON.
Its icy body is so cold, it will not melt even if it is immersed in hot magma.

Written by: Fusion_Blastiose

Personal Note: This is the only way to catch Regice, Registeel and Regirock besides trading, action replay and game shark. I have not yet tried this on Ruby but my friend says it works. Another thing, if you find that Great Balls give you more luck use them instead of Ultra Balls.

Added 22 Jan 2007, ID #10186, by Fusion_Blastoise

Evolution Hints and The Better Pokemon

Evolution Hints: Firstly, Seadra! Hard to evolve, eh? Dragon scale then, ship 'im off. Not easy. Is it worth evolving? Reasonable Sp. Atk, good speed, more-than-average HP. But Poison Point cinches it! Whereas, grumpy old yawning Kingdra is at Route 132 blasting you from the Regis. Note his Swift Swim as opposed to Seadra's Poison Point. Next, Stone Pokemon! Guys and girls evolved via stones! 'Course these Pokemon are fun, but hold your stones! Seedot learns EXPLOSION at 43! Evolve then and you have SWAGGER. Wait till 49 for EXTRASENSORY! Now, Pikachu evolves with Thunderstone, but get a Pichu. It'll soon learn SWEET KISS. Once it's Pikachu learn fantastic moves like AGILITY or LIGHT SCREEN. Try a THUNDERBOLT on for size!

2: Better pokemon. Try maximising your fun with better moves! My wailord knows AMNESIA. Effective against it's own weaknesses for Grass and Electr need their Sp. Atk! I've been told Heracross was the best bug type in the game. Know why? I crushed the Elite Four with it. (Accompanied by Electrode who can learn Mirror Coat, and miscellaneous Pokemon who stretched their potentials)
Now your Pokemon might have all offense. I see lots of 'em! My Heracross has BULK UP. It's better than wasting an EARTHQUAKE TM isn't it. All on offense is not always good I tell you!


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Added 3 Jan 2007, ID #10090, by Bat Doctor

Just A Tip

A tip for lvling up quickly is to give your lead Pokemon an EXP Share. Give it the exp share and train it.

If you get a traded Pokemon, give it an exp share!!!! It will get boosted exp ad the extra exp share. It will lvl up 3x as fast! Yay 3x as fast!!!


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Added 27 Dec 2006, ID #10041, by sapphire king12

How to get Jirachi

I don't know about you but this worked for me. Keep surfing between Petalburg and Dewford. Eventually you will fall into a cave. Walk through the cave and you will find Jirachi. He is at level 75 and is very strong.

Added 25 Dec 2006, ID #10030, by Hi-Im-Death kill you

How to get beter Pokemon fast

Hi, this is a hint to get lv. 100 Pokemon fast. Go to Mauville city and get any 2 Pokemon that you want to get to lv. 100 and take them to the day care to the left of Mauville city and put them in.

Then go to the bike shop in Mauville city and get the acro bike and go to Fallarbor town and go to your right till you can't go any further then there will be a mud hill that you would your mach bike to go up but use the acro bike and you should just keep falling if you have the acro bike.

Then just put your game boy on the charger and put a wieht on the up button and leave it over knight and after you wake up your Pokemon should be at lv. 100 and if it isn't leave it til your Pokemon are at lv. 100.

Hope this hint works for you. Peace.


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Added 22 Dec 2006, ID #9972, by gamerforlife

100 lvl Pokemon

To get quick lvl 100 Pokemon leave 2 Pokemon you want to go up to lvl 100 in the day care center. Then get the acro bike and go to the desert to the north there is a sand fall that you need the mach bike to go up. Use the acro bike and go up it. You'll fall down butthat's supposed to happen do this repeatedly. Put your game on the charger and some weight on the up button, then leave it over night when you wake up you Pokemon should be at lvl 100 if not then keep the gameboy there a little longer until they're at lvl 100. Get them out of the day care center.
Have fun beating the Elite Four Submitted by Hi-Im-Death Kill You


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Added 11 Dec 2006, ID #9898, by Hi-Im-Death kill you

Useful Items at the Start of the game

Well.. I don't know if someone has already said this, if so, sorry for reapeating it. If not, then here it is!

When you first start out, get your starter Pokemon and then go on to get your first Pokeballs, I suggest you use the Pokeballs on Zigzagoons. Why? Their ability to pick up items. Next, just walk around Route 103 to Route 104. I spent around three hours just walking back a forth and raising my Pokemon in that time I gathered around 20 Rare Candies, 10 Full Restores, around 15 Nuggets, 7 Full Heals and a couple Super Potions. You can get rich and pretty strong Pokemon (at least for just starting out) before you even get your first gym badge! (Of course, I saved my Rare Candies for later on in the game when training got a little tougher)
With the money you gain from selling the Nuggets (5000 each) you can buy back all the Pokeballs you wasted catching the Zigzagoons and alot more.

