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The truth about the infinite cheat

So, you know how to do the infinite cheat. The Pokemon you find on the E. Side if Cinnebar depend on where you last were/ the area of the Pokemon you last battled(wild). You really don't get infinite anything, but it goes into the hundreds. You just can't see how many hundreds you have. The Missingno's you find range from 0-12, and 50-250 in lvl.

DON'T CATCH THEM! They ruin your game. You can catch any other "super" Pokemon, like lvl 250 snorlax, but as soon as they get into a battle, they go straite to lv 100, no matter how low the EX. Tthey can get you pretty far into the pokeleague, like I once got all the way to lance w/ just a lvl100 golbat, and got 2 hiz last poke (dragonite) and we got into a struggle battle.

Added 22 Dec 2007, ID #4783, by darkness13
Ask.com and get

Catching pokemon

If you want to catch Pokemon without all the walking just go to the area they are found walk in the grass then fly to cinnabar and surf on the coast to the right of the gym.

Note: This is very similar to the missingno cheat but without the viridian guy.
I caught many rare Pokemon this way like chansey or kangaskhan from the safari zone.

Added 25 Nov 2007, ID #4770, by D-d-dylio17

How to get Mew! (This is all over the place)

Here's the Mew Glitch:

Stand in front of the entrance to the Celadon City-Lavender Town Underground Path. (You're on Route 8, which is west of Lavender)

Save the game. Step down and press "START" really fast. If he saw you, reset. Go to "POKéMON" and use Fly. Fly to the town where Misty is the Gym Leader. Go up Nugget Bridge. Go the way to Bill's house and battle the Youngster with a level 17 Slowpoke. (Make sure he walks to you or the game will freeze)

After beating him, Fly to Lavender (the Start button brings up the Menu now)

Walk west of Lavender and your Menu will pop-up. Press the "B" button. Mew will appear. He is level seve. Enjoy.

Added 6 Jul 2007, ID #4670, by Code Red

The Missingno. Cheat

To get Missingno. And other high level Pokémon depending on your name talk to the guy in Viridian City (the one who has just had his coffee) and watch him catch the Weedle. Fly to Cinnabar Island and Surf along the east coast until you encounter a Pokémon. It will most likely be Missingno. (beware of 'M!) but it might be a really high level Pokémon (over level 100) depending on your name.

Added 6 Jul 2007, ID #4669, by Code Red

Only Pokemon you can get that isn't in the pokedex

The only Pokemon you can get that isn't in the original pokedex is mew. Togipi, snubull Ho - Oh or any cross breed of a Pokemon such as Venatoise ( venasaur and blastoise) don't exist Mew is the only one it is the 151st Pokemon and then tahts it for this game there are n more Pokemon and missingno. Is not a Pokemon he is a glitch don't catch it as it will eventually mess your game up

Added 20 Jun 2007, ID #4639, by Retroplayer

Dont waste your time

Dont waste your time trying to figure out the relevence of the van beside the S.S Anne, it has no relevence there is no way to move it and there are no Pokemon underneath it many people have spent many hours trying to fgure out it's purpose and all have failed because it has none.

Added 20 Jun 2007, ID #4638, by Retroplayer


If you catch Missingo do not put him in your pc if you do he will send a bad virus through your game and all the Pokemon and characters look like a weird box

Hope it saves you some truble


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Added 8 Jun 2007, ID #4618, by pudge07

Moves are Different

Here are some TM/HM moves that are available in Gold, Silver, and Crystal Versions for your Pokemon Blue, Red, and Yellow:
Waterfall (I think)
Fire Punch
Ice Punch
Thunder Punch

Here are Some Pokemon Moves:
Gyrados learns Thrash at Lv1
Charizard learns Wing Attack at Lv36
Dragonite Learns Wing Attack at Lv55
NidoranŠ&‰ learns Double Kick at Lv12


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Added 5 Apr 2007, ID #4565, by collin_the_one

Repel runs out!!

After you use a repel save the game then turn it off.Then when you turn it back on the repel would have run out already.Sorry this is not a good hint but this is my first hint and yall took all the good hints.


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Added 5 Mar 2007, ID #4537, by game_freak_210

Bicicyle Music without riding a bike

Wanna hear a strange one!
Ride on a bike and fall on a black square (availabe in Seafoam Islands and Victory Road) the you will still hear the music.


