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Industrial Plant

Xenosaga Episode II: Jenseits von Gut und Bose Walkthrough and Guide by mogg1342
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Industrial Plant

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Save your game. Exit through the passage on the left side. Go up the stairs and defeat the enemy blocking your path, go further north. The crate at the back contains Antidote L (x2). Head right to the next area. Go forward to the next screen. You'll be in an area with 3 split paths. First go south at the third split (starting from left) The crate at the back contains Med Kit S (x2). Head back, blast the crates and continue south at the second split. Blast both boxes to your right to get a Boost Max.

Go back left and take the red conveyor belt south. From here, go right, and defeat the enemy blocking your path. Continue on. Press the switch at the end to lower the ladder. Head back and take a right at the split to the next area. Move forward and press the button to activate the elevator below. Return to the previous area, descend the ladder, then proceed northeast to the next screen.

Take the elevator to the other side. At the next screen, defeat the enemy and continue south. Blast the crates at the end of the path for a Bio Sphere. Back-track then take a right at the split. Go down the stairs south. Access the save point here, follow the path down, blast the boxes to your left for a Med Kit L. Keep going left to the next screen. Continue south another screen. From there, head south and follow the path. Go south again at the next split. Blast the box at the end to get Secret Key 29.

Go back to the fork and this time, head east and ride the elevator down. Take the blue conveyor belt north. Head right then up, defeat the enemy. Blast the first crate to your left for Antidote H (x2). Ride the elevator up to the next area. Here, press the button to lower the ladder. Go down and save. Go back up then head west. Press the switch to activate the elevator below. Return to the previous room, and ride the elevator back down to the previous area.

From here, back-track 2 screens and, ride the now operational elevator down. Proceed to the next screen. Here, go along the path, then take a right at the fork, and head west at the next one. Blast the box here for another Bio Sphere. Go back, then head north. Proceed east at the fork and destroy the crate for a Skill Upgrade D. Exit through the left passage.

Climb down the ladder and continue west. Operate the crane. Return to the previous area. Go down the ladder, and head south along the red conveyor belt at the bottom to the next area. Go further west to the next screen. Head north then west at the fork. Blast the crates to get an Ether Pack DX. Save your game, go back then head north up the stairs.

You'll see lots of forks here. From your current position, head north at the split. Blast the box at the left side for a Bio Sphere. Go back to the split and head south. Follow the path until you reach the next fork. There, go north down the stairs. Blast the crate to your right, continue onward and press the switch to lower another ladder. Now return to the main fork once more, and this time head south. Defeat the enemy here. Open the treasure chest behind it for Secret Key 30.

Make your way back to the ladder and go down. Save then go back up. Head south along the blue conveyor belt. Head south when ready.

Boss Battle - Dullea Soul

This is a pretty easy battle. First, it really helps if have Blade Coat, Spear Coat and Overload skills equipped. Just stock your party up to full. Cast Ice Sword and Attacker on your characters, and attack. The "Break Block" disappears after it completes the phrase "Smell Roy...". Use normal attacks until you knock Dullea Soul's HP to about 42,000, then start using combos. Jr. and MOMO does 2500-3000 damage when the boss is suspended in mid-air. (with Ice Sword & Attacker casted) Once the boss turns into a gnosis completely, it'll go mad and fill the room with methane gas, then ignite it. Chances are you won't survive that, so be sure to finish it off before that happens.


After that, continue southeast. Follow the path until you reach a fork. Shoot the box to your left, to get a Skill Upgrade C. Head back right to the next room. Press the switch, and go back. Head north via the conveyor belt, go down the ladder and save. From there, go east, blast the crates. Proceed
south at the fork and through the exit. Ride the elevator down, then continue northeast. Defeat the enemy. Proceed to the next room.

You can only do this puzzle if you activated GS quest #21. What you have to do here is light up all 9 lights, on the central barrier door up ahead, in EXACTLY 5 shots. Examine the green console and choose "Challenge Mode" to begin. Shoot the boxes in this order: YELLOW - BLUE - GRAY - ORANGE - RED.

Go into the newly unlocked room, and open both treasure chests for a Pink Book and Sequencer A. Dive out using the forbidden device southeast of your current position.
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