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How to get celebi

Yo! I got the hint to get celebi go to the safari zone and find a yellow oddish make sure you catch it or else you might not be able to see it again. When it evolves it will turn into a celebi

Added 1 Feb 2006, ID #7494, by ethan cole
Ask.com and get

Catching Pokemon Easier

When you are going to catch a Pokemon, follow these stepes and it will be caught more easily.

(1) When the pokeball is in the air, hold down the b button

(2) when the Pokemon goes into the ball, hold down the a+b buttons

(3) while the ball is rocking, keep the buttons pressed while moving the arrow buttons with the movement of the ball.


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Added 1 Feb 2006, ID #7492, by masterdestructor x34

Beat Elite Four Easily

To kick the crap out of the Elite Four use the following team (also include Full Restores, Max Potions, etc.):

Kyogre Lv. 50
Ice Beam

Absol Lv. 48
Sword Dance
Faint Attack (breed with a Slaking that knows Faint Attack)
Aerial Ace

Machoke Lv. 48
Cross Chop
Rock Smash

Manetric Lv. 49
Crunch (breed with Seviper that knows Crunch)
Rain Dance

Flygon Lv. 48
Dragon Claw

Toarkoal Lv. 47
Body Slam


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Added 28 Jan 2006, ID #7473, by m-star13

Answers to all!

I am going to answer many FAQ right here right now.

1) Feebas. To catch Feebas change the pop. Saying in Dewford to "Natural Flowers." Next go to the house where that guy caught all those wingulls so he could fly. Next surf to the left until you find the fisherman.

Then surf of you're pokemon's back and fish in the spot to his right. Use your old rod a few times and eventually a feebas will show. Throw a couple of Ultra Ball's and then you will have one of the rarest Pokemon in the game.

2) Chimecho. Chimeco isn't very rare at all. Go to the top of Mt Pyre and go to the patch of the grass on the right of the man. Run around in there for a short time and Chimecho will show around lv. 29

3) Dig (TM 28). TM 28 is easily required, simply go to the Fossil Maniac's house in Fallabor Town. Speak to his brother at the entrance to his tunnel and he will give you TM 28.

4) The entrance to the Regi Cavey Thingy is to the left of Pacifidlog town. I recommend entering the current towards the bottom of the tide, that way it should be easier to get to the cave.

5) Deoxys, Jirachi are only caught by using a cheat device so don't worry about getting them.

6) Dragon Scale is required by using THIEF on Dragon Tamer Nick (Meteor Falls)'s Pokemon (I think Bagon is the one who has dragon scale.)

7) You can obtain nuggets by using thief on the Pokemon of Rich Boy's and Those Rich Lady people who wear green dresses and have umbrellas.

8) Rayquaza is at the Sky Pillar, you will need a Mach Bike to get over those floor cracks.

9) Glalie is the evolve form of Snorunt who is found at shoal Cave in the Ice area in low tide, that's also where you find spheal who evolves into Sealeo and then Walrein.

10) Huntail and Gorebyss are found by giving deep sea scale or deep sea tooth to clamperel and then trading it over a GBA wireless adapter.

11) Relicanth is found by deep sea diving next to the entrance of Sootopolis (Spelling) Wailord is the evolve form of Wailmer (evolves lv 45)

12) Leftovers. Leftovers is found on the Sea Cruise in one of the trash Cans in the Hull (down the stairs)

13) TM 35 is flamethrower is in lilycove game corner and is a prize for 4,000 Coins.

