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How to get a pokeblocks case

Go to the slateports Pokemon contest and talk to a little girl.She'll say that she had 2 pokeblocks case and will give you one.

Added 18 Jun 2009, ID #12784, by ooo
Ask.com and get

Easy was to defeat the Elite Four

The easiest way to beat the elite four (in my opinion) is to have the following Pokemon with the suggested moveset:

Blaziken LVL 60 and above: Brick Break, Sky Uppercut, Flamethrower, and any other move you desire
Kyogre LVL 60 and above: Surf, Calm Mind, Ice Beam, and any other move you desire

These Pokemon are just the two Pokemon I used to defeat the elite four because with blaziken you knock off sidney and his dark Pokemon, with kyogre's superb special stats you can easily defeat phoebe's weak special ghost Pokemon with one or maybe two surfs, another fighting/fire attack for glacia's ice Pokemon, and for drake you use kyogre's ice beam to bring them down.

Now for Steven, for his skarmory use fighting or fire, for armaldo, claydol, aggron use surf, for cradily ice beam, and for his metagross use fighting or fire but be careful of psychic or earthquake because it WILL wipeout blaziken due to it's dual fighting/fire type but if you managed to raise it up to lvl 60 with patience (good for you), then it will pay off in the end as it will only do probably 1/3 damage max.

Well have a fun time embarassing the elite four with just two Pokemon (or more) and don't forget to rub it in your friends face x]

Added 25 Apr 2009, ID #12716, by jaydluvsyou


To get pokeblokcase go to stoolport.Go to where you do contests and talk to the little girl.

Added 10 Apr 2009, ID #12690, by Lugia358

You can find Celibi on route 121 or route 123

Added 22 Feb 2009, ID #12618, by Luke Coplen

Trick Master Prizes

The Prizes after completing the trick master challenges are as follows:

First time - Rare candy
Second time - Timer Ball
Third time - Hard Stone
Fourth time - Smoke Ball
Fifth time - Tm Taunt
Sixth time - Magnet
Seventh time - PP Max
Eighth time - Blue/Red Tent

Added 5 Jan 2009, ID #12564, by tails93

The easiest way to defeat the elite 4

All Right. All you need is Kyogre at level 45-55
Here is the moveset you'll probably need
Surf/Waterfall/Hydro Pump
Ice Beam
Calm Mind

Now, for Sydney, use surf on every of his Pokemon except Sharpedo. Use THUNDER on it. And you don't need to worry about missing with THUNDER because of Drizzle.
For Phoebe, Surf for accuracy,Waterfall,well,same and Hydro Pump if you don't mind PP and accuracy.
For Glacia,THUNDER every Pokemon except Glalie. Use Surf on it.
For Drake...Destroy all his Pokemon with Ice Beam
Ta-daaa... Champion awaits...
Now for Steven, us Thunder on Skarmory, then Ice Beam on Claydol...followed by Surf on Aggron and Armaldo Ice Beam on Armaldo.....

Now.. For METAGROSS use 6 Calm Minds then Surf. This will be a 1HITKO.

Added 8 Nov 2008, ID #12447, by xx2xxluqman

lots of items

Ok guys if you need rare candies and LOTS of them heres what you do
Capture 6 linoones and keep all of them in your party and walk around
At random a linoone will pick up an item it can be rare candy full heal full restore kings rock and many other items

Have fun

Added 25 Aug 2008, ID #12352, by dragontamerty

easy way 2 beat phobe and drake

get a kyogre to level 54 and make sure that it knows surf and ice beam. Use surf on every one of phobe's Pokemon and they should all faint in one hit. And same goes 4 drake- except use ice beam on every one of his pokemon. And if the attacks don't miss, then they should kill all in one hit

Added 5 Jul 2008, ID #12193, by JAXXX

how to beat the ellite 3 and 4

I beat the ellite 3 and four with krogre with waterfall
And slaking with yawn blaken with overheat and

PS:tapping A botton make more effectly have fun playng the game

Added 3 Jul 2008, ID #12189, by lindell08

aqua team hide out

Is route 128 the big area that is dark use dive there
Should be a submarine come back up and you there

PS:you need dive,surf and strong pokemon
Me out

Added 2 Jul 2008, ID #12188, by lindell08


Fly to Fallarbor Town go to the left go inside the house that says
Fossil Maniac house go to the little kid he will give you dig

Added 2 Jul 2008, ID #12187, by lindell08

Tm :dragon claw

To get dragon claw you need Surf,Waterfall and fly to Fallarbor Town.

