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Unlimited items

Go to viridian city then talk to the old man who was in your way then fly to cinabar island then go right to the right in the water stay right on the right side of the island while surfing.you will meet a wierd Pokemon,don't catch it or it will ruin yuor game data just run away instead and the item in the sixth slot will be unlimited(so put a rare candy there to have unlimited rare candys).

Added 26 Aug 2007, ID #4718, by diamondude
Ask.com and get

6th item glitch

Hey. This is a cheat to get the 6th item in you bag duplicated by 150.It works for anything, master balls, rare candies, etc.. But you need fly and surf, and be ale to go to cinnabar island. First, go to viridian city, and talk to the man at the top of the city. He will ask you if you are in a hurry. Watch hi cath a weedle (really annoying to watch, it's really slow, but hey, it's worth it!)

Second, Fly to cinabar island and surf up the east edge until you find a missing no. DONT CATH IT IT WILL MUCK UP YOUR SAVE FILE. Dont listen to poeople who say you should cath it, believe me, it happened to me. Also you might see some other glitched Pokemon, like golducks lv250, or lv 0. These may muck up you game if caught but sometimes they don't. Anyway, either run away or figght the missing no. third, Ta da! Your 6th item will have multiplied!! You can used this cheat as many times as you want. It also works for red, but I'm not sure about Yellow. It doesnt work for gold, silver or crystal.

Added 30 Jul 2007, ID #4699, by tails93

Missingno. How to get this creature

You must have fly and Surf for this to work. You also must be as far as Cinnabar Island.

1. Go to Viridian City

2. Watch the OLD MAN catch the weedle.

3. Fly to Cinnabar Isle.

4. Surf along the east coast until you find Missingno.

Added 30 Jun 2007, ID #4657, by OMG MILK THE COWS!

Cinnibar glitch Pokemon REVEALED!

The name of your character determines the Pokemon that appera at cinnibar (missingno cheat) and their levels. The letters 2, 4 and 6 determine the level as follows: a=1 b=2 c=3 etc. Upper case levels add 127 and lower case add 159. Symbols are worth:
( 154
) 155
: 156
; 157
[ 158
] 159
PK 209
MN 210
? 239
( 154
) 155
: 156
; 157
[ 158
] 159
PK 209
MN 210
? 239

The letters 3,5 and 7 in your name determine the pokemon that are produced. The rarest Pokemon that can be made to appear are:
D: Mewtwo
V: Alakazam (in case you have no friends)
Z: Bulbasaur
K: Porygon
Q: Charmander
R: Squirtle

AND the alternative Missingnos you can find:

G,H,J,M('M),S,a,b,c,m,o,p,v,w(Kabutops fossil),x(aerodactyl fossil),y(pokemon tower ghost).

These are the Pokemon that appear after doing the old man and the weedle thing and trading but also the Pokemon that appear also depend on where you were last e.g. Safari zone makes the Pokemon that appear there appear at cinnibar.

Added 1 May 2007, ID #4589, by chaetmaster_x

Catch Pokemon that arent on blue in blue!

Most people will know the Mew cheat(the one with the gambler and the kid with the slowpoke) and most people will also know that there are some Pokemon you cannot get on blue without trading.(arbok, ekans. Etc.) well know you can! (for all of these cheats you will need a Pokemon that knows fly)

To get Arbok:
Go to the gambler on route 8 just below the underground path and go just out the screen so that you can't see him and he can't see you then save so that if it goes wrong you can just turn the gameboy back on. Once saved take a step down and quickly press start and fly to fuchsia city(turn off the gameboy if you did it wrong) once there go to the entrance of cycling road but don't go in, instead go down into a small grassy area. Walk left when you're there and a bird catcher will battle you I think he has either three spearows or three pidgeys not too sure on that one anyway beat him then fly to lavender walk towards route 8 and the start menu will pop up press b and hey presto arbok level.7
(for this paticular one mustnt have beaten giovani or the first cooltrainer in his gym)

To get Golem:
I'm not too sure about this one as I havent tried it but my friend did and it worked for him. Do the same up to the bit where you take a step down and press start but this time fly to viridian city and go in the gym. Make the first cooltrainer walk up to you then beat him and walk out. Then fly to lavender and when you walk towards route 8 the start menu will pop up and when you press b you will battle golem level 7

Added 22 Apr 2007, ID #4583, by copycat

Strange Truck

There is a strange truck that you can't see when walking into the S.S. Anne's harbour. If you could surf off the ramp leading to the boat, you would find it to the left of the boat on a patch of land.

