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(You need HM 03 Surf for these.)
Get back to Agatha from Lance:

When you get to Lance in the Pokemon league, if you want to go back to Agatha (you wont battle her again) walk up to a statue (any statue except the ones that you have to Surf down to get on) and use Surf. You will surf onto the statue.If that doesn't work, stand right above the right closed gate.

Then hold select and move 1 place right and then quickly press start. Now use Surf and it will make you Surf down instead of right onto the statue. Now you can Surf off of the statue and walk back to Agatha.
Go back on the SS.Anne:
When the SS.Anne has left and you wan't to go back on it, go to Vermillion and stand 1 place to the left and 1 place up of the man that is blocking you from going into the harbor.

Now hold select and move one place right and quickly press start. Now use Surf and you will Surf down onto the man. Go down into the harbor and the SS.Anne will be there.

Added 5 Jun 2005, ID #3564, by Excel
Ask.com and get

Which fossil goes for which Pokemon?

Dome Fossil = Kabuto
Helix Fossil = Omanyte

If you're having trouble about which Pokemon the fossils ressurrect, look above.

Added 17 May 2005, ID #3431, by darkboarder_77


This cheat is not complicated but you will get 198 of the 6th item in your pack.

First you need to talk to the old man in Verdian city. second you need to fly to cinnabar island.

Third you need to surf half on land and half on water on the right side of the island.

(the side were the gym is at) fouth you need to run from it then go and buy 10 of your 6th item in your pack then buy 10 more and u should have one cluster of 99 and one cluster of 49 or 39 your 6th item.


Added 14 Mar 2005, ID #3317, by !*j-racing*!

Mew codes and how to get Mew

Hi everyone, you know that mew code right?

Well, instead of mew I found Chansy, Rhyhorn, Nidoqueen to get .......I dont remember which one, battle the guy next to the cerilian {spelling} bridge and go ONE or more spaces in front of him.

If you go directly in front of the person your game will crash, fly to lavender town head to Celadon and I think Nidoqueen will appear.

To get mew {follow the instructions}

1.Fly to lavender and go to the under ground right in front of the door

2.Save the game

3.Move one step down and press start imeadiatly {it's easier to have your finger ready to push start}

4.Fly to cerillian {spelling again} and find the youngster with the slow poke and if you dont know which youngster save befor your seen {maybe a step above them}

5.Make sure you are ONE OR MORE spaces in front of him ok?

6.Kill him

7.Fly to lavender

8.Go west toward celadon {left} you will see the mew after your first sstep at lvl 7 paralize him... throw a great/ultra ball hold A and B when the ball flies and let go of A and hold LEFT when the ball opens

9.Follow the direction the ball rolls and you should catch it after 2 or 3

Hope I helped bye!


Added 29 Jan 2005, ID #3259, by dragonsly345

Good flying Pokemon

Here is a good list of flying Pokemon you should get. There are also ways to find them.

Evolve spearow or to the palce where the check your badges for the pokmon league.

Evolve pigeotto at level 36.

Go to the power plant and search hard. Eventually, you will find it.

Go to seaform islands. To get there, go to Cinnabar island and keep on surfing to the right of the city and eventually you will find seaform islands.

Added 29 Oct 2004, ID #3133, by sonic_man_619

Variety is the Key

Have lots of different type Pokemon in your battle group. This way you have advantages no matter what Pokemon your opponent sends out.

Added 6 Oct 2004, ID #3081, by Wolfie

Id like to say you can't get mew without a gameshark, and I have raised my pokemon for every lvel without using rare candys, and I have completed my pokedex all 151 of them. Rate my team:

Charizard lvl:87 moves: Flamethrower, Ember, Slash, Fly
Sandslash Lvl:75 Moves:Slash, Fury swipes, Swift, Poisen Sting
Gyarados Lvl:78 Moves: Hydro Pump, Surf, Dragon rage, Water gun
Fearow Lvl:83 Moves: Drill Peck, Fly, Razor wind, Fury Attack
Alakazam(my favorite) Lvl:93 Moves: Psybeam, Recover, Psychic,
Golem Lvl:74 Moves: Dig, Rock throw, earthquake, strength.
and rate their moves.

And I only used a gameshark for mew all my other pokemon came from red....!

Added 3 Aug 2004, ID #2946, by ihatescrewups

More to it than you think....

Ever tried the nugget bridge cheat to get nidoqueen? If you have then you may be pleased to know that I have found out more about it.

On the first try, yes it is always a nidoqueen. But if you try it again a second time you get a different pokémon.

So far I have caught cubone, lapras and gengar aswell as nidoqueen, this is not a hoax and if you do not beleive me then please try it for youself.

If you haven't tried the nidoqueen cheat yet then scroll down in either this section or the section for red and I'm sure you will find the instuctions for it.

Added 15 Jul 2004, ID #2874, by electro_girl_123

Cinnabar island.

Ok, so you're probably tired of hearing the Missingno. cheat, but I'm just gonna tell you, if you surf up and down on that land/water part, carry strong pokemon! Not because of Missingno.

You could make missingno faint by one hit usually, but you could find pokemon Lv. 100 and up.