Go to metor falls used Surf then Waterfall up go inside the cave
Turn right there should be a ladder going down go to the second ladder
You should see two old people go up the little stairs there a little kid
Jump far to the left go down the ladder use Surf go inside the cave Surf again
Go straight up and there it is.

Added 2 Jul 2008, ID #12186, by lindell08

How to catch Pokemon easier:

1. First teach one of your stong Pokemon False Swipe, or use one that already know it (if you decide to foget a move it might help if you foreget one that you can teach back, via your bag/move tudor). False Swipe is a great move for catching Pokemon because is won't kill them (the worst it can do is leave the Pokemon on 1 health).

2. Next encounter the Pokemon you wish to catch. Thaen use False Swipe on it, if you've picked a strong Pokemon (say about 20 levels or higher than the Pokemon you wish to catch) the wild Pokemon should be on low health (probably 1 health). If not you False Swipe again, and keep repeating the prosess until your sure the Pokemon is on 1 health.

3. Finally try to catch the wild Pokemon with a Poke ball of some sort (if the Pokemon hasn't been caught after 5 Poke balls, try to put it asleep or paralyze it, then try again).

Please rate

Added 10 Jun 2008, ID #12107, by Heatblast

latias is easy

What to do to catch latias. Go and talk to the kid in lillycove that says he is from kanto three times then go to route 121 and search a latias should turn up then use a ultra ball and hold down l, are, b and a until the first shake and then let go and it should work.

Added 1 Jun 2008, ID #12066, by grillz

more battery

If your battery turns red while playing immidetly turn if off and back on and continue doing that until you see it turn green it gives you 5-30 minutes to keep playing until it turns red again.

Added 28 May 2008, ID #12054, by Tom Morrello

Best way to Train (in my opininon

Get a weak leveled Pokemon and stick it in your party, give it EXP. Share and take it into the elite four twice, now train it in Victory Road until level 50-60 then put it back in your party and take it through the elite four a few times until level 70 now alternate between victory road and the elite four


No thumbs

Added 5 May 2008, ID #11982, by atroxletum

Mirage Island Is A Waste!

All you get at mirage island is a bunch of Wynaut and Wobuffett. It's a real waste of time to do the waiting game.

Added 4 May 2008, ID #11979, by Triple Threat

latias latias where are you!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Latias is easy to catch if you are patient but this is witout a master ball!Or a trapinch or a poke that knows mean look.What you have to do is wonder around endlessley and finally you will see it.Once you have seen it look on yuor pokedex and go to latias and see where it is.If you are close or anywhere do not fly to it!It is close to certain it will move place againif you fly to near.But do not dilliy dally it can move around extremly quickly and every time you don't see it in a battle your channces of it staying in hat area weaken.TIPry getting a Pokemon the same level or lower and use attaks which take off quite a lot of damage not to much.When you are cvlose you can save and look for it again when I was 7 it nearly took me 7 hours none stop to catch it.

Added 25 Mar 2008, ID #11868, by Geoff Shaw

pokeblock case

You get it from the little girl in slateport contest building

Added 22 Mar 2008, ID #11860, by Geoff Shaw

milotic -contests

As soon as you have got a milotic use it in loads of contests Use it in a beauty contest because it will be maxed out.Teach it surf,dive,tackle any other even though they havent got very high appeals surf and dive are very handy.It should be simple doing the first3 contests but the last one should be hard.

Added 22 Mar 2008, ID #11859, by Geoff Shaw
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