P.S. Be sure to search everywhere, I'm not sure if items Zigzagoon pick up have any specific spot, but I found most of my Rare Candies in Route 103 just north of Oldale Town. As for the nuggets, they might be anywhere between Oldale and the entrance to Petalburg Woods. The Full Heals, Restores and Super Potions I'm pretty sure they are between Petalburg and Petalburg Woods, if I'm wrong. Sorry.

P.S.S This worked for me, I'm not sure if it will work for anyone, it might just be random and I got lucky.

Anyway.. I hope I helped.


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Added 8 Dec 2006, ID #9882, by lil_man123

How to catch Hoen pokemon

Celebi--use cheat code
Treecko--starter/Lv.16 grovyle/Lv.36 sceptile--starter
Torchic--starter/Lv.16 cumbuscen/Lv.36 blaziken
Mudkip--starter/Lv.16 marshtomp/Lv.36 swampert
Poochyena--route103/Lv.18 mightyrna
Zigzagoon--routes101,102,103,104,110/Lv.20 linoone routes118,119,120,121,123
Wurmple--petalburg woods,r.101,102,104/Lv.7 silcoon--petal. Woods/Lv.10 Beautifly
Lv.7 cascoon--petal. Woods/Lv.10 dustox
Lotad--r.102 114/Lv.14 lombre--r.114/water stone ludicolo
Seedot--trade from ruby,emerald,or XD/Lv.14 nuzleaf/Leaf stone shiftry
Taillow--petal. Woods,r.104,115,116/Lv.22 swellow--r.115


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Added 6 Dec 2006, ID #9836, by seany

How To Get Mewtwo

Here's how to get mewtwo. You have to beat the leauge.Then you have to get a mew. I think Mew can olny be got if you went to the Pokemon event at Toys R Us. Those of you who didn't go i'm sorry but I don't think you can use this hint. But anyway, once you have the Mew and you beat the leauge the guy standing in front of the Cerulean cave should be gone. If not you must have done something wrong. Then go threw the cave and you will probaly find him. Happy Hints!

Added 30 Nov 2006, ID #9777, by pokemonleaguemaster


Outbreaks are when Pokemon from ruby come on to sapphire ( or vice versa ), when you look on a T.V it says ' some nuzleaf have been spotted on a route ' or something, I used nuzleaf because that was the Pokemon I found.


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Added 20 Nov 2006, ID #9703, by Jman1

Dewford gym

Before you challenge the Dewford gym, go to Granite Cave in the 2nd room and find a Sableye. Catch it and use it in Dewford gym. It'll be resistant not only to the fighting-types, but also the Meditites.

NOTE: Sableye is helpful early in the game. He gets weaker later because of his weak stats and his inability to evolve.


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Added 19 Nov 2006, ID #9694, by Master Volthawk

The truth

Any way there are NO best starters Mudkip beats Torchik beats Treeko beats Mudkip and so on
Now the rare Pokemon you don't use the master ball on Rayquaza or Kyorgra use it on Latias because RAYQUAZA AND KYOGRA DONT RUN AWAY NO MATTER WHAT YOUR POKEMON'S MOVES ARE use it on Latias/ Latios

Eon Ticket you need game shark and Action replay

Dexoys I am not so sure but I think you need to go to a Pokemon game event (they are only in Japan ).

Jirachi shoot the moon is a load of Bull you can't go to the moon otherwise it would be in the manual and on other ocupied sites

So there is my help

Added 15 Nov 2006, ID #9682, by Gameboy_Queen

Level Pokemon to level hundred fast!!!!

Get the Pokemon you want to level up and trade it to a friend in exchange for another Pokemon they want to level up and keep battling the elite four and they will level up faster because the boost they get from trade works with Emerald Ruby Sapphire Fire Red and Leaf Green

Added 14 Nov 2006, ID #9679, by Mr. Metagross

Bombardment of Secrets

I was able to find a Nuzleaf on my Sapphire version for this reason.
I saw the T.V. Flashing with some talk about wild Nuzleaf. This has happened once in my game play time of over 860 hours. The event to me is quite rare and also it took me about 700 hours to find a Shiny Skarmory. I think mixing records with a Ruby Version might of had something to do with it. I haven't yet been to Mirage Island either. So events like these are very rare. All my submissions are based on things I've actually done except one which makes them very true. For instance cheats that say you can go into space for Deoxys and Jirachi if you have a Gold Trainer Card are all false. I have a Gold Trainer Card and they don't work. So stay away from cheats which require a Gold Trainer Card.

There are only 201 out of 386 Pokemon available in Ruby and Sapphire by normal means. The rest must be acquired through Emerald, FireRed, LeafGreen, Pokemon Colleseum, Pokemon XD: Gale of Darkness. Gameshark may be desired for Mew, Celebi, Jirachi, and Deoxys. I don't use Gameshark though which is hard to believe with a Pokedex of 381 Pokemon.

The Pokemon Contests are a pain, but to get your Pokemon's picture on the wall in the Art Museum, beat the master rank contest by about 10% better than the other Pokemon. In otherwords, you can't win by a hair.

