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Pokeball into masterball

When you throw your pokeball to catch a Pokemon (it has to be a pokeball nothing else will work) hold down and B when you throw it then you know how the pokeball explodes when the Pokemon goes in well let go when that happens and it is a master ball.

Added 28 Jun 2012, ID #5447, by pikapika1000
Ask.com and get

How to beat the elite four!


LEADER: Lorelei
Pokemon TYPE: Ice
Pokemon: Dewgong lv. 52 ; Slowbro lv. 52 ; Lapras lv. 54 ; Cloyster lv. 51 ; Jynx lv. 54
HOW TO WIN: Zapdos is the Pokemon to use here. Use thunder on Dewgong, thunder on slowbro, thunderbolt twice on Lapras, thunder on Cloyster, then switch to Moltres (or Charizard if you have him) and use flamethrower on Jynx. When you win, you get a little over $10,000 for winning. Then move on to Bruno after you do necessary healing, switching etc. Switch your leader to Dragonite then head on to Bruno's room.

Pokemon TYPE: Rock/Fighting
Pokemon: Onix lv. 51 ; Hitmonchan lv. 53 ; Hitmonlee lv. 53 ; Machamp lv. 56 ; Onix lv. 54
HOW TO WIN: Using your Dragonite, surf on both onixes, they will go down in 1 shot. Use wing attack on the remaining 3 pokemon. Machamp will require 2 wing attacks. You will get your money after defeating Bruno. Use necessary potions and put Alakazam in the leader slot.

LEADER: Agatha
Pokemon TYPE: Ghost/Poison
Pokemon: Gengar lv. 54 ; Golbat lv. 54 ; Arbok lv. 56 ; Gengar lv. 58 ; Haunter lv. 53
HOW TO WIN: Use psychic on the Gengars and Haunter. Don't even mess around with the Golbat and Arbok. Use Zapdos's thunder on them to kill them in one shot. They can poison you and that's not good at all. Use necessary potions and switch your leader to Zapdos.

Pokemon TYPE: Dragon
Pokemon: Gyrados lv. 56 ; Aerodactyl lv. 58 ; Dragonair lv. 54 ; Dragonair lv. 54 ; Dragonite lv. 60
HOW TO WIN: This guy is hard. Kill his Gyrados in 1 shot with a thunder from Zapdos. Kill his Aerodactyl by using Kadabra/Alakazam's shadow ball until Aerodactyl is at about half life. Then use Psychic and he should be through. I don't know what to say about the Dragon types, but to use brute force and knock them down little by little. Don't use a fire type for the dragonairs because they know surf. But I suggest using a hyper beam when you get the Dragonite down to half life. You should be able to get by with thunderbolts and thunders on the Dragonairs. Lance will admit defeat and almost crown you Pokemon League Champion. Then he mentions that someone did it before you and his name is GARY! You're not done yet, you have one more challenge. Use potions as needed and prepare yourself for the hardest battle yet.

Pokemon TYPE: All/Against you
Pokemon: Pidgeot lv. 61 ; Rhydon lv. 61 ; Alakazam lv. 59 ;
IF YOU HAVE A CHARIZARD: Blastoise lv. 65 ; Exeggutor lv. 63 ; Arcanine lv. 61
IF YOU HAVE A BLASTOISE: Venusaur lv. 65 ; Gyrados lv. 61 ; Arcanine lv. 63
IF YOU HAVE A VENUSAUR: Charizard lv. 65 ; Gyrados lv. 63 ; Exeggutor lv. 63
HOW TO WIN: Thunder his Pidgeot, Surf his Rhydon, Flamethrower his Alakazam. Here's where your birds take a huge role. If you have a Venusaur, send out either Dragonite or Articuno and water down that Charizard. If you have a Blastoise, get out your Moltres and use the most powerful fire attack you have on the Venusaur. If you have a Charizard, get out your Zapdos and use thunder on the Blastose. Use a fire attack on Exeggutor and your special attack on Arcanine after it's life is below 3/4.

