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Cures for Critical Conditions

Here are the cures that can be use to Cure Pokemon from Critical condition that they may be under.

Attract - Mental Herb, Red Flute, or taking the Pokemon out of battle
Burn - Burn Heal, Full Heal, Full Restore, Heal Powder, Lava Cookie, Lum Berry, Rawst Berry, or Refresh and Rest movies
Confuse - Full Heal, Full Restore, Heal Powder, Persim Berry, Yellow Flute or remove Pokemon from battle, or wait for a few turns for the condition to end.
Faint - Max Revive, Revival Herb, Revive or restore Pokemon at the Pokemon Center
Flinch - No cure
Freeze - Aspear Berry, Full Restore, Full Heal, Heal Powder, Ice Heal, Lava Cookie, Lum Berry or wait for a few turns for condition to subside.
Paralyze - Cheri Berry, Full Heal, Full Restore, Heal Powder, Lava Cookie, Lum Berry, Paralyze Heal or Refresh and rest moves
Poison - Antidote, Full Heal, Full Restore, Heal Powder, Lava Cookie, Lum Berry, Pecha Berry, or Refresh and Rest Moves
Sleep - Awakening, Blue Flute, Chesto Berry, Full Heal, Full Restore, Heal Powder, Lava Cookie, Lum Berry or wait a few turns for the condition to Subside.

Added 13 Mar 2011, ID #13419, by kimmy456
Ask.com and get


Save the Master Ball you get. I was foolish enough to use it on a tentacool because I didn't know what a Master Ball was. (I was like 7 or 8). Save the Master Ball for Kyogre. You'll be glad you did.

Added 11 Mar 2011, ID #13411, by celebishiny1


After you beat the Pokemon League, you will be able to catch Rayquaza. On the way to the floating town in the ocean (sorry I can't remember the name haven't played in a while) there will be a split in the rocks at the top. Go there and there will be a tower. You need a mach bike and skill. Rayquaza will be at the top of the tower.

Added 11 Mar 2011, ID #13410, by celebishiny1

Fan Club Gifts

In Slateport City there is a place where you can go and the lady there will examine the first Pokemon in your party if that Pokemon likes you enough the lady will give you a smooth bell. If the first Pokemon in your party also has a outstanding condition like Beauty, Coolness, Tough, ect. She will give you a scarf according to the condition. There is Blue, Green, Pink, Red and Yellow Scarfs.

Added 27 Feb 2011, ID #13383, by kimmy456

Easy leveling up

To level up easy go to the Pokemon league and put Pokemon under lv.50 equipped with exp.share in your team .use any other Pokemon you want. Then put metang and altaria in the daycare.the Pokemon that you put in your team with exp.share will lower the amount of exp. When battleing.faster leveling up and works really good with swellow and Bagon.thank you for reading .

Added 17 Feb 2011, ID #13373, by metang

How to get the three regis

To get
Regice: Located outside dewford.Go up to the braille and wait
Regirock:Located outside maulville.read the braille and walk right right down down then use strength
Registeel: Located outside fotree city.read the braille then go to th middle of the floor and use fly.

Added 9 Feb 2011, ID #13369, by epicawesome

PokeBlock Info

If a PokeBlock has a spicy taste give that to a Pokemon and it will raise coolness, it has a strong effect on Adamant, Brave, Lonely and Naughty nature Pokemon.

If a PokeBlock has a Sour taste, give that to a Pokemon that will raise it's toughness, it has a strong effect on Bold, Impish, Lax and Relaxed nature Pokemon.

When a PokeBlock has a Dry taste, feed it to a Pokemon and it raises the Pokemon's Beauty, it has a strong effect on Mild, Modest, Quiet and Rash Nature Pokemon.

When a PokeBlock has a Bitter Taste, feed it to a Pokemon and it will raise the Pokemon's Smartness, this PokeBlock has a strong effect on Calm, Careful, Gentle, and Sassy Nature Pokemon

If a PokeBlock has a Sweet taste, feed it to a Pokemon and it will raise that Pokemon's Cuteness, this PokeBlock has a strong effect on Hasty, Jolly, Naive, and Timid Nature Pokemon.

Added 27 Jan 2011, ID #13355, by kimmy456

How to achieve the "Mystery Event" (Mystery Gift) In Pokemon Sap

Okay. In order to get the "Mystery Event", which allows acess to events, fly or go to Petalburg City. Walk inside the Pokemon Center. In the top-right corner, near the PC, there will be a person. Talk to him. Answer "yes", and input these words for your "profile": Mystery Event Is Exciting. Save the game. Turn it off and back on (or soft reset for the GBA Advance SP: hold A B Select and Start) and go to the main menu. You should see something that says "Mystery Events". Ta da!

Added 11 Dec 2010, ID #13295, by Guest

Get A Beldum

After meeting steven just out of lilycove,go to his house in mossdeep city and there will be a letter on the table. it is a letter to you from steven saying that he wants you to have 'Beldum". Beldums pokeball is on the table right next to the letter

Added 24 Nov 2010, ID #13283, by Guest

White Gates in Safari Zone-How to get on other side?

Well first of all, you should get yourself an acro bike from Rydel in Mauville. Then go as far as you can in the safari zone on the white things only bikes can get on. Then use your arrows and your A button and press them at the same time(arrow for which direction) like your eyes blink at the same time. Then you should end up on the other side!