14) Although Pokemon like Bagon can't learn Hydro Pump they can learn it as an egg move. An egg move is moves basic Pokemon learn when they come out of an egg as a result of Egg groups. There are many different egg groups and Bagon and Gyrados are in the same group. So if a level 40 male Gyrados with Hydro Pump is put in the daycare centre with a female; Bagon, shellgon, or salamence. Then they will have an egg and since HYDRO PUMP is one of Bagon's egg moves it will come out of the egg with HYDRO PUMP, pretty cool for a lv 5 Bagon to have HYDRO PUMP. The same works with Zangoose and Ryhorn (My lv 5 rhyorn knew crush claw when it came out of the egg.) Pretty cool. All of the egg groups, egg moves e.t.c are found in the; PRIMA OFFICIAL STRATEGY GUIDES for Emerald, Ruby and Saphire. I strongly recommend you get one as my friend has one and it really helped him.

That's all I can answer for now. Also I have all 200 Pokemon and I am about to start trading Pokemon from Fire Red across to my Saphire version. Also please rate my dragon party which is either close to the bottom of this page or somewhere on page 2!!!

I hope these hints/cheats e.t.c help!!


Added 23 Jan 2006, ID #7441, by uspokemarine

How to battle red mewtwo and gold Mew (the cheat isn't tested!)

Well I restarted the game and started with trecko talked to may 60x and prof. Birch 60x then I went to the machine where you get your Nat. PokeDex and I think you press A ,B, B, A, Select, Start, A, A, A, A, A, B. Then pressed b again and I battled them. (however, I got it off a website that is not like this website and it works on rare occasions after linkin' with gold)

Added 31 Dec 2005, ID #7335, by Guy_who_beat_the_gam

HM locations

HM 01 (Cut) can be found in the Cutter's house west of the Rustboro City Pokemon Center.
HM 02 (Fly) can be obtained from your rival after the battle on Route 119 near Fortree City.
HM 03 (Surf) can be obtained from Wally's uncle after you beat your father. He is in his house a tad west of the Petalburg City Gym.
HM 04 (Strength) can be obtained from the digger in the Rusturf Tunnel after use Rock Smash to break the barrier separating he and his girlfriend.
HM 05 (Flash) can be obtained from the hiker at the entrance of Granite Cave.
HM 06 (Rock Smash) can be obtained from the man in a house to the southeast of Mauville City's Pokemon Center. HM 07 (Waterfall) can be found in the Cave Of Origin's third basement floor in a northwest corner. HM 08 (Dive) can be obtained from Steven inside his Mossdeep City home; it's the farthest northwest house in the grassy region of the area.

Added 18 Dec 2005, ID #7242, by MP Sniper

Identicalities in cheated pokemon

The illegitimate Pokemon you find in a random box of your PC are identical in the prospect that all of the same individual species share equal statistics, natures, IVs, and have a different OT number than your own.


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Added 18 Dec 2005, ID #7237, by MP Sniper

Living in luxury

Now when people post stuff about pokeballs they forget about the luxury ball. So I'm here to tell you how to get them. First you must be able to compeat in the master rank Pokemon contest. After you'v won it once, go back. And every time you win, you win a luxury ball. And there you have it. Hoped that help

Added 3 Dec 2005, ID #7164, by khonnan

Beating level 100 at battle tower

You can do this without using a level 100. Just by using a level 88 Blazicen with blaze kick sky uppercut overheat and fire blast. Level 72 medagross with take down, Psychic, Meteor mash, and strength. And with a wailord leval 50 ao above with water spout, Blizzard, dive, ans surf.

Added 21 Nov 2005, ID #7034, by lancers1000

Basic evolutionary stones

On route 124, there is a man in a shack on a small island who seeks colored shards as collectables. Throughout the area, you can use Dive to find these shards deep underwater. As you turn in the shards, he will hand over an evolutionary stone in return. These colored shards will get you the following stones:

Red Shard > Firestone
Yellow Shard > Thunderstone
Blue Shard > Water Stone
Green Shard > Leaf Stone

Added 19 Nov 2005, ID #6975, by darkboarder_77

The potion

At the very start of the game right when you go into the Pokemon world go to the pc in the room and withdraw the potion that is in there.

Cool eh!

Added 14 Nov 2005, ID #6918, by PokeMayhem44

Who shall I choose???