But how do you get to the truck?? (Because you can't surf at this point in the game)

-this cheat is annoying because you have to go through most of the game just to see the truck.
Ok, You are up to the point in the game where you have to go into the S.S.Anne. Battle all the trainers in the boat except for one. Any trainer will do. Once you have beaten your rival, DON'T talk to the captain, because once you have talked to him, the boat leaves. And we don't want the boat to leave. Now leave the boat and go to a Pokemon center. Deposit all your Pokemon and withdraw an extremely weak Pokemon (L.5 or under). Go back to the boat. Talk to the captain, then battle the trainer that you didn't battle before.
Make sure that you lose this battle. This really shouldn't be hard with the weak Pokemon you have.
You should 'black out' and then be standing in front of a Pokemon center. Get your original Pokemon back. Now DO NOT enter the boat because if you do, the boat will set sail as soon as you come back out again. Go through the rest of the game until you get the surf HM and are able to use it.

Go back to vermillion city.

Save your game, then enter the boats harbour. Don't enter the boat. Surf to the right of the boat and walk onto the patch of land. There is another patch of land to the left of the boat, with nothing on it. I have checked the whole area throughly for hidden items, but there is none. The truck is on the land to the right; it does not do anything. It's just a truck. Strange, huh?

Maybe there is something you can do with the truck, but I don't know of any cheats with it involved. I think maybe one of the games creators just put it there because he knew people like me would be completely frustrated by it!!

Hope I explained this clearly enough. It should work if you follow my instructions properly. Happy gaming!

Added 15 Apr 2007, ID #4579, by zephyr16

Get 2 mews works 100%

4 dis cheat ya need a lot of poke balls. Regular poke balls will do.
Get to Cerulean citee an beat nugget bridge. Catch an Abra.
Go to the top of the brij an go across so your diagnal to the corner of the water.
Save your game. Walk down 1 square and pres start as fast as you can.

If you start a batlen turn off an on again an try agen. The menu should pop up but the guy will see u. Go to Pokemon an choos Abra. Telport to cerulean pokecenter and go battle the first swimmer in Misties gym. After ya beat the swimmer walk out of the gym and telport agen. Walk up the brij an a level 7 Mew will fight u. Catchit. Repeat but dis time battle the youngster wid the slopoke instead of the swimmer. Der ya go, 2 mews.


Added 15 Apr 2007, ID #4578, by bosnia-killz-america

Glitch city!!!!!!


Go to the safari zone and when the guy asks if you will be joining the hunt say yes. Once inside walk around for a while then go out when he asks leaving so soon say no then when you get back in go back out when he says leaving so soon say no then when you get back in save the game and turn it back on. Now go back out and he'll ask if you wanna join the hunt say no then go out. When you get out fly to cinnibar island. When you get there go to the east side and surf in a little while you will hear a ding dong and the P.A. Will say your hunt is over and you will be back in the safari zone. Go out and everything will be glitchy, to get back your normal game just fly anywhere.

Added 27 Mar 2007, ID #4561, by jeff_pokemaster

Catch Mew in Blue/Yellow/&Red

Yes, believe it or not, it can be done without a GameShark or other cheating device. Here's what you'll need to do:

Restart your game and play until you get HM02 Fly from the house west of Celadon City. DO NOT fight the following trainers:
The Youngster with a Slowpoke (Level 17) on the road to Bill's house (Route 25). He is the fourth trainer after you cross Nugget Bridge, standing directly above a female trainer and facing north. The Gambler with two Poliwags and a Poliwhirl (all Level 22) between Lavender Town and Saffron City (Route 8). He is standing just east of the entrance to Saffron City, facing north toward the door of the Underground Path.
Carefully follow the series of steps illustrated below. Make sure you have a Pokémon that knows Fly. On Route 8, stand in front of the door of the Underground Path. Save your game, since saving after this point will disrupt the procedure. Walk down one step and immediately press Start. If you succeed, the menu will pop up before the Gambler "sees" you. Go to the Pokémon list and fly to Cerulean City. The Gambler will see you just before you fly away. Your Start button will no longer function. Go north across Nugget Bridge and head east until you find the trainer in this picture (he's the Youngster described above). If you walk right up to the Youngster, the game will lock up, so you'll have to let him see you and walk up to you. Defeat his Slowpoke (afterwards, your Start button will work again), then fly to Lavender Town. Head west into Route 8. As soon as you enter the narrow path, the menu will pop up by itself. Press B to exit... ...and look who it is! Mew will be at Level 7 and it's only attack will be Pound. Pokéball, go!

Once you've caught Mew, you can save your game without any ill-effects.

Added 27 Mar 2007, ID #4560, by jeff_pokemaster

Teleport people!!!