Hope this helps and if not, it might be your bike or your not pressing the buttons fast enough or at the same time. Anyway, Hope this helps,

Added 15 Sep 2010, ID #13219, by Jasmin1206

How to defeat Leader Brawley(leader2)

First of all, you don't want many normal type pokemon like zigzagoon. Your start pokemon (Mudkip, Torchic, Treeko) should have evolved and you should train it to level 17-19. Higher would be easier. You should catch a ralts because my Ralts defeated Leader Brawley. Physic pokemon would be a big effect on Brawley's pokemon.But sadly, the only physic pokemon you come across in between no badges and 2 badges would be Ralts and you can rarely find them. You should also talk to the man in green in front of all gyms. He's right inside by the statues.

Hope this helps

Added 14 Sep 2010, ID #13217, by Jasmin1206

how to beat the elite 4 with 3 pokemon

you will need those pokemons:


Medicham will need the move HIGH JUMP KICK
Kyogre will need the moves WATER PULSE, ICE BEAM/BLIZZARD and SHEER COLD
Manectric will need the move THUNDER

-Use Medicham to beat Sidney(1st) and Glacia(3rd) with its HIGH JUMP KICK
-Use Kyogre to beat Phoebe(2nd) with WATER PULSE and Drake(4th) with ICE BEAM/BLIZZARD

-Skarmory is the first one out, use Manectric's move THUNDER
-Aggron - use Kyogre's WATER PULSE
-Cradily - use Medicham's HIGH JUMP KICK
-Armaldo - use Kyogre's WATER PULSE
-Claydol - use Kyogre's WATER PULSE
-Metagross - use Kyogre's SHEER COLD

Added 8 Aug 2010, ID #13181, by Guest

Easy EXP. (No Cheats)

An easy way to get EXP, is when you get farther enough, keep facing the Elite 4. This is only for Pokemon higher than 50+. If not, then it will be hard.

Added 30 May 2010, ID #13084, by hatershateme

catching rayquaza

You need Kyogre wailord relacanth and the regis have relacanth level 53 in front the rest put on your own. Use rock tomb first it should attack first if it deosnt use extreme speed first you should lower it's speed then switch out relacanth for kyogre level 45 then use ice beam it should freeze it should have a 60% chance that it should freeze then use an ulta ball and finished caught level 70 rayquaza

Added 27 Mar 2010, ID #13024, by xVxNarutoxVx

Where to find The HM's

There are a total of 8 hm's. It includes: Cut,fly,surf,rocksmash,flash,strengh,dive,and waterfall.

You'll need these hm's to complete the game. Here we begin. CUT: located in Rustboro City. To find Cut is very simple. When you travel or fly to Rustboro City, you'll see the Pokemon center. To the left is a house. If you read the sign, it'll say,"cutter's house" then enter, talk to the man, and he will give you the HM, Cut. Fly,you will obtain fly on your way to Foutree City.on your way, you should heal your Pokemon at the weather insitute. Then after you heal your Pokemon, then go across the bridge, go up and then you will have to battle your rival. After you win... She will give you the hm, Fly. Rocksmash: located in Mauvile City. When you get to mauvile city... You'll need to locate rocksmash. It's very easy. Go to the poke-mart... Don't go in... Then go one house to the right. Talk to the professer.. And he will give you rock-smash. Flash is very easy too. Go to Dewford town.. And go north then into the cave. The man is not a trainer so talk to him and he will give you the hm:Flash. To be Continued!!!

Added 27 Nov 2009, ID #12946, by 1005pker

how to beat elite four with two pokemon

You just need a 45level kyogre with the moves hydro pump,thunderbolt,ice beam and surf a 50level blaziken with the moves blaze kick,double kick,fire blast and strength.
Use blaziken's double kick on all Pokemon of sidney except cacturne.use blaze kick on cacturne.
Use blaze kick on all Pokemon of phobe.
Use thunderbolt of kyogre on all Pokemon of glacia.
Use ice beam of kyogre on all Pokemon of drake.
Use kyogre's hydro pump on all Pokemon of steven except cradily.use blaziken's
Blaze kick on cradily.
Congrats you hve beaten yhe elite four.

Added 22 Nov 2009, ID #12944, by maxmaster

help for all gyms

Ok the first gym being roxanne she uses rock type she has 2 geodudes and a nosepass next we have brawly he uses fighting type he has a machop and a makuhita then we have watson he has 4 Pokemon they are voltorb,electrike, magneton and manectric then we have I think it is winoa she has 4 Pokemon first to be killed is swellow next is then is altaria then pelliper last is skarmory next leader is actually it's the leader before winoa it is flannery she has 3 Pokemon they are slugma slugma and torkoal then we have the famous twins they have 2 Pokemon total (not each)they are lunatone and solrock next leader is is I belive it is idk what his name is but by then you'll have good enough Pokemon to beat him anyway happy hunting!

Added 8 Nov 2009, ID #12941, by pokemon beast

Easy regi catches

The regies are pretty hard, right? Well if you take a net ball for regi ice, it gets a little easier. Get it down to at least red HP. Then bring like 10 of them. When it gets down to that, then press B on the first time it tries to escape.

For regirock it's a little harder. I suggest some nest or timer balls. He is a litle harder but paralyze him or poison him. Thats all I have for you.

Now, registeel is the hardest. You might wanna use a master ball. If you don't have one then you're screwed other than nest and timers. Thats all I have for you. He is very hard

Added 17 Sep 2009, ID #12912, by ash 232 im good

how to catch wailord

Um...i made a mistake last time so wailord should appear at route 126.

Added 25 Jun 2009, ID #12797, by ooo

How to catch a wailord

Surf to route 136 and fish using a super rod.Good luck!

Added 18 Jun 2009, ID #12785, by ooo
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