My preferences in Battle Tower are Pokemon of the Rock, Steel, Ghost type. Pokemon start exploding after 35 wins. They use moves like Selfdestruct, Explosion, Sheer Cold, Fissure, Horn Drill, and other devestating moves.

The dots you read to catch the Regis are Braille so by or make a Braille decoder.
By a book that teaches Braille or use the game's decoder.

Level 100 Pokemon aren't as strong as most people think they are. Given the right move, most can be taken out with one hit.

Leftovers restore 1/16 of your H.P. Between turns. Wrap take 1/16 of the victim's H.P. Poison and Burn take 1/8 of the victim's H.P. Curse and Nightmare take 1/4 the victim's H.P. King's Rock only works if you attack your opponent before it attacks you.

Given the right conditions, a Fire or Water Type move's damage can be multiplied up to 12x damage. Example: Blaziken holding Charcoal attacks with Blaze Kick while the Weather has strong sunlight with low H.P.(ability kicks in) and delivers a critical hit will multiply the damage 12x.

The sword usually falls to the shield. I use a Shuckle with it's defense stats being at an estimated 500 points at level 100 can withstand virtually any attack. This wears away a powerful move's PP forcing the opponent to use struggle.

Man I feel better letting my anger out like that. Much better alternative than beating someone up to let anger out like this and safer too.

Added 10 Nov 2006, ID #9651, by Nintendo Fan

Battle Tower Tips

If you're having trouble in the Battle Tower, I've got quite a few tips and some of my very own strategies I use.

The first 35 wins are pretty easy for the follow reasons
1. The opposing Pokemon doesn't hold any extremely powerful items like Liechi Berries, Ganlon Berries, Salac Berries, Petaya Berries, Apicot Berries, Scope Lens, etc. These items aren't a threat during your first 35 consecutive wins.
2. Pokemon like Regice, Regirock, Registeel, Latios, and Latias aren't used against you.
3. The opposing Pokemon generally hold basic items like Sitrus, and other easy to get berries.
4. Pokemon don't use very powerful moves like hyper beam, selfdestruct, and explosion.

After 35 consecutive wins the battles get harder for the following reasons.
1. Pokemon do use very powerful hold-items.
2. Rare super strong Pokemon appear.
3. Powerful attacks are used.
4. Opponents seem to be a little bit smarter.

After 50 consecutive wins, it is far harder because the above reasons are used in extremes.

Tips and Strategies
Since the most powerful Pokemon attacks are generally normal-type moves, use a rock, steel, or ghost type Pokemon in your team. These Pokemon may survive the feared Explosion attack with some HP. Ghost types normally don't recieve damage from those normal-type attacks.

Develop a strategy and for those who are clueless, here a few of my favorites
Have a Pokemon use Perish Song and then switch to Wobuffet or a Pokemon with the move Mean Look, Block, or Spider Web. The opponent will be forced to stay out until their Perish count reaches 0 and faints.

Have a Shedinja hold Bright Powder. It should know the Protect to defend from attacks you know or you think are coming to it. Bright Powder is what I call a last defense for the moves that can hit.

Ah, here's a nasty trick to use, even against your friends. Have a Pokemon hold a Salac or other berry that raises your stats and once you use it, use a move that will restore your strength. You should be able to use that to live longer.

Also my 2 favorite Pokemon to use in Battle Tower are Alakazam and Tyranitar. My Pokedex, not to brag is 377 Pokemon out of 386 total. So I raise Pokemon that are hard to get. Well hope this helps.


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Added 5 Nov 2006, ID #9620, by Nintendo Fan

For you confused s.s. Ticket users you....

To get on the S.S. Tidal, beat the Elite Four and go to lilycove city. Talk to the lady in the ferry and get on the ship. I think there are 9 trainers total. They have lvl 45 Pokemon at the highest. Happy Sailin'!!


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Added 25 Oct 2006, ID #9528, by sapphire king12

Easy regis on full health catching

I have catched the regis when they are in full health. How? Easy.You will need a Pokemon that know the moves that can paralyse the regis in one hit and I will recommend kyogre in lvl.50 because the regis can't do so much damage on kyogre. You have to save the game before battling w/ the regis in case you knock them off or thy knock you down. Just put a Pokemon that can paralys it in one hit like stun spore, and thunderwave. Hit the regis with these moves so theywill be paralysed, then let your Pokemon that have paralysed the regis faint by not fighting the rregis and by just throwing ultra balls, when that Pokemon faints, switch to kyogre continue throwing ultra balls and when kyogre's life is in danger usea hyper potion then continue the step until you've catch them. I've catched regis w/ 18 ultra balls, registeel w/ 24 ultra balls and regirock w/ 30+ ultra balls
Note: when throwing ultra balls, press "a" rapidly.
Happy cathing!!!!!


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Added 25 Oct 2006, ID #9526, by bentlog
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