Added 25 Apr 2012, ID #5405, by Pravinj

The Best Way To Catch Any Legendary Pokemon

1. Lower it's HP as low as you can. The lower, the better.

2. Make it Fall Asleep. This makes catching it easier.

3. Throw Ultra Balls at it.

Added 17 Nov 2011, ID #5371, by Warrior13

EMERGENCY NOTICE ABOUT Missingo or watever it's name is AND WHY

First of all, Missingo was going to be a real Pokemon then was deleted but there was a glitch. So in all games you get a blurred image and a messed up name thanks to the glitch not deleting the Pokemon from the game properly. But this glitch is worse than that. Missingo couldnt be removed when it was found but in the games made after the glitch was found this wont happen. But if you have the Pokemon, BEWARE. If the game was sold before the glitch was found, then save files will be corrupted and soon enough you will have to start a new game. Every time. Your game will say it's saved and restart. Getting a new chip thing is the only way to fix this. Its not the same as the glitch that causes that save thing, it's differnt. And WHATEVER you do, do NOT repeat NOT realease Missingo. And this is caused if you deposit him into the PC. DO NOT deposit him and you are safe. Except for the save thing. Thats most likley going to happen. My sister discovered this the first uear the game came out. She deposited him and the screen blinked and went out and restarted. Her option were new game not continue. When she started a new game, she couldnt pick a starter because Middingo showed up. Missingo wouldnt realse, or deposit. He had 4 instead of 2 water gun moves but was level 100. He was still weak and beat easily. His HP was 25 and he never gained expierience. So just a warning. BEWARE!
My sister, by the way, gives me most of these cheats and asked me to put this up.

Added 16 Jun 2011, ID #5341, by Lugia_Is_My_Master

Look at this Pokemon catch cheat

If you use this code you need to get only a Pokemon code like : 2A some look for more code's than you are in high live......

Added 10 Mar 2011, ID #5307, by Guest

Invincible weak pokemon

A good example is at the league.

You must have...

a poison type pokemon (doesn't matter witch level it could be a level 7 zubat)

Tm 06 (toxic)


1. catch a poison type of any level
2. teach it toxic
3. got to the pokemon league
4. fight lorelei's slowbro or lance's dragonite (or both)
5.use toxic. Instead of your foe (I'll use dragonite as an example) Dragonite will use agility or barrier. while you use leach life and don't do much damage, toxic will help kill it.
6.watch it die and you grow to like level 14

How does this work?

In pokemon red and blue, it was programmed bad and what happened was that if you send out zubat against dragonite, it thinks psykick is super effective, so it uses agility, and the game not knowing that it doesn't dp any damage. while toxic will kill it, the program glitch will think it can k.o you, while you defeat it.

Hope you enjoyed my cheat!

NOTE!!!: if it's against Gary's Alakazam, it won't work
(or at least for a few turns) because of it's psybeam and psykick attack, so you will get k.o!!!!

Added 5 Jan 2011, ID #5280, by justinpacman

Mew under the trick help

Just to help you guys not waste your time Mew cannot be found under the truck anyone who tells you otherwise is just trying to make you waste your time

Added 14 Apr 2010, ID #5158, by snakespec


1.On the cerulean city up to the house of a guy that tells badge details
2.Mewtwo cave (in a weird rock)
3.Wardens House

Added 1 Dec 2009, ID #5109, by jasonroi


An easier way of getting your Pokemon to evolve is have the Pokemon you want to evolve first. When you start a battle change Pokemon to your stronest pokemon. When you make your enemy faint and asks to change Pokemon press on yes and go back to the Pokemon you want to evolve and so on. Sooner or later he will evolve.

Hope I helped


Added 16 Oct 2009, ID #5100, by MK212

Not infinate at all!

So if you do the missingno glitch you wont get infinate anything! I got a bunch of nuggets and I sold them all. But you will know if you have a lot of stuff. Just be sure there's some kind of symbol in front of the number of what you have.

Added 26 Mar 2009, ID #5025, by niccumman3

Lots of fossils

Put the fossil of your choice (or old amber) into the 6th position and do the Missingno. Glitch and you should be able to deposit lots of fossils and have lots of Onamytes and things like that.

Hope this helps!