Make a guy stand halfway on land and halfway on water

I just found this out today. Ok, don't battle the guy to the left of Nugget Bridge and don't battle another person remember the person as Trainer 2.(just pick a person it doesn't matter, but they have to be past Nugget Bridge) Have a flying Pokemon or an Abra that knows teleport. Walk up Nugget Bridge all the way. Now go left all the way. Save your game. Now, go down to the enge of the grass(don't battle the guy). Go up until he's One step off the screen.

Take one step right. You can save your game if you want( you don't have to, just incase if you mess up) Take one step down and IMMEDIATELY press start. If done right the menu will pop up before he wants to battle you. If you mess up start your game over and try again. Fly or Teleport to Cerulean. Your start menu shouldn't work. Now, walk up Nugget Bridge and battle Trainer 2. After you beat them, Fly or Teleport back to Cerulean city. Walk up Nugget Bridge and the start menu will pop up.

DON'T PUSH B YET! Look to the left by the grass and a guy will be standing halfway on land and halfway on water! Push B and he will dissapear. A level seven Pokemon will appear.(It will be any Pokemon except for Mewtwo, Celebi, Zapdos, Moltres, or any other legendary Pokemon.But Mew will pop up if you battle the Youngster with a Slowpoke.)

These two someone told me about:

Make a guy stand on a roof

Fly to Cinnabar Island and Surf on the right side halfway on land and halfway on water. You can go up and down however many times you want to.(You will find some Pokemon that aren't water Pokemon) Get on land to the right of the gym door. Walk to the left and when it syas the door is locked, look at the roof and a guy will be there. Push A or B and he will teleport back on the ground.

Make a guy be in the wall

Fly to Cleladon and deposit your bike. Go in the building to go to the Bike path. Walk through and when the guy says "You can't pass through without a bike" look up at the top of the screen and you will see a guy inside the wall. Push A or B and he will go back to where he was before. (This might not work sometimes, but it works most of the time)

Happy gaming peoples^_^


Added 27 Mar 2007, ID #4559, by jeff_pokemaster

A really good glitch!!

Are you tired of being beatin by gym leaders or anybody else?well heres a cheat that will help your Pokemon get up to lvl 100.you need a Pokemon that knows surf.ok you surf or fly down to cinnibar island.get in you're pack and make sure you want whatever it is you want duplicated in the sixth spot.ok there far east bank the will be a ledge.surf on it.this might take a while but a Pokemon named missingno will attack u.run away and when you do look in you're pack and there will be infinite of wut ever you wanted duplicated but it runes out sooner or later so you hav to do it again.trust me I've done and all my Pokemon are lvl 100 and I hav like 2 billion master balls and rare candys.do that and you own Pokemon league.=]


No thumbs

Added 27 Mar 2007, ID #4558, by jeff_pokemaster

Really rare pokemon!!!

1.Put an item in the six Slot it will multiply after you fallow all this
2.Talk to man in Viridian City
3.Then hell ask you are you in a hurry say No then he will show you how to catch a Pokémon
4.Fly to Cinnabar Island immediatly
5.Run to your right immediatly then surf Up and Down the first Pokemon you will Hit is !?>@'M'@&!(@ or Missingno.(Go ahead try to catch him it well just tell You Missed the pokemon[No he wont mess up your game])
6.Keep and swimming up and down no matter what glitch you see just run or fight you
7."Rare Pokemon High Level"Keep on swimming up and down may take a few minutes you will hit a Pokemon lvl 139(The Pokemon I got was Kingler"
Enjoy your Pokemon

Added 26 Mar 2007, ID #4556, by jeff_pokemaster

Mew easily

The cheats with Mew on nugget bridge are long and tiring. My cheat worked this way.....Don't fight the kid with the slowpoke OR on the left side of the bridge.

Get an Abra.

Save before you battle the kid on the left side....take 1 step forward
The hit start right away...teleport with abraor fly with a Pokemon that knows fly. (make sure you healed at the Pokemon centre before doing all of this)

Now go to the kid with the slowpoke, beat him then teleport or fly again. Once you have teleported/flied make sure you have a level 5 - 10 Pokemon in first slot. Once you walk on nugget bridge the start menu will pop up....hit "B" button and you will be in a battle with Mew level 7

You do NOT need to worry about the gambler because I havent gotten that far. It's worked for me with Pokemon Blue and Red so it is faster than the other cheats posted on catching mew.

P.S. Don't use the missango cheat in hope of getting Mew.!!