Sometimes you can't run, and also on that part of land/water whatever it is I ran into trainers, ones with strong pokemon to!

I've also ran into my rival more than once too!

Added 28 Jun 2004, ID #2803, by bluecheese


Alrighty now, listen up, punks, 'cause I won't say it again.

Missingno can't be caught in Yellow Version! Try it yourself, but it doesn't work.


Added 27 Mar 2004, ID #2562, by darkboarder_77

Infinity Item

Ok,master2 here,I've got a cheat here that you can get infinity item's [well almost,you have to refill it when it reaches 1] well you'll
see in a minute.

First you put the item you want to duplicate in the sixth spot.

Next you go to the guy who tell's you how to catch pkmn,and you say no you are not in a hurry and he goes on blabbing, then goes into battle with a weedle and captures it.

Then fly to cinnibar island and surf on the east side then you'll find a mississingo and sometimes you'll find different pkmn, but the end result is infinity of that item with a little picture of something.

P.S. My favourite is the rare candy.

Added 10 Mar 2004, ID #2512, by Master2

This trick requires two gameboys a link cable and a silver version

First of all you go to the link trading center then you say to trade missingno for any pokemon(don't worry about it messing up your game the only thing it will mess up is your hall of fame).

Then before it trades it will say your friends remoraid or something like that is abnormal the trade is cancelled.

P.S. It has to be level 100 or lower.

Added 17 Feb 2004, ID #2452, by Mega Master789

How to get Mew

This is a cheat that works but is very hard to achive. OK.. Here goes... Once you have all 150 pkmn go to Celadon City and go to pokemon mansion - I think its called pkmn mansion.

Talk to the guy who's not at a computer and he'll say something about you having all the pkmn then he'll say your still missing one here! or something along those lines.
Hope this cheat helps you!!!


Added 9 Jan 2004, ID #2337, by Dragongirl

Easier to catch pokemon

To catch pokemon easier throw a pokeball and hold down a,b and the arrow buttons.

It doesn't always work.

Added 23 Dec 2003, ID #2267, by kimba236

never do this

Ever body says that you need to use a master ball to catch a mewtwo but you do not have to so dont use it.

The way I caught it was by using a poke ball.First I used a water type which had ice beam,I froze it, then started chucking poke balls at it.

It takes a lot of tme but it is better than wasting your only master ball.You can use your master ball only if you copy it.

sent by: Cheat man is coming

Added 9 Nov 2003, ID #2159, by cheat man is coming

All TM and HM

Here is a hint I don't think anyone has ever submitted before.

All TM's
2.Razor Wind
3.Swords Dance
5.Mega Kick
7.Horn Drill
8.Body Slam
9.Take Down
12.Water Gun
13.Ice Beam
15.Hyper Beam
16.Pay Day
19.Seismic Toss
21.Mega Drain
22.Solar Beam
23.Dragon Rage
32.Double Team
37.Egg Bomb
38.Fire Blast
40.Skull Bash
42.Dream Eater
43.Sky Attack
45.Thunder Wave
48.Rock Slide
49.Tri Attack

And of course, the HM's

HM 01. Cut
HM 02. Fly
HM 03. Surf
HM 04. Strength
HM 05. Flash

I know this will help you extremely, as everyone wants to know what kind of TM is it they just found. Cheers !


Added 2 Sep 2003, ID #2005, by NewGobbo

Catch a dratini, the legendary dragon pokemon.

To catch DRATINI, you must get the super rod, then enter the

safari zone.You will get safari balls (30). With the super rod,

fish around in every part you will see water (sometimes you will caught

psyducks,slowpokes, or krabbys). If you see dratini, trow safari

balls withoutusing bait or rock. And you can catch dratini.

NOTE. It may take a while, so be patient.


when you are in where you first fight the last poke'mon trainer where the slots are walk all around and press A or B you will pick coins that are 100 coins or 50 or lower


To get all of your pokemon up to level 100 on pokemon red and blue go to the person in viridian city, then fly to Cinnibar island and go up and down the Massingo line, put rare candy in sixth place.



1st you must you must walk,fly or surf (doesent matter which) to celadon city. Then go to the market and go in the lift you must go on the 5th floor

(NOTE:you can walk up the steps if u want).if you look around there will be steps walk up the ones closest to the counter.

If you go across when you walked up them you will see a boy sitting at the table go up and you will see 3 machines click on anyone and choose freshwater.

Then get out of the market and go to lavender town when you get to the pokemon center heal all your pokemon. then go back out and go down a bit there will be a sort of gully walk through it.

Then go down , across , up ,across again , down again and just follow the path at the end of the fenced path you must turn and go into the building.

When you walk past she will just talk when she finished carry on walking ( if she doesent talk dont worry that means you are the lucky one!)

When you get out of the building walk to the path and go straight up till u get to the fence then turn and go forward just a little bit.

There should be a opening go through it and there should be 2 gyms go in the one without the man infront of it fight all the people untill you get to the leader.

Defeat him and he will talk choose one of the pokeball's and you get to choose a hitmonchan or hitmonlee!!!!!!!!!

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