Added 17 Jan 2009, ID #4991, by Bounty Hunter 003


Sorry if this hint has already been submitted but I didn't see it. If you are in desperate need of 10 coins for the game corner but don't have enough money to buy 50 coins or have talked to all the people and have gotten all of the 10 coins from them, here's how you can get an extra 10 coins. Walk into the game corner in Celadon City and as soon as you walk in you see a table on the right and another table on the left. Go to the table just past that and you should see a nerd. Get directly behind him. Walk up exactly 2 steps and face up so that you're one seat below the lady but stay in the isle. Walk down one step and press "A" and it should say that you found 10 coins!

Added 17 Jan 2009, ID #4990, by Bounty Hunter 003


Do not make the same mistake I did. When using the Mew glitch I thought to myself "what if I fight the person I fly away from" I did and then I couldnt do anything and had to turn off the game scrapping 40 levels of hard labour training a Mew and 20 levels harder labour training scyther. So I warn you don't attempt to foght the person that you fly away from because nothing will happen and youre stuck like that forever!!!

Added 11 Jan 2009, ID #4988, by mewrocks

Really good squad


Added 24 Jun 2008, ID #4896, by S00TY

Best starters

Of all the starters I think that the best is Charmander. I say this because it has the highest Attack power ,which is the most important stat, and when it is a Charizard it is best for type advantages or disadvantages. As well as this it learns the best moves like slash, fire blast, rage...

Added 23 Jun 2008, ID #4894, by S00TY


Dont get infinite rare candies using the duplicator. If you use them then your squads stats will be wrecked. I used them on my Mewtwo, it's about as strong as a level 80

Added 23 Jun 2008, ID #4893, by S00TY

Awsomely good Pokemon

If at the start of the game you catch a Nidoran then train it at the same rate as your starter, use the misingno cheat to give it tonnes of Hp Ups, Protein, Calcium and all that, teach it Earthquake, Horndrill, surf and strength then evolve it into Nidoking/Nidoqueen you have an absolutely awsome pokemon. I did it and cleared the whole of sliph co with just that.

Added 23 Jun 2008, ID #4892, by S00TY

Hey you can catch Missingo I did it and my game is fine he will have hp at 208 and his attak is abot 488 or so it's really cool the only bad thing about it is his delence is very low so you may want to boost up his defance

Added 22 Feb 2008, ID #4811, by DjShadow25

Get Into S.S Anne after it has left!

Pretty pointless hint, but it can apply to other blocked entrances in Pokemon blue, red, and yellow, such as getting onto the bike route without a bike. You must have surf for this to work.

What you do is position yourself right above the sailor guy blocking the entrance to the ss anne after it has sailed away. Walk one step to the left, so that you are diagonallly left of the sailor. then, take one step right and IMMEDIATELY press start. Save the game and reset.

Now, for reasons unknown the game programmers for the old Pokemon games set your character to always position downwards as default when you start the game. However, because you save immediately after stepping right, the game becomes confused.

Now after you reset, you should be facing right. If not, try again. Now, use surf, but instead of going right, where the water is, surf downwards, and you will pass straight through the sailor and into the SS Anne Dock. The SS Anne will still be there!

Added 7 Jan 2008, ID #4792, by skaterava

Okay, heres the truth about Missingno., and the whole debate about how it's levels and what Pokemon appearing with missingno happen.

Firstly, the idea that the Pokemon you encounter on the east side of Cinnabar are dependant on the Pokemon you encounter elsewhere is mainly false. Although there is no way to prove it is false, the real truth is that the Pokemon you encounter there, as well as their levels are dependant on your players NAME. I've read on other websites that the 2nd, 4th, and 6th characters in your name determine level, while the 3rd, 5th, and 7th determine the pokemon. There is a lot of evidence to support this and from what I've seen this conclusion was made after a LOT of experimenting.

Although it's hard to remember, if the second character in your player name is a question mark, and your third is a lower case q, you will encounter a level 245 Mewtwo at cinnabar.... the reason the name affects the Pokemon is because the characters in your name are made up of hex codes, which are also shared by every Pokemon in the game. Each character in your name holds a value equal to the value of a pokemon.

Im sure if you use a search engine you will find a list of what names create what pokemon.

Added 6 Jan 2008, ID #4789, by skaterava
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