Added 26 Mar 2007, ID #4555, by jeff_pokemaster


You first have to use the missango cheat. Then cathch the missango. Then you should have at least 1 rare candy!Then after you catch him you have to give it the rare candy. You can't let him stay in your game to long or he will give you a really bad glitch that will erase all of your data!!!

P.S. Please don't leave him in your game to long.Hope my tip helped.

Added 26 Mar 2007, ID #4554, by jeff_pokemaster

Catching Mew in Kanto

If you want to catch Mew you better be a pretty good trainer.Let's
Start from the beginning.

Step 1:Make sure you haven't battled the man in the patch of grass
Across nugget bridge.

Step 2:Make super you didn't battle the youngster across nugget bridge.

Step 3(optional):catch a Pokemon taht knows sing to catch the necessary
Pokemon more easily.

Step 4: Catch an Abra in the patches of grass across nugget bridge.

Step 5:Make super you have Abra (and if necessary a Pokemon that knows
Sing)in your party.

Step 6:Go up nugget bridge.

Step 7:Go in front of the man in the patch of grass right next to the
Man.(Before doing this look at step 8 and 9)

Step 8:Press the start button as soon as you get in front of him and
Select "pokemon".

Step 9:Go on Abra and use teleport.

Step 10:If done correctly,you will teleport back to the last Pokemon
Center you used(which should be the one in Cerulean city).

Step 11:After that, go back up nugget bridge once again and battle the
Youngster with the level.17 slowpoke.

Step 12:Once you defeater the youngster with the slowpoke use teleport
Once pore to return to the last Pokemon center you used(which once
Again should be the on in Cerulean city)

Step 13:Go up nugget bridge one final time and about 1/4 of the way
There the game should pause.

Step 14:Fix up your team and take a deep breath.

Step 15:Press the B button and...Mew has appeared!!!!!!!!

If you caught Mew,congradulations.For you have caught the very 151st Pokemon in the entire kanto version.(And I gotta tell you, Mew is the rarest one).

Added 9 Mar 2007, ID #4541, by squirrelman


Talk to the man in viridan city he will show you how to catch a pokeman, he will ask you if you are in a hurry, say no, watch him catch the Pokemon, then fly down to cinnabar island, then go the right side of the gym and surf, the first Pokemon you should encounter is a Missingo, don't try to catch him or he will put a glitch in your game, keep going up and down and you will find higher level Pokemon, the Pokemon I got was a Missingo level 236

Added 23 Dec 2006, ID #4481, by jeff_pokemaster

Weird Pokemon... M, MissingNo, Wild Porygon, weirdness...

OK, you know how the glitches go, right? Talk to the old man in Viridian who won't let you go through until he has his coffee. When he asks, "Are you in a hurry?" say no. After he demonstrates how to catch a Weedle, Fly to Cinnabar Island. Go east, surf on half water,
Half land. Go up and down continuisly. You will find M, MissingNo, Porygon, Caterpie, Metapod, Pidgey, and Pidgeotto. Porygon, lvl 162, M, lvl 80 and 0, MissingNo, ? Could be more than 2, Caterpie-Pidgey, lvl 3-5, Metapod-Pidgeotto, lvl 8-15. You may also find Alakazams and Mewtwos, but I haven't seen them in what I call, "Glitch Island". But I have seen a Mew. Lvl, ? Could be more than one level, I only have seen one.


No thumbs

Added 23 Nov 2006, ID #4428, by apple from pallet

This Isn't Really a Cheat But...

OK I have a glich for Pokemon Blue for Nintendo Game Boy system, you go to Saffron City, go up to the sign that says: "SILPH CO. OFFICE BUILDING". The Team Rocket member will be standing three steps away from where he should be for a few moments, in front of the psychic little girls' house is. I know alot about gliches and I did this one a few minutes ago!! I just discovered it!!!

Added 14 Oct 2006, ID #4397, by apple from pallet

How to get Mew in Pokemon red, red yellow and blue.

First stand in front of the unground tunnel from lavender town to celadon city. Then save. Step down 1 and then press start fast. Then fly to cerulean city. The gambler will see you, but too late you fly away. Then walk up nugget bridge towards the youngster on route 25 (the one facing up). Then make him walk up to you and defeat him. Then fly to lavender town and walk towards the exit towars celadon and saffron. The menu will appear. Exit the menu then Mew level 7 will appear. Put him to sleep and then weaken him down. Then snag him with an ultra ball. If you mess up just shut the game off and you'll start from wear you started before the gambler.

Added 12 Sep 2006, ID #4376, by Mark12199212


I found out a new way to get Mew. You can do the Mew cheat but with the first trainer in Misties gym. You can battle her instead

Added 8 Aug 2006, ID #4310, by Game_freak_fa_life
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