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Second Miltia City B

Xenosaga Episode II: Jenseits von Gut und Bose Walkthrough and Guide by mogg1342
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Second Miltia City B

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After all those cut-scenes, you'll regain control of Shion at Second Miltia. There will be 6 different areas on the map, but only one matters for now -- the City. It's the central area on the map. Go in there. Save your game and revisit Old Miltia using the U.M.N. device.

In Old Miltia, proceed to the second screen. Stick to the left side of the area, and destroy both objects that are blocking the entrance to the front of the building. From there, head east, blow up the vending machine near the end for Med Kit S (x2). Back-track to the opposite direction, and move on to the next area. Follow the path, press the switch at the end to lower the ladder. Descend, and keep going left until you reach the treasure chest with a Bio Sphere. Exit the U.M.N. via the menu.

Back to Second Miltia. Proceed to Sector 2 by taking a right, just before you reach the Doctor's Clinic. Talk to the Bunny mascot. It'll introduce you to the Global Samaritan (GS) Campaign. Be prepared for a lengthy explanation, or just say "Of course" as an answer to it's second question to receive the GS Path immediately. Moving on to Sector 2.

Here, head up the escalator, head north and enter the Area 40 Publishing Agency. Inside proceed to the top of the agency, and enter the door to your right. Destroy the crates at the back of the Storage Room for a Boost Max. Blow up the cabinet to your left to reveal Segment Address #3.

Leave the building, continue left around the corner and you'll meet Angelina, Sgt. Swaine's sister. She'll give you the Segment File along with Decoder 6. Unlock the Segment Address door next to her. Open the treasure chest inside, for Secret Key 3. Head on up the nearby ramp and enter the Cafe, to trigger some lengthy cut-scenes.

Note 1: GS Campaigns # 1, 2, 3, 5, 7, 8, 9, 11 & 19 will be available after the Cafe event. So you can start doing them if you want. Though I recommend that you complete GS Quest #1 early, since it earns you Secret Key 1 -- this unlocks the Psycho Pocket ether skill. Look at the GS Campaign section of this guide for a more detailed explanation.
Note 2: Should you decide to do the GS campaigns at the Kukai Foundation, proceed to the Park Area aboard the Durandal. Talk to the "Naive Mass-Produced 100 Series Realian. Pick the 1st option, then the 2nd one as your answers to her questions. She'll give you the Decoder 11.
Note 3: At the 'Urban Area' of the Foundation, blast the cars for Skill Upgrade A (x5) and a Bio Sphere. Go to King's Hideout (East 6) and blast the crates inside for an Ether Pack M and a Med Kit M.

Proceed to the Uzuki Residence (the area north of the city) on the map. Watch some more cut-scenes. You'll regain control of chaos at the world map. Go back into the house, and make your way to the backyard. Break the plant pots for a Bio Sphere. Head back a bit, destroy the wooden wall not far from the entrance of the house -- to reveal Segment Address #9.

Note 1: Global Samaritan Campaigns # 5 & 25 can now be done at your leisure.

Go back to the 'world map' and proceed to the U.M.N. Control Center. (northeast from the City). Save your game. Go through the large door. Here, head right and around the computer consoles to the hallway at the back. Examine the eastern door for some cut-scenes.

Once you regain control, leave the main room. Proceed to the smaller room further east. More cut-scenes. Go back to the main room, then make your way to the Analysis Room. (the large red door at the hallway) Talk to Mauro and tell him you're ready. Some lengthy cut-scenes follow.

You'll have control of Shion afterwards. Leave Vector Second Division, and proceed to the U.M.N. Control Center. When you regain control after those cut-scenes, exit through the eastern door and go all the way back to the elevator. Save your game. Return to the Analysis Room. Talk to Allen.
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