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Added 27 Jan 2007, ID #4504, by collin_the_one

Second Mew trick

OK. This will only work in red/blue/yellow. Well the Mew trick is good, but the problem is you only get one Mew per game. I found a second. It's al in cerulean city so you DO NOT need fly. MAKE SURE YOUR LAST POKEMON CENTER USED WAS IN CERULEAN.

1.swimmer(in cerulean gym).
2.TRAINER(cooltrainerboy) next to nugget bridge.
Now go to the grass patch next to the nugget bridge. DON'T BATTLE THE TRAINER. Capture an abra. Now go right above him so he's not in the picture and save. (play it safe).

Now do the Mew trick.(take 1 step down, while in mid-step hit start, go to pokemon>abra and use teleport) Ok now your start doesn't work. Go into the gym and fight the swimmer only. Destroy her/him/it. Now go up nugget bridge again and voila.

There's a second Mew just for you!

Added 2 Jan 2007, ID #4486, by chidori

Different colors

When you first turn on the game it's will say GAMEBOY
While it's forming the word GAMEBOY press B and any of the direction and it will have different colors
If you don't know what I mean try it for yourself

Added 20 Dec 2006, ID #4480, by drdrei30003

Evolve earlier less than evoulotion

I think you need to get Exp. Points Exactly or same number of defense, speed, and attack.
One time I have Charizard Lv25 and Rhydon Lv39 and Dragonite Lv30. It works though.

Added 10 Dec 2006, ID #4473, by collin_the_one

Level 3/5 Electrode

1. Catch a Pikachu from Viridian Forest
2. Then buy a Thunderstone from Celadon City and use it!
3. Then fly to Cinnibar Island and go to lab where the old coot wants a Raichu.
4. Trade it
5. You get a Level 3 or 5 Electrode

It also works on FireRed and LeafGreen and Red too!

Added 27 Nov 2006, ID #4433, by collin_the_one

The Barnyard

1. Get a Tauros from Safari Zone.
2. Fly to Pallet Town
3. Then Try Saving your game when it says Saving... Turn it off and turn it on.
4. Then fly to Saffron city then talk to the little girl inside Mr. Psychic's House.
5. Tah-Dah you made it the barnyard.

Added 26 Nov 2006, ID #4432, by collin_the_one

Glich City

On Pokemon Red and Blue, you can warp into a glich city with 9s scattered all over the place and you can walk on only about 14 steps everywhere.

You start by going into the Safari Zone. Then, when you have 386 steps left, fly out of it. Go to Viridian City.

Walk around until the PA says you have to go. Then, go out the front doors and you will appear in Glich City.

Added 20 Nov 2006, ID #4424, by apple from pallet


To get almost infinate items, go to viridian city and talk to the old man who was in the way to viridian forest.

Then fly to cinnabar island surf on the far right, right next to land until you see the black battle thing go counter clockwise (make sure the itemyyo want to duplecate is the sixth in the bag) then you will fight a virus named missingo. Don't catch it or else it will start over your game, fight it and your item will be duplicated.

Added 15 Nov 2006, ID #4420, by Boan

Missingo cheat!

This hint is probably the only cheat in the game it's quite simple really 1st you need HM2 (fly) and HM3 (surf) fly to that town near pallet town and put what ever it is that you want to duplicate in the 6th position on the items.

Next talk that man about his coffee and he'll ask if you if you want to see how to catch a Pokemon next fly to that island under pallet town and surf up and down the right side of the island right next to the island then after a while you will get into a battle and it will be a Pokemon called Missingo DONT CATCH IT!!!

Run away from it and you will get alot of what you had in your 6th position. (Id recommend using it on a rare candy and the master ball) note: the cheat only works with1 item on the 6th position.

Added 5 Nov 2006, ID #4408, by cheat mater

Glitch city

To get glitch city you have to have hm 2 fly,go to the safari zone and go in go back out he will ask you "leaving early"say no, walk back in and save, and then shut it off turn it back on walk out he'll ask you if you want to join the hunt say no, fly to cinnabar and swim on the right side until he says you're safari time is up come out you will be in glitch city.

Added 15 Oct 2006, ID #4398, by awsome man

Infinite Safari Zone

Here's a hint: to get infinite free Safari Zone steps you must save right when you get inside it.It will be completly free of charge, and when you run out of steps and your trying to get to the end because you want HM03 Surf, or to catch Tauros or Chansey, (very rare Pokemon that you can only catch in the Safari Zone) you can start turn it off to retry.

Added 6 Oct 2006, ID #4394, by Guest
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