"Pick Mudkip" Pick Treeco" Pick Torchic" It's all a matter of opinion, and in some cases it doesn't matter which one you choose. BUT if you just pick your starter Pokemon because it's cute (like most of the girls) or because your friend's got it, then that IS stupid...

I, personally think it's all about how HARD you are, and how much of an advanced trainer you are:

SO If you have Pokemon Sapphire and you pick :-

Torchic : Your REALLY hard (team aqua have mainly water Pokemon, if you're
willing to against them with a fire Pokemon, you
must be up for a challenge!!!)

Mudkip : Your OK, your not butch, but you're not weak either.

Treeko : You're a WIMP, you picked Treeko just so you'd have an easy game
didn't you!?

If you have Pokemon Ruby, and you pick :-

Treeko : Woah! You must be confident!!! (Team Magma have nearly all fire
Pokemon, they could blow you apart if
you weren't strong enough!!!)

Torchic : Your alright, but you're not on fire. Tee hee! Hey, that was a joke, go on
you're supposed to laugh!!!

Mudkip : Soggy wet blanket, it's written all over you're face.

So there you have it.
See ya, soggy, wet Mudkip lovers.

P.S. (I have Pokemon sapphire and I picked Torchic, so what does that make me?)

Added 9 Nov 2005, ID #6859, by some wierd guy

Problem with Pokemon.

Those people who are trying to get Pokemon with action replay max, your Pokemon that you chose in your codes will be in your PC.

Added 19 Oct 2005, ID #6723, by Sayainpride

Catching the nosepass

Ok go to dewford and then granite cave...
Then go to the back of the cave where you find those breakable rocks
Smash them and be patient, eventually you will come across a low level nosepass.
Nosepass is very rare!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Now you can show off to your friends

Added 6 Oct 2005, ID #6649, by devildude184

Please People

If you want to know a Gameshark or Action Replay code, just go to the Walkthroughs section. All the info you need is there.

Added 1 Oct 2005, ID #6607, by ilovemissyelliott

Inside the Daycare Center

I haven't tried this yet but I`m sure it will work. As we all know, the Daycare Man blocks the way through and inside the house has no entrance to where the Daycare Lady is and I bet you`re eager to know how to get to the other side.

My Action Replay is busted so I can't use cheats.

There`s a walk-through-walls code and I know it works because before my Action Replay busted it worked for my sister`s Leaf Green.

Just use a walk-through- walls code and go to the other side then turn off the Action Replay so you can walk normal but I`m sure there`s no exit so use the walk-through-walls code again and turn off the Action Replay when you`re on the nomal side.

Happy cheating!

Added 8 Sep 2005, ID #6469, by walkingcheatbook

Give clampearl a a deep sea tooth or deep sea scale and trade some one it and it will evolve in to either a huntail or a gore byss at the end of the trade

This also works with Pokemon ruby aswell.

Added 16 Aug 2005, ID #6222, by ST.HELENS

How to raise the ultimate Pokemon egg

If far in game give Pokemon exp. Share and deafet the Pokemon leage a few times. Teach manly attack moves no usless attacks. Piece,mortalpimp6000

Added 4 Aug 2005, ID #6065, by mortalpimp6000

In game reset

In gameplay press Start,Select,A and B together.
P.S. It is my 1st time submitting!!!! I hope it works For you!


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Added 31 Jul 2005, ID #6027, by deoxys boy

Deoxys and Jirachi

Hey people! You CANNOT catch Deoxys or Jirachi in the Mossdeep Space Center! You cannot go to the moon! You cannot see Deoxys blasting the heck on floor 2! You can capture some by Action Replay or Gameshark. But, you can't capture them with a normal, uncheated game. And if you don't beleive me , you try capture one yourself in the Space Center!!!!! Sorry if I am too loud. . .

Added 26 Jul 2005, ID #5969, by h.goddespoke
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