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Missions 21-30

Xenosaga Episode II: Jenseits von Gut und Bose Walkthrough and Guide by mogg1342
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Missions 21-30

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Client #21: Roy
Location: Kukai Foundation Urban Area Sector 2
Reward: Skill Upgrade E x6
Note 1: Requires clear data save file
Description: This guy forgot where he hid his time capsule, so your job will be to find it for him. Solve the block puzzle at the end of the Industrial Plant area. Values of the blocks:

Sky Blue: 1; Orange: -2; Yellow: 3; Gray: -4; Blue: 5; Purple: -6; Red: 7; Green: -8 .

To unlock the central barrier door, shoot the blocks in this order: YELLOW - BLUE - GRAY - ORANGE - RED. Take the "Pink Book" back to Roy to complete the mission.

Client #22: Johnny
Location: Kukai Foundation. Outside Smile Bakery
Reward: Cross Fist (Double Attack for Ziggy & KOS-MOS)
Note 1: Available after completing Ormus Stronghold.
Description: You have to play Rock-Paper-Scissors with 12 people around the 2nd sector of the urban area. You must get at least 4 wins. Ties are allowed too, but you can't afford too many losses. I recommend saving after every win.

Client #23: Panache
Location: Elsa B1. In droid scanning room.
Reward: Fiery Ritornelle (Double Attack for Ziggy & Jr.)
Note 1: Available after completing Ormus Stronghold.
Description: A thief has broken into the Elsa, and took the captain's log. Your job is to recover Gimlet's memories to find out who the thief is. But first you need a battery powerful enough to operate the droid scanner. So go to Vector 2nd Division, then talk to Narcissus to get the Power Battery.

Return to the Elsa and operate the scanner. You can only use it 5 times, before the battery goes dry. Just go back to Narcissus to recharge it. Now you must get all 8 colors on scanner at least once. This should give you a clear picture of the thief.

Client #24: Simon
Location: Kukai Foundation. Launch Boarding Area.
Reward: EMAX 300
Note 1: Requires clear data save file
Description: He wants you to avenge him by beating the quiz game, Destroy Runner: Revenge. Now head for Our Treasure and examine the arcade machine to insert your Free Play Token. Here are the answers to the questions:

Question #01: 4
Question #02: 2000
Question #03: 8
Question #04: 4
Question #05: 40
Question #06: 229
Question #07: 3
Question #08: 6
Question #09: 10
Question #10: 5
Question #11:12
Question #12: 82
Question #13: 4
Question #14: 10
Question #15: 25612
Question #16: 34
Question #17: 01
Question #18: 9
Question #19: 7
Question #20: 28080

Client #25: Stella
Location: 2nd Miltia City. Ballet Award 1st Floor
Reward: Class Upgrade C x2; Shion's Swimsuit; chaos' Swimsuit
Note 1: Available after the Uzuki Residence event
Description: You must retrieve 3 different pieces of Stella's accessories from three different people:

Stella's Hairpin - Anila (Outside Area 40 Publishing Agency)
Stella's Shoes - Tess (Near the ramp leading down to the Water Works)
Stella's Corset - Rachel (Outside the back door of Moby's Cafe

Client #26: Pitt
Location: Kukai Foundation. Launch Boarding Area
Reward: Secret Key 10
Note 1: Available after completing Labyrinthos.
Description: His son, Henry went to Toys Universe via the Encephalon. He'll give you the Toy Store Key. Now go to Old Miltia (14 Years Ago) through the U.M.N., proceed to the Toys Universe -- unlock the door. (Look at the key items menu for the pass code.)

Boss Battle - Grips Sister

This one is ridiculously easy. My party here is: chaos, Jr. & MOMO. Charge your stock & boost gauges to full, cast Aura Sword & Attacker on your characters. Knock the bird down with chaos, unleash combos. This battle should end real quick.

Blast some more boxes. Save Henry. Go back to Pitt for your reward.

Client #27: Adonis
Location: Elsa Bar
Reward: Decoder 14
Description: He needs your help in making a remedy for Captain Matthews' hangovers. You'll have to mix 3 drinks together, each represented by a number. The first digit is Orange Juice, the second Tomato Juice, and the third Coffee. The three digits when added together should be equal to 7. The correct combination is: 3-2-2. Once you're done mixing, take the drink to the Matthews Robot. Talk to Adonis again to get your reward.

Client #28: Caito
Location: Kukai Foundation. Iron Man Bar Counter
Reward: Grand Ronde (Double Attack for KOS-MOS & chaos)
Note 1: Requires clear data save file
Description: After defeating Dark Erde Kaiser, go to Heaven's Ruins and proceed to where you fought Nepos Rigas. Approach the purple stuff to fight Mad Skelter.

Boss Battle - Mad Skelter

When the battle starts, Mad Skelter will mimick the parameters of the highest level character in your BATTLE PARTY. suggest bringing MOMO in -- making sure that she has a higher level compared to your other party members. MOMO has the lowest STR parameter among all your characters, but she also has the highest EVA value. Despite this, I believe it'll all be worth it in the end.

Most of the boss' attacks are physical in nature, so since MOMO has low strength, Mad Skelter's attacks won't hurt you at all. Thus healing is hardly required. "Inescapable Arrow - Final will still kill you though, and your attacks will miss a lot. Cast Flame Sword on your characters, then move one of them to the back.

Start unleashing combos afterwards, hoping that they hit. Once you manage to bring its HP down to at least 26,000 or so, bring in Shion, cast Flame Sword on her and summon Erde Kaiser (while the boss is downed) to get this fight over with.

Client #29: Butch
Location: Kukai Foundation. Fishing Lab
Reward: Decoder 16; Red Eye Fish Print
Note 1: Available after completing Ormus Stronghold.
Description: Your job is to catch Red Eye. And you only have a minute for this. Pick a spot and press O to start catching. Rotate the right analog stick clockwise to reel the line in. You should hear a sound of the line being reeled, if you're doing it right.

Client #30: Clive
Location: Kukai Foundation. East 6 (upstairs)
Reward: Cross Hilbert (Double Attack for KOS-MOS & MOMO).
Note 1: Available after completing Labyrinthos.
Description: You must find new owners for the 5 kittens, that King's cat, Josephine brought home. Now go pick up the kittens, and give them to the following people:

Newt - Agnese (Area 40 Publishing Agency)
Ollie - Marcela (2nd Miltia Spaceport)
Loop - Valentino (Moby's Cafe)
Walker - Nastya (Iron Man Bar)
Rebour - Kagari (Lavare)
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